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Thursday, January 17, 2019

LEE Byeong-heon's Cop Comedy "EXTREME JOB" Releases in LA Jan. 25 and in Cities Across US and Canada on Feb. 1

“Extreme Job,” a South Korean Comedic Action Film

Releases on January 25 in Los Angeles and Buena Park, and In Cities Across the U.S. and Canada on February 1

Directed by LEE Byeong-heon and Stars RYU Seung-yong, LEE Hanee, JIN Sun-kyu, LEE Dong-hwi, Gong-myoung

Los Angeles, CA (January 17, 2019) – South Korean director LEE Byeong-heon (“Twenty,” “What a Man Wants”) returns to the big screen with his newest comedic action film, “Extreme Job.” Director LEE tells the story of five narcotics cops who run a fried chicken restaurant by day and an undercover operation by night. This title releases at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles and Buena Park on January 25 and in cities across the U.S. and Canada on February 1.


The narcotics team works hard day and night, but their performance remains at an all-time low, leading them to become the ugly duckling of the police department and potentially face dismantlement.

Captain KO (RYU Seung-yong) gets intel about an international drug deal and embarks on a risky undercover mission with his entire team. In order to establish around-the-clock and up-close-and-personal surveillance, the team takes over a rundown chicken joint across the street from the drug gang’s safe house.

But things take an unexpected turn when Detective MA’s (JIN Sun-kyu)yet unrevealed culinary talents begins to shine, turning the chicken restaurant famous overnight. Should we chase chickens or criminals? When customers begin to flock in, undercover work gets pushed to the back burner so the detectives can focus on frying chicken.

As a result, the team misses the big drug deal, even though it happens right under their nose. Now, with nowhere to go, the detectives launch a desperate mop-up operation.

“Extreme Job” stars RYU Seung-yong, LEE Hanee, JIN Sun-kyu, LEE Dong-hwi, and Gong-myoung. The film is presented and distributed by CJ Entertainment, and produced by About Film.

All assets courtesy of CJ Entertainment.

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