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Monday, March 23, 2009

42nd St Pete Reviews Severin's THE SINFUL DWARF DVD

This is sick shit and I’m enjoying every minute of it. -42nd St Pete

The Sinful Dwarf 1974 from Box Office International From Severin Films

It says on the box that Severin Films may go to hell for releasing this and I’ll be going along for watching it. When you think of epic dwarfsploitaton , several classic performances come to mind: Louis De Jesus being pleasured from a severed head in Bloodsucking Freaks, Billy Barty turning into a sparkler in The Undead, Angelo Rossito falling head first on his axe in Dracula vs Frankenstein, and Torbin Billie’s tour de force performance in The Sinful Dwarf.

Only an auteur like Harry Novak would have the keen insight to realize the cultural impact The Sinful Dwarf would have. Only a company like Severin Films would have the balls to release this film, beautifully restored from a pristine 35mm print. You’d be hard pressed to find a film with more depravity crammed into a 95 minute running time. If Jack Black was a breech birth, this might have been the result. Torbin, at times, actually reminds me of Jack’s performance in the King Kong remake.

Before the credits roll, our miniature madman has lured a young girl into the bushes with a wind up toy, hit her over the head with his cane, and dragged her back to his attic lair where other girls are imprisoned. He has a drunken slob mother, he shoots the girls up with drugs as they lie around in a crappy room naked. A British couple rent a room and have sex in a hot softcore scene. This is Danish and it really pushes the envelope similar to They Call Her One Eye (aka Thriller: A Cruel Picture). The Dwarf is selling the chics and this was way before the internet.

Torbin plays the piano while “Lady Lash” sings. The Brits seem unfazed by this, but they are interested in the attic. Cut to a john having sex with a semi-comatose girl. The Brit’s wife, who is the most attractive in the film, hears noises, one of the girls servicing a trick. This is some twisted shit. Great sex scenes, the Danes invented this stuff. You could imply just about anything and it wasn’t uncommon to have near hardcore scenes in mainstream films there.

Scenes of The Dwarf in bed with his mother are pretty unsettling. They want to “get the Blonde”. They need new girls as these are using too much heroin. It gets sicker, Mom’s dope connection is a toy store. Mom looks like Sarah Palin after she got hit in the face with a hockey puck. A Girl gets fake whipped.

The toy store’s drug runner gets killed, so they hire the Brit, mainly to get his wife for the midget, ah, dwarf, ah, little bastard. She gets caught in the attic and chained up by Mother & Dwarf. Funny, the younger chics are buck naked, she is in bra & panties. Eventually she gets humped by the drooling dwarf. This is sick shit and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

The law is closing in after a teddy bear od’s on heroin. The cops really want the “little bastard” . The cops find the girls and now go dwarf hunting. Mom gets shot and the Dwarf caves in a cop's skull. The Dwarf falls off the roof with a wet splat .

This is great stuff, the print is excellent, you’ve never seen the Box Office International logo look this gorgeous. The extras are limited to a fake Severin documentary about the film and it’s controversy, and also a trailer under the Abducted Bride title, radio spots, and an easter egg with a trailer for the movie under the Sinful Dwarf title, with some awesome narration (EDITOR NOTE: I actually helped supply Severin with the trailer, I couldn’t get a hold of a higher quality copy, hence why it is only an easter egg. Still, you have to give a company like Severin the credit for look out for any and all extras for the film and being willing to include it at all, some labels lacking a higher quality material would just exclude it).

Why are you still reading this people? ITS TIME TO GO TO HELL with Severin and the Sinful Dwarf!

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