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Friday, June 27, 2008


LOST COLONY THE LEGEND OF ROANOKE claims it is based on true events. Yes, Roanoke was the first English colony in the New World, and yes, the colonists mysteriously disappeared after a few years. But I think I can assure you that the colonists were nothing like Adrian Paul and Viking ghosts that look like Amy Winehouse's lungs didn't suck out their souls. You might be able to make fun of the ye olde English style of talking, but other than that, the movie is pretty barren of anything interesting. White people slaughter the natives of course. The chief provides mystic guidance of course. And the 3 ghosts show up and kill lots of people throughout. There's a child sacrifice plot thread thrown in that never really goes anywhere and exists only to provide a motivation for the ghosts to attack. Not that any is necessary. Need I go on? My Amy Winehouse joke is really the sole reason for writing the review.

The video/audio presentation is as good as you'd expect. It's a film shot mostly with cold grays and blues and dark greens which are faithfully reproduced. The audio mix is acceptable. There are no extras worth mentioning.

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