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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson Grabs Audiences on Video
Debuts Nationwide on DVD March 28th
Available Now on Cable VOD and Digital HD

New York, NY - Wild Eye Releasing has announced the March 28th DVD release of The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson. 

Starring James Duval (Independence Day, Donnie Darko), WWE superstar Tommy Dreamer (WWE, ECW, Beyond the Mat), Nick Principle (Hatchet II, Laid To Rest) and Rachel Jane Conn (Model Hunger) as the titular victim, Jennifer Grayson centers on a conflicted young woman standing between justice and a pathological killer. 

Writer-director Corynn Egreczky's debut feature is currently available on cable and digital platforms, including DirecTV, FiOS, Dish, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu and more.

Kidnapped after spurning a man's advances, a young woman slowly falls for the charms of her captor. He eventually sets her free, but is he the serial killer the police have been hunting for? Only Jennifer Grayson can help them stop him once and for all.

                           Watch the Trailer

Order The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson on Amazon

The DVD release of The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson (SRP $19.95) will exclusively include a feature-length commentary with writer-director Corynn Egreczky, music videos and trailers.


Monday, February 27, 2017

DRIVE-IN MASSACRE -- Blu-ray Review by Porfle

When a movie is described as "so bad, it's good", often the "it's good" part is solely up to the charity and goodwill of the viewer.  If you simply don't like bad movies at all, chances are DRIVE-IN MASSACRE (1976) won't appeal to you at all.  But if you qualify as a bonafide junk-film junkie, then this no-budget little effort will likely tickle your fancy in a big way even though, at times, it really does tend to get just a tad dull.

What it mostly does for me is to let me indulge in some good old-fashioned nostalgia and wallow in hazy, golden memories of things like drive-in theaters (natch), renting obscure VHS horrors from the local hole-in-the-wall video store (which is how most people probably first caught this one), and reliving those crazy wonderful early days of slasher flicks before the genre wore itself out through sheer repetition.

Like BLACK CHRISTMAS and THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (and before HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH), DRIVE-IN MASSACRE was right there on the ground floor of the slasher era, when poor but plucky filmmakers were still making up the rules and flying by the seat of their pants.

Here, of course, most of the film's shortcomings--limited funds, rushed schedule, less than stellar acting and dialogue, crude gore effects--are, in hindsight, what makes it so endearingly fun to watch. 

And speaking of gore, there's considerably less here than in the average H.G. Lewis movie, but what there is scores major fun points.  My favorite is the guy who leans out his car window to snag a speaker and gets his head cleanly lopped off by a samurai sword. 

Most of the kills happen to people sitting in their cars watching the drive-in movie, including a double skewering (later reprised in FRIDAY THE 13TH) and a sword through the throat which elicits a wonderfully expressive reaction from the actress (that's her on the poster).

While semi-competent police detectives Leary (co-scripter John F. Goff as "Jake Barnes") and Koch (Bruce Kimball as "Michael Alden") bumble their way through the murder investigation in seriocomic style, suspects include foul-tempered drive in manager Austin (Robert E. Pearson as "Newton Naushaus") and feeble-minded janitor Germy (Douglas Gudbye)--both of whom happen to have carnival experience working with knives and swords! 

(Note: all the cast aliases have something to do with SAG rules.)

There's also a perv named Orville (Norman Sheridan as "Norman Sherlock") who likes to creep around from car to car, peering in at the more amorous couples and--err--"gratifying" himself.  While we're busy keeping up with all the potential suspects and red herrings, much screen time is devoted to those couples yakking away (some of the dialogue is amusing) while the guy tries to score. 

Not all the action is confined to the drive in, however.  In addition to scenes of the two cops grilling people at the station or running down (literally) suspect Orville who flees an interview at his house, there's a lengthy detour in which another likely candidate gets cornered in a warehouse while holding a young girl hostage.

This nutty-looking psycho is none other than familiar character actor "Buck" Flowers (ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE FOG), who, it turns out, co-wrote the screeplay along with Goff and director Stu Segall (as "Godfrey Daniels"). 

Buck's hostage here is his own daughter Verkina Flowers, and the cat-and-mouse sequence that follows her escape, while nominally entertaining, seems most likely intended to pad out the running time. 

This is also true of a long interlude in which former carnival geek Germy wanders through a brilliantly-lit carnival at night for several minutes while dialogue from earlier in the film wafts through his mind.

While the scene serves little purpose, it's beautifully photographed (looking particularly good in Blu-ray) and offers yet more nostalgia value, this time for the days when a carnival was just about the most fun place I could imagine being at.  Besides a drive-in, of course.

The Blu-ray from Severin Films (which boasts a cool reversible cover) is widescreen with 2.0 English audio and optional English subtitles. Severin comes through again with some cool extras which include an informative director's commentary, a trailer, and recent interviews with star/co-writer John Goff, actor Norm Sheridan, and director Segall. Despite some occasional imperfections (or, in my case, because of them), the picture is a joy to behold.

Many people, of course, will have no idea why this cheap little gore flick would appeal to anyone at all.  But if you're one of those to whom the very sight of the cover of DRIVE-IN MASSACRE elicits a giddy tingle of excitement, no explanation is necessary.  It's just plain fun, period.

Buy it at

Release date: March 14, 2017


Sunday, February 26, 2017

CAPTURE KILL RELEASE -- Movie Review by Porfle

Yikes!  And I thought HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER was disturbing...

Lots of movies document the dissolution of a relationship, but it's usually because of infidelity or fading romance or something.  In CAPTURE KILL RELEASE (2016), it's because one member of the couple is a budding homicidal psychopath, and the other one isn't quite ready to follow along merrily down the path to full-blown serial killerdom.

