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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

42nd Street Forever Volume 3: Exploitation Explosion

42nd Street Forever Volume 3: Exploitation Explosion

Don May Jr, the mad genius behind Synapse Films has unleashed another volume of the extremely popular and excellent 42nd Street Forever (incidentally the first two volumes (in a two-fer) are for sale at Best Buy for $15.99 and third is $15.99) and this time he’s brought some friends! Exploitation Explosion more than 45 trailers from a wide variety of genres (horror, martial arts, sex, comedies, and more).

Video: Since these are a collection of trailers from 35mm, one needs to understand that the quality is all over the place (and to an extent this factor may be a plus for some). Some will look great, while others not so great. More importantly they are all the proper (and various) aspect ratios for the different trailers. Kudos to Synapse for taking the time to transfer all the trailers at proper aspect ratio’s instead of a general 1:78:1 (which for trailers can sometimes happen anyway).

Audio: The audio is generally good quality and of course varies due to condition. Still you will be able to hear everything nice and clear.

Extras: Now here is the big feature: an audio commentary for the ENTIRE run of the trailers Fangoria Editor Michael Gingold is joined by Historian and DVD Maniac poster Chris Poggiali and DVD Maniacs editor Edwin Samuelson. The trio relates tons of facts about each movie and are rarely, if ever silent during the proceedings. You will learn more than one would ever think you could hope to know such as the real reason Film Ventures tanked (It was not Great White being pulled) and other nuggets such as the killer children and true story sub-genre. Also the one film that all parties involved find just to damn sleazy! There are also a number of vintage tv spots as an additional bonus feature.

Overall: This is an easy recommendation for any fan of trailer comps, sleazy and silly films and more. The price is ridiculously low and the content is insanely high. Honestly, I can’t think of a reason why you would not want to buy this! Go out and grab it or you can get it via and help support the people at DVD Maniacs (who says I can’t be charitable). Just go and get a copy so we can get Volume 4 as fast as possible.


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