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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Get Your First Blood On!

There are a lot of options for enjoying the full First Blood experience.

You can start first with the original book David Morrell's First Blood, which the movie is based on, its different in tone and ending from the movie, but is essential piece for all fans of the movie to check out.

Then there is the awesome Jerry Goldsmith First Blood Soundtrack. It's an essential score and one of the best by Jerry Goldsmith with wonderful themes and cues that helped to make First Blood the great movie that it was.

There are two DVD options. The first is the First Blood Ultimate Edition DVD which features deleted scenes and the original ending and a Stallone commentary. It lacks the commentary on the original from author David Morrell, documentaries, and trailers. Honestly, its better just to get the Rambo Trilogy Ultimate Edition which is pretty cheap and a nice hold over for the upcoming re-release of the trilogy (and new Rambo most likely separately) on Blu-Ray (more on that in our next post) which may feature new special features.

If you don't want the Stallone commentary and deleted scenes, but want the Morrell commentary and documentaries, then you should grab the First Blood Special Edition.

The Blu-ray actually has all the docs and both commentaries, but lacks the trailers. You may want to wait until details on the re-release of the trilogy before getting the Blu-ray.

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