This is another "found footage" movie, but it works because the documentation of the act and everything before and after it is such a vital element of the ritual for Jenny (Jennifer Fraser), an otherwise normal-looking person who's giddy as a schoolgirl at the thought of the random murders she's so meticulously planning.

Her normal-looking husband, Farhang (Farhang Ghajar), is also caught up in the waves of excitement emanating from his wife, but only as long as it remains a sort of fantasy-pretend thing that isn't really going to happen.  It's even kind of a turn-on at first.  The poor guy just has no idea what he's in for.

Co-directors Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart achieve a remarkable sense of "Blair Witch"-style realism that makes everything we see all the more effective.  This is amplified immeasurably by some spot-on, heavily improvised performances, especially by Jennifer Fraser who's so good she's simply fascinating to watch. 

Fraser, in fact, is a major factor in the film's success thanks to her ability to convincingly portray the contrast between Jenny the bubbly, enthusiastic child-woman, and Jenny the stone-cold, bloodthirsty butcher who relishes each new atrocity like a gourmet of gore. (She reminds me of a cross between Sarah Silverman and Patrick Bateman.) 

As horrible as things get--and they do get horrible, take my word for it--her girlish sense of fun remains a chilling indication of just how far around the bend her mental state has really gone. 

Jenny doesn't even realize how aghast her own husband has become with their increasingly nightmarish situation, which she regards as a fun project meant to bring them together, until he finally lashes out in utter disgust.

Meanwhile, CAPTURE KILL RELEASE just keeps chugging along inexorably towards its inevitable outcome, leaving a trail of horror in its wake, while we watch in rapt suspense, or dread, or whatever this feeling is that I can't quite shake long after the fade-out. 

One thing's for sure--it goes where most other horror movies don't go, and shows what they don't show, so if you're squeamish, prepare to be squeamed. 

The bathtub sequence alone contains more concentrated gore than most viewers will see in their lifetimes, and it's all extremely realistic.  You sorta already have to be a gorehound, in fact, just to make it through some of this stuff without freaking out.

The film also has the aura of one of those true-crime books by authors like Ann Rule, the kind of dark, demented stuff that used to make me feel bad even as I found it perversely compelling to read.  Much of it, in fact, seems inspired by well-known accounts such as the "Barbie and Ken" killers and various "basement of horror" tales.

Needless to say, CAPTURE KILL RELEASE isn't recommended for everyone.  As (1) an exercise in graphic gore, and (2) a deeply disturbing exploration of gleeful, homicidal insanity, it's an unqualified success both on the visceral and artistic levels.  But I feel like I just went a few rounds with this movie and got gut-punched.

VOD Available March 7 on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, XBox, FlixFling and more
MOD Physical Release to be available exclusively from


Saturday, February 25, 2017

"MISSION CONTROL: THE UNSUNG HEROES OF APOLLO" -- SXSW Acquisition Announcement & Trailer Premiere




Gravitas Ventures Acquires Worldwide Rights for SXSW 2017 Film from Haviland Digital

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 23, 2017) — As the world watched the outcome of the Apollo space missions, crowded around televisions and radios, the heroes of NASA – the controllers and support teams inside Mission Control – clenched their fists and sweated every detail through each liftoff and descent. Now, the compelling untold story behind this extraordinary team comes to life in the new film “Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo,” which will arrive in select theaters across the U.S. and VOD on April 14.

Gravitas Ventures has secured worldwide rights from Haviland Digital to the compelling untold story behind this extraordinary team, told with unprecedented access to archival footage and stories from the men who lived it, including the creator of Mission Control, Dr. Chris Kraft, retired NASA Flight Directors Gene Kranz (portrayed by Ed Harris in “Apollo 13”), Glynn Lunney and Gerry Griffin. Also appearing are Flight Dynamics Officer Jerry Bostick, Flight Controller John Aaron, iconic astronaut Captain James Lovell (played by Tom Hanks in “Apollo 13”), and moonwalkers Charlie Duke and the late Captain Gene Cernan.

Mission Control was at the very heart of the Apollo program and its heroes were born against a backdrop of economic turmoil and global conflict. Some came from a rural lifestyle unchanged since the 19th century. Others grew up in a gritty, blue-collar America of mines and smoke stacks. They ranged from students straight out of college, to soldiers toughened by military service. Yet, from such ordinary beginnings, an extraordinary team was born.

They set out on what JFK called “the most hazardous, dangerous, and greatest adventure upon which mankind has ever embarked.” Through the team’s testimony and the supporting voices of Apollo astronauts and modern NASA leaders, “Mission Control” explores their journey from the faltering start of the program to Mercury and Gemini missions, the tragic Apollo 1 fire and the glories of the Moon landings. This was achieved through a team whose average age was around 27 years old.

                     WATCH THE TRAILER

“Mission Control” was directed by David Fairhead and produced by Keith Haviland and Gareth Dodds. The three men came to the story of “Mission Control” after their work on “The Last Man on the Moon,” which bowed at SXSW in 2015 and told the tale of Astronaut Gene Cernan. Cernan, who flew three times in space and twice to the Moon, passed away in January 2017.

“It’s a real privilege to tell this epic story of a remarkable decade. It shows what vision and teamwork can achieve,” said Haviland. Fairhead continued, “The Apollo program is one of mankind’s greatest achievements. To make this film of the unsung heroes has been a fantastic experience.” Dodds added, “We are excited to be working with Gravitas Ventures to bring our film to a global audience. It’s a story that we hope will inspire and move people everywhere.”

