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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"The Cranford Collection" and "My Boy Jack" -- DVD Review by Ian

Video: The video quality of this BBC teleproduction is quite excellent as it should be since it is only less than a year old. It is anamorphically enhanced for widescreen TV’s and features excellent colors (which can be seen in the gorgeous pastel pictures that open each episode) and the lush English countryside. The same is the case with My Boy Jack. Although in this case the technical quality for this picture is seen more in the grays and blacks of the battlefield. Despite this the DVD still shows the beauty of the English countryside as a contrast to the trench warfare of France.

Audio: Both programs are equipped with Dolby Digital Stereo and sound find free of hiss and any distortion. The range and separation is limited due to the stereo based nature, still the audio tracks are fine and work well with the production.

Extras: The extras are limited, but more than make up with it because of their substantial nature. The Cranford Collection comes with a wonderful making of feature that lasts nearly 30 minutes and is filed with interviews about the production. My Boy Jack also has around 30 minutes of interviews with all the main actors (including Harry Potter) and about 7 minutes of deleted scenes.

Overall: If you love classic English acting and also a chance to listen to the actors discuss their craft, then BBC America via Warner Brothers offers two very different productions stacked with great actors for you to choose from. Highly Recommended for Anglophiles and lovers of the BBC and their great productions.


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