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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is this the face of the new American Godzilla?

These photos appeared on Monster Zero Message Boards yesterday from a Flickr account. A message under these photos read:
"great detail I was told by a good friend in the movie biz. that this was one of the design's they were considering for the new 3D Godzila....! if you have new info on this movie, i would like to post it . thanks "

Considering the Godzilla 3D project was the brainchild of GODZILLA (2012) executive producer Yoshimitsu Banno, it's possible Legendary films may have access to use these molds (and considering how Toho considers that anything done on Godzilla eventually reverts back to them, it's extremely likely). Does that mean that they will be used or even considered? No, but it does offer some potential ideas of what the new Godzilla design may look like, considering they come from a project headed by one GODZILLA's (2012) executive producers.

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