“Mission Control” has Gravitas collaborating with Producers Dodds (“Last Man on the Moon”) and Haviland (“Last Man on the Moon,” “Dying Laughing”) once more. “Flights into space capture the imagination as much today as they did 50 years ago,” stated Gravitas Ventures’ CEO and Founder, Nolan Gallagher. “From Space X to ‘Hidden Figures’ to ‘The Martian,’ the dreams of millions are carried out by hundreds of heroes both in the air and on the ground at Mission Control. We are thrilled to be working with Gareth and Keith to share this remarkable piece of history with audiences everywhere.”

The deal was negotiated by Nolan Gallagher for Gravitas, and Dodds and Haviland for Haviland Digital.

The film is now available to pre-order from iTunes:

Keep up with film news on Facebook and get the SXSW screening schedule here.

Haviland Digital is an independent production company dedicated to intelligent film, TV and digital media. It specializes in space and STEM related content. Future projects in development include films and TV concepts around manned and unmanned space flight, sport, aviation and more.

Gravitas Ventures is a leading all rights distributor of independent cinema. Founded in 2006, Gravitas connects independent filmmakers and producers with distribution opportunities across the globe. Working with more than 500 content partners, Gravitas Ventures has distributed thousands of films into over 100 million homes. Recent releases include Katie Holmes’ feature directorial debut, “All We Had,” Jonathan Hock’s “Fastball,” Colin Hanks’ “All Things Must Pass,” “Being Evel” from Academy Award® winning director Daniel Junge and producer Johnny Knoxville, “Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of,” and “For The Love of Spock” from Director Adam Nimoy.

For more information, please visit and sign up for their e-newsletter, follow @GravitasVOD on Twitter and @gravitasventures on Instagram.


Friday, February 24, 2017

BIG BAD -- Movie Review by Porfle

I thought I was watching a seriocomic, slyly tongue-in-cheek spoof of teen slasher movies at first, but it eventually dawned on me that BIG BAD (Indican Pictures, 2016) is a full-blown, willfully silly horror comedy, and if it looks like it's having trouble being subtle about this, it's because it has absolutely no intention of being subtle about anything.  Which, after finally getting into it, I was totally okay with.

It starts out with some teens getting drunk around a campfire, telling campfire stories.  Some of them go off into the woods, encounter a mysterious and terrifying creature, and die in a way that will become yet another campfire story. 

Then, a full sixteen minutes into the movie, the main titles begin, and they're the fancy kind that look like they cost as much as the rest of the movie combined.

After that we get to know a whole new cast of characters, and this time our ill-fated teens are spending the night in an abandoned prison in the woods because of some kind of school fund-raising thing--it's such an obvious plot contrivance that I didn't bother to understand it--whereupon they and their nerdy teacher, Professor Howell (Danny Dauphin), are attacked by the same hairy, ill-tempered creature we didn't quite see in the teaser sequence.

The rest of the story is increasingly harrowing, with the monster always just one step behind them as they escape their jail cells and flee into the woods, and increasingly funny as these stock teen-movie characters--Donny the jock (Cameron Deane Stewart, BAD KIDS GO TO HELL, "Aquarius"), Chase the airhead cheerleader who's Donny's on-again, off-again girlfriend (Ainsley Bailey), and Crystal the smart girl with a crush on Donny (Madeline Thelton) --get funnier and more endearing the more we get to know them.

With the creature (which they decide must be a werewolf) still hot on their heels, the terrified teens seek shelter in an old cotton gin along with plucky lady cop Deputy Marcus (Hannah Bryan). It's here that the exciting final confrontation with the "big bad" beast occurs, and while the comedy keeps on coming, this finale actually manages to be more suspenseful than the ones in many of the more serious horror flicks of this kind that I've had to sit through over the years.

First-time feature director Opie Cooper has a keen visual style and keeps things zinging along as the likably irreverent script by Cooper, Dauphin, and Beth Kander pops various horror-movie cliches like colorful party balloons.  (While pulling a few nifty surprises on us along the way.) 

Even ditzy cheerleader Chase's constant jabbering manages to be funny without getting too annoying, while at one point the town sheriff (Clint Carmichael) is allowed a memorably heroic line before sacrificing his life for the others: "Tell campfire stories about me!"

On the minus side--at times the very busy score tends to be either overbearing or cutesy, although there are also several moments in which it's quite effective as well.  That's about it.  Oh, and before I forget to mention it, the creature suit is outstanding.

At first I was making a mental list of things I didn't like about this movie, but they faded away as I started to get what it was going for, and it just kept winning me over...and over...and over. (Even the closing credits are freakin' hilarious.)  BIG BAD isn't the best horror comedy ever made, but it sure left me with a big goofy grin on my face.

Buy it at

Tech Specs:

Indican Pictures
Runtime: 87min
Format: 2.35
Sound: Dolby
Country: US
Language: English
Genre: Family, Horror Thriller


"The Saint" with Roger Moore -- Now Streaming on PRO Classic TV

A charming fairy tale in the form of a spy mystery…”
– Pop Matters



The original series now streaming on

Hollywood, CA. - is giving classic TV fans a binge worthy treat with all 71 original episodes of the ‘60s action-adventure series “The Saint” on Launched last year by the Peter Rodgers Organization, is a transactional streaming site offering every episode of legendary television series from a vast library of iconic shows and hard to find cult favorites. “The Saint” perfectly fits into the streaming sites goal to be the first stop for those looking for classic TV online.

Debonair, charming and determined to see justice done with style, Simon Templar, aka “The Saint,” is back and bolder than ever in the series that gave TV a hip modern-day version of Robin Hood. A hero to those in distress, especially those in a dress, “The Saint” travels the globe in a sexy, sleek and saintly white Volvo P1800, romancing women and bringing crooks to justice.

