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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ebola Syndrome DVD Review

Screencaps will follow later on.

Video: Discotek has created a new HD-based master for the restoration of this wonderful film. Herman Yau along with his DP Puccini (yep that’s his name) intentionally filled the film with bright colors and it really shows on the screen. There are no transfer problems present and the picture is nearly mint (there is some very minor print damage at a couple of points during the film). Still this is quite minor and limited. This disc looks better than the newer Universe disc and the old Dutch disc.

Audio: The Cantonese Mono track sounds fine and is accompanied by TWO subtitle tracks. One is a newly re-mastered and re-translated version that is leaps and bounds of the older versions. Still the older one is retained as a sort-of extra feature listed on the cover as the “craptacularly funny original subtitles”. Great job on the part of Discotek!

Extras: This is one of the best DVDs I have ever seen for a cult Hong Kong film. First off is the legendary deleted footage from the film. Basically three to four minutes of violence, rape, forced sodomy, gore, and human flesh grinding. No plot extensions or anything, which I’m sure no one will mind. I think Herman Yau himself decided not to restore this to the main film (he doesn’t say it directly, but he hints that he’s happy with the current version of the film in the interviews). As indicated there is about a 15-20 minute with Herman Yau and Anthony Wong (who occasional says something, you’ll see when you watch it). The interview is in English. Great interview, and that’s not just because they used one of my questions. Selby from Discotek kindly asked for suggestions at’s forums for questions to ask Herman and Anthony and it's nice to see he used some of the fan's suggestions. Also find out the mysterious role of Wong Jing in the film lol. Rounding out this great disc is a subtitled commentary with both Anthony Wong and Herman Yau. Discotek smartly included names next to the subtitles of who is speaking (granted once you get to know Anthony Wong’s voice it's pretty easy). Really informative track featuring a great line by Anthony Wong asking “why do Europeans like this movie?”

Overall: Buy this disc! Really if you’re a fan what are you waiting for? If you have never seen this wonderful feel-good movie than this is the perfectly time to curl up with a loved one and enjoy the magic of The Ebola Syndrome. Great job by Discotek.


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