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Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Most Awesome Piece of Film EVER is coming out!!

This is a long time favorite of mine. I must have watched it a dozen times at least and that was only when I was a kid. The cover art shown is actually the same cover art that was on the VHS tape I would rent all the time as a kid despite what Foy would indicate.

More on this awesome news from the Foywonder

Attack of the Super Monsters on DVDIf ever there was proof that everything and anything is getting released to DVD these days, the announcement that Attack of the Super Monsters will soon be permanently enshrined on digital media is surefire proof of it. If you've never even heard of Attack of the Super Monsters, then this DVD is a must-see for you, especially if you like Japanese monster movies and Inframan-level insanity.

Attack of the Super Monsters, originally released in 1982, is actually a badly English dubbed movie compilation of the first four episodes of a low budget Japanese TV show from 1977 called "Dinosaur Wars Aizenborg" that was produced by Tsuburaya, the folks responsible for "Ultraman". This was not one of their prouder productions.


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