Playing it all with a smile (and a halo) is Roger Moore, who gives this glamorous man of mystery a sly Brit wit and a heart of gold. Moore as Simon Templar has impeccable taste in clothes, cars and ladies, moving from one heart-pounding adventure to another, forever chased by Scotland Yard's peppermint-chewing Inspector Teal.

This is swinging, stylish and ultra-cool entertainment at its best and gave Roger Moore a template for his version of James Bond when he took that role over a few years later.

Alongside “The Saint” also offers “The Rifleman,” “The Adventures of Black Beauty,” “Tarzan,” “My Favorite Martian,” “Celebrity Bowling,” “I Spy,” “Cisco Kid”, “Movin’ On,” “Hopalong Cassidy” “Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse” and many more programs.  

Other legendary TV series and unique features will be added to regularly.

Go to:

Please join us on Facebook and Twitter

(PRO) For over 40 years the Peter Rodgers Organization has been a top name in film and TV distribution and with the launched in 2016 they gave classic television series a home where fans can purchase individual episodes or get a monthly unlimited membership that allows them to watch complete seasons. Iconic TV charterers like “The Rifleman” and “My Favorite Martian” are here alongside more fan favorites like the truck driving drama “Movin’ On” and the campy “Celebrity Bowling.” Every episode is uncut, uninterrupted and ready to entertain a new generation of TV fanatics and those who remember these shows fondly. is carefully curating an exceptional catalog of programming that can be enjoyed in an easy streaming format that is becoming the first stop for classic and unique TV shows.

About Peter Rodgers Organization (PRO):
The Peter Rodgers Organization (PRO) is celebrating over four decades in the film and TV industry as one of the most respected independent distributor of quality entertainment properties on all media platforms. Acting as agent for over 37 producers, distributers and legendary estates, PRO maintains one of universally recognized libraries in the world and is the home to some of television’s most beloved characters and universally recognized brands.

For more information:



Release Date: 5/9/2017

Synopsis: Catch 11 action-packed episodes of the complete first season of Emergency! - the pioneering TV series that was one of the first to show the real-life drama of those who save lives every day.

Race to the scene with the heroic men on paramedic Squad 51 and the emergency staff of Rampart Hospital as they respond round-the-clock to LA's most dire emergencies, from women in labor to an out-of-control epidemic.

Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth lead an acclaimed cast as two hard-working paramedics trying to deal with the daily crises of their jobs with wit, humor and bravery.

Along for the ride in the complete season are such popular guest stars as Tony Dow, Ronne Troup and Jeff Donnell. Including the thrilling TV movie "The Wedsworth-Townsend Act" and available on DVD for the first time ever, it's the gripping series that blazed the trail for all action series to come!

DVD Full Frame TV Set(61178137) : Disc 1 (Side A): Emergency! Season One

 Format:      DVD      UPC:      0-2519-23513-9-6
 Unit Type:      TV Set      Number of Media:      1
 Street Date:      5/9/2017      PreOrder Date:     
 Run Time (HH:MM):      3 Hours 18 Minutes          
 Language:      English      Disc Type:      DVD-9 (Single Sided)
 Packaging:      Snap Case      Layers:      Single
 Audio:     English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
       Subtitles:      English SDH

 Edition:      -      Picture:      Full Frame
 Version:      -      Color/B&W     COLOR
 Rating:      Not Rated    

DVD Full Frame TV Set(61178137) : Disc 2 (Side A): Emergency! Season One
 Format:      DVD      UPC:      0-2519-23513-9-6
 Unit Type:      TV Set      Number of Media:      1
 Street Date:      5/9/2017      PreOrder Date:     
 Run Time (HH:MM):      2 Hours 33 Minutes          
 Language:      English      Disc Type:      DVD-9 (Single Sided)
 Packaging:      Snap Case      Layers:      Single
 Audio:     English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
       Subtitles:      English SDH

 Edition:      -      Picture:      Full Frame
 Version:      -      Color/B&W     COLOR
 Rating:      Not Rated          

DVD Full Frame TV Set(61178137) : Disc 3 (Side A): Emergency! Season One

 Format:      DVD      UPC:      0-2519-23513-9-6
 Unit Type:      TV Set      Number of Media:      1
 Street Date:      5/9/2017      PreOrder Date:     
 Run Time (HH:MM):      2 Hours 33 Minutes          
 Language:      English      Disc Type:      DVD-9 (Single Sided)
 Packaging:      Snap Case      Layers:      Single
 Audio:     English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
       Subtitles:      English SDH

 Edition:      -      Picture:      Full Frame
 Version:      -      Color/B&W     COLOR
 Rating:      Not Rated          

DVD Full Frame TV Set(61178137) : Disc 4 (Side A): Emergency! Season One
 Format:      DVD      UPC:      0-2519-23513-9-6
 Unit Type:      TV Set      Number of Media:      1
 Street Date:      5/9/2017      PreOrder Date:     
 Run Time (HH:MM):      2 Hours 33 Minutes          
 Language:      English      Disc Type:      DVD-9 (Single Sided)
 Packaging:      Snap Case      Layers:      Single
 Audio:     English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
       Subtitles:      English SDH

 Edition:      -      Picture:      Full Frame
 Version:      -      Color/B&W     COLOR
 Rating:      Not Rated      

Buy it at


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Brad Pitt in "ALLIED" - Now Available on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Combo Packs

Magnificent.  Immensely entertaining.
— Scott Mantz, “Access Hollywood”

Brilliant in every way.”
— Mark S. Allen, ABC-TV


Epic Drama Arrives on 4K Ultra HD™ and Blu-ray™ Combo Packs February 28, 2017
Digital HD Debuts Two Weeks Early on February 14

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.  – Hailed as “gripping, powerful, and epic ” (Scott Mantz, “Access Hollywood”) Academy Award®-winning* director Robert Zemeckis’ (Forrest Gump, Cast Away) seductive thriller ALLIED makes its home entertainment debut on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand February 28, 2017 from Paramount Home Media Distribution.  The film arrives two weeks early on Digital HD February 14.

