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Monday, July 21, 2008

SHADOWS LIGHT -- Terrifying Supernatural Thriller On DVD 8/5/08

Unusual killings, a young woman in mortal danger, and a powerful supernatural evil compel a world weary priest to risk everything, including his very soul. Enter a world of Angels, Demons, and Djinn in this compelling supernatural thriller that explores courage, conviction, and the timeless struggle of good and evil.

Shadows Light introduces the character Father Cuth Abelard, an exorcist who has just met his toughest encounter yet with the darker powers of the world. Given a leave of absence by his bishop, Father Abelard heads to his hometown to recover from the ordeal, in addition to finding some space to mourn the recent, difficult passing of his mother.

Back in his hometown, he quickly reunites with his boyhood best friend, Ryker Prodiga. Ryker is a man who is in the process of picking up the pieces a life gone awry, with the help of a kindly café owner that has recently given him regular employment.

Also employed at the café is a young woman, Dana Fontaine, whose sister is an exotic dancer who is endeavoring to gain favor within a powerful, wealthy circle that surrounds the enigmatic figure Ashton Legares. Ashton Legares is an individual who almost single-handedly is propelling the candidacy of a US senator that represents a major breakthrough for Ashton’s shadowy and influential organization.

Strange killings are occurring with more regularity in the city, and as Dana fears greatly for her sister’s well-being, she reaches out to Father Abelard for help.

Compounding matters even further is the fact that Dana herself was a former exotic dancer, whose hellish near-death experience after a drug overdose proved to be a life changing event that has placed her at odds with her sister.

Father Abelard comes to learn that Ashton Legares is much more than he seems, as is the circle around him. Finding himself beset with otherworldly adversaries, Father Abelard embarks on a mission to help Dana rescue her sister and overcome the clutches of demonic powers.

Allies and adversaries come in all types as the tale unfolds, bringing Angels, Demons, and even one of the mythical Djinn into a struggle that calls for sacrifice, courage, and resilience in the face of great darkness.

Shadows Light introduces Tom Phillips, long considered one of the finest talents out of Central Kentucky, who has relocated to LA where he is a working actor. Tom played the lead role of Father Cuth Abelard in Shadows Light, first of a series of films based around this character and supernatural themes.

An ensemble cast featuring many outstanding rising talents such as Cynthia L. Allen (Lily), Scott Sullivan (Ryker), Tucky Williams (Dana), Jessica Kline (Evan), Vince Bingham (The Djinn), John Schroering (Ashton) drives a very character driven story.

Also introduced in Shadows Light was director is Stephen Zimmer, whose short film The Sirens is slated as part of a feature length DVD to be released later in 2008, in addition to another late 2008 release, his first full length novel, an epic modern fantasy.

Shadows Light also features the award-winning special FX talents of Cineline Productions artists Matt Perry and Sven Granlund, who along with Visual Effects Supervisor Dave Workman spearheaded a talented unit that produced several creature designs, animatronics, and an array of digital FX. Angels, Demons, and Djinn were brought to life by this talented FX crew, ranging from facial prosthetic applications to a full body creature suit with animatronic enhancements. Costume Design for the fantasy-oriented film was done by Courtney Zimmer.

Produced by the up-and-coming Ever After Media in collaboration with Cineline Productions, Shadows Light heralds an exciting new production team whose second project together, featuring the two horror tales Murderer and The Sirens, is slated for a fall/winter 2008 release.

Shadows Light is a fresh and original fantasy thriller that balances a character driven story with the kind of creature/special FX that fans of the genre have come to love.

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