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Monday, June 10, 2019

"Shemp Gets Tough": A Great 3 Stooges Running Gag (video)

An original member of the Three Stooges, Shemp left for a successful solo career...

...then returned to the act to replace his ailing brother Curly.

One of our favorite Shemp schticks is when he plays the tough guy...

...with a dazzling display of fancy footwork.

"Fright Night" (1947)
"Hold That Lion" (1947) Footage reused in "Loose Loot" (1953)
"Hokus Pokus" 1949) Footage reused in "Flagpole Jitters (1956)
"Baby Sitter Jitters" (1951)
"Corny Casanovas" (1952)

I don't own or claim any rights to any of these materials--just having a little fun with them. Thanks for watching!


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