Oscar® winners Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard star as Max Vatan and Marianne Beauséjour, two of the world’s deadliest spies, who fall in love while undercover on a top-secret mission and marry during World War II.  But when Max learns his wife may be secretly conspiring with the enemy, he has only 72 hours to prove her innocence and save his family before he must do the unthinkable. 

The film features an outstanding supporting cast  including Lizzy Caplan (“Masters of Sex”), Jared Harris (“The Crown”), August Diehl (Inglourious Basterds) and Matthew Goode (“Downton Abbey”).  In addition, ALLIED’s sumptuous and unforgettable costumes earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Costume Design.

The ALLIED 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Combo Packs include over an hour of behind-the-scenes special features, with in-depth looks at the film’s production design, costumes, cast, visual effects, vehicles, music and more.

ALLIED Blu-ray Combo Pack
The ALLIED Blu-ray is presented in 1080p high definition with English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description and English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.  The combo pack includes access to a Digital HD copy of the film as well as the following:

⦁    Feature film in high definition
⦁    Bonus Content:
⦁    Story of Allied
⦁    From Stages to the Sahara: The Production Design of Allied
⦁    Through the Lens: Directing with Robert Zemeckis
⦁    A Stitch in Time: The Costumes of Allied
⦁    ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Max and Marianne
⦁    Guys and Gals: The Ensemble Cast
⦁    Lights, Pixels, ACTION! The Visual Effects of Allied
⦁    Behind the Wheel: The Vehicles of Allied
⦁    Locked and Loaded: The Weapons of Allied
⦁    That Swingin’ Sound: The Music of Allied

ALLIED 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack
Fans can enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with the 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, which includes the Blu-ray detailed above, as well as an Ultra HD Disc presented in 4K Ultra HD with English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description with English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles. The Combo Pack also includes access to a Digital HD copy of the film.

The Blu-ray Combo Pack and 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack available for purchase include a Digital HD Version of the film that can be accessed through UltraViolet™, a way to collect, access and enjoy movies.  With UltraViolet, consumers can add movies to their digital collection in the cloud, and then stream or download them—reliably and securely—to a variety of devices.   

ALLIED Single-Disc DVD
The single-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 TVs with English 5.1 Dolby Digital, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital and English Audio Description and English, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.  The disc includes the feature film in standard definition.

Paramount Pictures presents a GK Films production of a Robert Zemeckis film:  Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard “Allied.”  Music composed and conducted by Alan Silvestri.  Executive producers Patrick McCormick, Steven Knight, Denis O’Sullivan, Jack Rapke and Jacqueline Levine.  Produced by Graham King, p.g.a., Robert Zemeckis, p.g.a. and Steve Starkey, p.g.a.  Written by Steven Knight.  Directed by Robert Zemeckis.

About Paramount Home Media Distribution
Paramount Home Media Distribution (PHMD) is part of Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment.  PPC is a unit of Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), home to premier media brands that create television programs, motion pictures, consumer products, and digital content for audiences in 180 countries and territories.  The PHMD division oversees PPC’s home entertainment and transactional digital distribution activities worldwide. The division is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of home entertainment content on behalf of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Animation, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and CBS and applicable licensing and servicing of certain DreamWorks Animation titles.  PHMD additionally manages global licensing of studio content and transactional distribution across worldwide digital distribution platforms including online, mobile and portable devices and emerging technologies. 

Street Date:            February 28, 2017 (4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand)
            February 14, 2017 (Digital HD)
U.S. Rating:       R for violence, some sexuality/nudity, language and brief drug use
Canadian Rating:    14A for sexual content, violence

“ACADEMY AWARD®” and “OSCAR®” are registered trademarks and service marks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

KAMIKAZE -- DVD Review by Porfle

If there's one thing I admire it's when a low-budget genre film is done well enough to compete with the big money boys for my valuable attention.  And even more so if this is pulled off by people who have never even written, directed, or starred in a feature film before.

That's why I was so impressed with the furious action thriller KAMIKAZE (2016, Indican Pictures), in which all three of these hats are worn by its director, star, and co-writer (with Catherine Maher), Marcus Shakesheff. 

Up till now, Shakesheff's had only a few very minor acting credits but over 40 credits as a stunt man, a talent which proves an invaluable resource during this almost non-stop chopsocky fest.

The plot is simple--Evan Reed (Shakesheff) is a military-trained mercenary who, during a corporate espionage assignment, discovers some vital information so damning to certain members of the UK government that he can't just hand over to his employers. 

Thus, seemingly every deadly merc hitman in the UK is suddenly after him and the hard drive in his possession, also kidnapping his pregnant wife Jess (Claire Carreno) in order to lure him into their clutches.

With this no-frills premise as a springboard, Shakesheff stages a succession of action sequences and bone-crushing hand-to-hand combat encounters that are populated by some of the best fellow stuntmen he can gather together, and the result is a movie that never slows down or loses its ability to impress.

Naturally, the endless string of amazing stunts are all clearly done by the main actors (a major selling point of Tarantino's DEATH PROOF when he cast stuntwoman Zoe Bell in a lead role), with Shakesheff himself performing the lion's share of jaw-dropping feats.

Some of the fights feature aerial moves that would usually be done with wirework and are all the more stunning without it.  Evan's solo siege against an office building where his wife's being held also involves some parkour, and a scene with him engaged in battle against multiple foes in and around a speeding car is endlessly inventive (although it goes on too long).

Best of all, Shakesheff puts Evan into some really impossible situations which he must fight his way out of in believable fashion, such as facing two highly-skilled opponents with his hands tied behind his back right after he's been shot and stabbed. 

All of this is pretty consistently thrilling despite the movie obviously having been done on the cheap, and it's fun watching this budding filmmaker work so well within his limited budget.

Performances range from fair to good, and the fact that Shakesheff looks like a regular guy instead of a Jason Statham/Jean-Claude Van Damme type is actually kind of interesting.  The script contains a nice amount of wry humor.  The original score is well-done. 

Technically, of course, not every aspect of KAMIKAZE is first-rate.  The fight choreography itself is far superior to the photography and editing, which are adequate but could've been tighter.  Still, first-timer Marcus Shakesheff has done an outstanding job putting an action movie of this caliber together, and I found it engaging from start to finish. 

Buy it at

Runtime: 95 minutes
Format: 1:78 Flat (HD)
Sound: Dolby SR
Subtitles: English
Rating: Probable R for violence
Country: USA
Language: English
Website: https:
Genre: Thriller


"ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY" on Digital HD March 24th and Blu-ray April 4th

The best Star Wars yet” – Pete Hammond, Deadline

on Digital HD, and on Blu-ray April 4th

Fans go behind the scenes with filmmakers and cast for a revealing look
at the stories behind the first Star Wars standalone film

BURBANK, Calif. (Feb. 22, 2017) — Lucasfilm’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” the first of the Star Wars standalone films, has established its place within the Star Wars universe and the hearts of moviegoers, becoming the seventh highest-grossing film of all time in the U.S. Fans can own the epic action-adventure thriller -- nominated for two Academy Awards® -- early on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on March 24, and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD and On-Demand on April 4.

Never-before-seen “Rogue One” bonus material will take fans behind the scenes with the movie’s diverse, dynamic cast and inspired team of filmmakers. An intimate collection of stories reveals how the film came to life, as well as hidden Easter Eggs and film facts that audiences may have missed in the theater.

Bonus features include*:
⦁    A Rogue Idea – Hear how ILM’s legendary VFX wizard John Knoll came up with the movie’s concept and pitched it to producer Kathleen Kennedy – and why it’s the right film to launch the Star Wars standalone films.
⦁    Jyn: The Rebel – Get to know the defiant, resourceful survivor at the heart of “Rogue One,” and find out what it was like for actor Felicity Jones to bring her to life on-screen.
⦁    Cassian: The Spy – Actor Diego Luna shares insights into his complex, driven character, who rises to heroic action through selflessness, perseverance and passion.
⦁    K-2SO: The Droid – Explore the development of this reprogrammed Imperial enforcer droid, from initial pitch and character design to the scene-stealing personality and humor that actor Alan Tudyk brings.
⦁    Baze & Chirrut: Guardians of the Whills – Go deeper into the relationship between these two very different characters, and examine their essential contribution to the team, with Chinese superstars Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen.
⦁    Bodhi & Saw: The Pilot & The Revolutionary – Actors Forest Whitaker and Riz Ahmed reflect on Saw Gerrera, broken leader of the rebellion’s extremist faction, and Bodhi Rook, the Imperial cargo pilot whose defection sets the story in motion. 
⦁    The Empire – Meet a dangerous new adversary, the Director of Advanced Weapons Research for the Imperial Military … and cross paths once more with the most iconic villain of all time.
⦁    Visions of Hope: The Look of “Rogue One” – The filmmakers describe the challenges and thrills of developing a bold new look for the movie that can fit within the world of the original trilogy.
⦁    The Princess & The Governor – See what it took to bring the vibrant young princess of “Star Wars: A New Hope” – as well as one of her most memorable foes – back to the screen.
⦁    Epilogue: The Story Continues – Filmmakers and cast celebrate the premiere of “Rogue One” – and look forward into the future, to the Star Wars stories yet to be told.
⦁    Rogue Connections – Uncover Easter eggs and film facts hidden throughout the movie that connect “Rogue One” to the Star Wars universe.

* Digital bonus offerings may vary by retailer.

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is directed by Gareth Edwards (“Godzilla,” “Monsters”) and produced by Kathleen Kennedy, p.g.a., Allison Shearmur, p.g.a. (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Cinderella”) and Simon Emanuel, p.g.a. (“The Dark Knight Rises”). Veteran ILM visual effects supervisor John Knoll, (“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest) whom shares a long history with the Star Wars films, is executive producer alongside Jason McGatlin (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “War of the Worlds”). The story is by John Knoll and Gary Whitta (“The Book of Eli,” “After Earth”), and the screenplay was written by Chris Weitz (“The Golden Compass,” “About a Boy”) and Tony Gilroy (“The Bourne Legacy,” “Michael Clayton”).            

Felicity Jones (“The Theory of Everything,” “Like Crazy”) heads up the cast and stars opposite Diego Luna (“Milk,” “Elysium”). Joining them are Ben Mendelsohn (“Bloodline,” “Animal Kingdom”), Mads Mikkelsen (“Casino Royale,” TV’s “Hannibal”), Alan Tudyk (“Frozen,” “I, Robot”), Riz Ahmed (“Nightcrawler,” “Jason Bourne”) and Forest Whitaker (“The Last King of Scotland,” “The Butler”). The film also welcomes two of China’s biggest stars, Donnie Yen (“Ip Man,” “Blade II”) and Jiang Wen (“Let the Bullets Fly,” “The Sun Also Rises”). In addition, Anthony Daniels (“Star Wars: A New Hope,” “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”) reprises his role of C-3PO, marking his eighth appearance in a Star Wars film.

To create the distinctive and contemporary look of the film, Edwards chose revered cinematographer Greig Fraser (“Zero Dark Thirty,” “Foxcatcher”). Visual effects supervisors John Knoll and Mohen Leo (Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man,” “The Martian”) team up with special effects supervisor Neil Corbould (“Black Hawk Down,” “Saving Private Ryan”) and ILM animation supervisor Hal Hickel (“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest,” “Iron Man”). Star Wars veteran Doug Chiang (Star Wars Episodes I and II, “Forrest Gump”) and Neil Lamont (supervising art director on “The Force Awakens” and the “Harry Potter” film series) join forces as production designers, and Neal Scanlan (“Prometheus”) returns to do special creature effects, having recently worked on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Additional key crew include costume designers Dave Crossman (costume supervisor on The Force Awakens and the “Harry Potter” film series) and Glyn Dillon (“The Force Awakens” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service” costume concept artist), as well as stunt coordinator Rob Inch (“The Force Awakens,” “World War Z”).

The music is by composer Michael Giacchino (“Star Trek Beyond,” “Zootopia”), with original Star Wars music by John Williams. The editors for the film are John Gilroy, ACE (“Nightcrawler,” “The Bourne Legacy”), Jabez Olssen (“The Hobbit” trilogy) and Colin Goudie (“Monsters”).

FEATURE RUN TIME:        Approximately 133 min.
RATING:                    PG-13 in U.S.; PG in CE; G in CF
ASPECT RATIO:            Blu-ray 3D Feature Film =2.39:1
Blu-ray Feature Film =    2.39:1
                        DVD Feature Film = 2.39:1                   
AUDIO:                      Blu-ray = English 7.1 DTS-HDMA, English 2.0 Descriptive Audio, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital Language Tracks
DVD = English, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, English 2.0 Descriptive Audio Language Tracks
LANGUAGES:            English, French & Spanish
SUBTITLES:        English SDH, French & Spanish



From Lucasfilm comes the first of the Star Wars standalone films, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” an all-new epic adventure. In a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction. This key event in the Star Wars timeline brings together ordinary people who choose to do extraordinary things, and in doing so, become part of something greater than themselves.

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is directed by Gareth Edwards and stars Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Riz Ahmed, with Jiang Wen and Forest Whitaker. Kathleen Kennedy, Allison Shearmur and Simon Emanuel are producing, with John Knoll and Jason McGatlin serving as executive producers. The story is by John Knoll and Gary Whitta, and the screenplay is by Chris Weitz and Tony Gilroy. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” opened in U.S. theaters on December 16, 2016.

Lucasfilm Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is a global leader in film, television and digital entertainment production. In addition to its motion-picture and television production, the company's activities include visual effects and audio post-production, cutting-edge digital animation, interactive entertainment software, and the management of the global merchandising activities for its entertainment properties including the legendary STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES franchises. Lucasfilm Ltd. is headquartered in northern California.

Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) is an engaging and family-friendly cloud-based digital movie service that makes it easy to buy Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars movies once and watch them anywhere. Viewers can enjoy their digital movies from the comfort of their living room and across multiple mobile platforms by simply adding the free DMA app or channel to their devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android mobile phones and tablets, Android TV, Amazon’s Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Roku, and Xbox 360, and connecting to their DMA account with participating providers including iTunes, Amazon Video, VUDU, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV and Fios by Verizon. DMA users can explore Disney’s library of over 450 digital movies, discover hours of new and exclusive short-form content, redeem Digital Movie codes found in eligible Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars product, and earn Disney Movie Rewards points with every digital purchase.
For over 90 years, The Walt Disney Studios has been the foundation on which The Walt Disney Company was built. Today, the Studio brings quality movies, music and stage plays to consumers throughout the world. Feature films are released under the following banners: Disney, including Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios; Disneynature; Marvel Studios; Lucasfilm; and Touchstone Pictures. The Disney Music Group encompasses the Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records labels, as well as Disney Music Publishing. The Disney Theatrical Group produces and licenses live events, including Disney on Broadway, Disney On Ice and Disney Live!.

© 2017 & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.  


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

THE KLANSMAN -- DVD Review by Porfle

In one of my favorite movies, RUNAWAY TRAIN, an elderly railroad worker is ordered to derail an oncoming locomotive with no brakes when it reaches his point on the track.  So the old guy pulls the switch lever, hurries back to his truck, and then relaxes contentedly with a cup of hot coffee and the words: "This is gonna be good!"

It was with the same sense of anticipation that I sat back to witness the trainwreck that is THE KLANSMAN (1974), and I must say I wasn't disappointed.  It's the film equivalent of watching something bad happen and perversely enjoying every minute of it.

I'm not sure at what point the brakes burned out on this one, but it had to be somewhere along the time they hired Richard Burton to play a crusty old Southern gentleman with a limp and Italian bombshell Luciana Paluzzi as Trixie, the Southern-fried secretary to Lee Marvin's laconic smalltown lawman Sheriff "Track" Bascomb.

It helps that this deliriously lurid potboiler about the conflicts between redneck Klan yokels and the local black population in smalltown Alabama--exacerbated by an impending civil rights march that's drawing agitators from the big city--is one of the most circus-like conglomerations of blatant stereotypes ever thrown together into one steamy potluck stew.

Amazingly, this TV-movie-level production was helmed by none other than Terence Young, the man who directed the James Bond classics DR. NO, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, and THUNDERBALL, as well as the Audrey Hepburn thriller WAIT UNTIL DARK, none of which this movie resembles in any way whatsoever.  I must assume that Mr. Young boned up on the American South of the 60s and 70s by reading some Li'l Abner comics or watching a few reruns of "The Beverly Hillbillies."

Not that any of this is meant in a negative way, mind you.  Bad movies are one of my weaknesses and this one is so incredibly, entertainingly bad in such a wide variety of interesting ways that it becomes an object of riveting fascination. 

The film opens on the edge of town with both black and white spectators egging on a retarded black behemoth named "Lightning Rod" to rape a black woman for their enjoyment, which is broken up by spoilsport Marvin who tells everyone to go home. 

Later, Linda Evans (Audra Barkley on "The Big Valley", here playing the role of "Nancy Poteet"), is raped by an unknown black assailant, which really stirs up them Klan boys and has them hopping into their pickups in lynch-mob mode and yee-hawing it up all over town.

They end up raping none other than Lola Falana's character Loretta Sykes, who's back from the big city to care for her dying mother.  This time the honors are done by Cameron Mitchell as Marvin's hyper-redneck deputy "Butt Cutt" Cates, partly to get back at Burton's character who actually likes the black townsfolk and treats them decently, which, in them parts, is a big no-no. 

It's a no-brainer that rolling around naked with a sweaty Cameron Mitchell on top of her can't have been one of the high points of Lola Falana's career. Other dizzying moments include David Huddleston's Mayor Hardy Riddle conducting a Klan meeting that's as comically absurd as an SNL skit, "Nancy Poteet" being run out of a church service because she's been "tainted" by her black rapist, and O.J. Simpson as an angry local named Garth creeping around with a sniper rifle and picking off white folks. 

Lee Marvin makes his way through all of this as though wondering what the hell he's doing there, managing a passable performance while taking none of it any too seriously.  Burton, arguably one of the finest actors who ever lived when the material was worthy of his talent, seems to be looking around for his paycheck most of the time.  (I still love him.) 

The rest of the rather incredible cast are into their roles to the hilt, with O.J. doing the angry young man in scary-convincing style and Cameron Mitchell giving us one of the most amusingly exaggerated Southern redneck characters this side of a Klan cookout. 

Finally, after all the turgid buildup, director Young taps into some of that old Bond magic for a climactic gunfight between shotgun-totin' rednecks, O.J. and his sniper rifle, and Lee Marvin wielding a machine gun like he's back in THE DIRTY DOZEN, which is probably where he wished he was.

The DVD from Olive Films is 1.78:1 widescreen with mono sound and English subtitles.  No extras. 

Sometimes a racially-charged, tautly-suspenseful thriller like this is described as a "powder keg."  THE KLANSMAN is like a powder keg of stupid, its fuse burning down in giddy anticipation ("This is gonna be good!") until the final blast of dumb fun leaves us dazed and amused.  

Buy it at
Release date: February 21, 2017


"HACKSAW RIDGE" Now Available on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD

“The best war film since Saving Private Ryan”
⦁    Rex Reed, New York Observer

Nominated for Three Golden Globes Including
Best Motion Picture - Drama

From Academy Award®-Winning Director Mel Gibson*, the Inspirational WWII Film Arrives on Digital HD February 7 and on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, Blu-rayTM Combo Pack and DVD on February 21 from Lionsgate

SANTA MONICA, CA (December 19, 2016) – Based in the incredible true story of one man’s faith, strength and courage during one of the bloodiest battles of WWII, the Golden Globe®-nominated Hacksaw Ridge arrives on Digital HD on February 7 and on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray and Digital HD), Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital HD), DVD and On Demand February 21 from Summit Entertainment, a LIONSGATE Company. From Academy Award®-winning director Mel Gibson (Best Picture, Braveheart, 1995), with  screenplay by Robert Schenkkan (The Quiet American) and Andrew Knight (The Water Diviner), Hacksaw Ridge features breathtaking visual effects and stunning production design and has been nominated for three Golden Globes®: Best Picture – Drama, Best Director – Motion Picture, and Best Actor – Motion Picture for Andrew Garfield. Garfield (The Amazing Spider-man) gives a moving performance as American hero Desmond Doss, alongside an all-star cast, including Sam Worthington (Avatar), Luke Bracey (Point Break), Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies), Hugo Weaving (The Lord of the Rings franchise), Rachel Griffiths (Saving Mr. Banks), and Vince Vaughn (HBO’s “True Detective”).

Hacksaw Ridge is the extraordinary true story of Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) who, in Okinawa during the bloodiest battle of WWII, saved 75 men without firing or carrying a gun. He was the only American soldier in WWII to fight on the front lines without a weapon, as he believed that while the war was justified, killing was nevertheless wrong. As an army medic, he single-handedly evacuated the wounded from behind enemy lines, braved fire while tending to soldiers, was wounded by a grenade, and hit by snipers. Doss was the first conscientious objector to ever earn the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital HD releases feature an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the film in “The Soul of War: Making Hacksaw Ridge,” a comprehensive documentary detailing the making of the film, including the real-life people and story, casting, filming, special effects and stunts with interviews from Mel Gibson, Andrew Garfield and others. In addition, the release will contain deleted scenes and a special Veterans Day Greeting from Mel Gibson. The DVD will feature the special Veterans Day Greeting. The 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray discs of Hacksaw Ridge will feature Dolby Atmos audio remixed specifically for the home theater environment to place and move audio anywhere in the room, including overhead. Hacksaw Ridge will be available on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD for the suggested retail price of $42.99, $39.99 and $29.95, respectively.

⦁    “The Soul of War: Making Hacksaw Ridge” Documentary
⦁    Veterans Day Greeting with Mel Gibson
⦁    Deleted Scenes

⦁    Veterans Day Greeting with Mel Gibson

*Best Director, Braveheart, 1995

                         Watch the Trailer:

Website: www.lionsgateathome/hacksawridge/
Instagram: @HacksawRidge
Twitter: @HacksawRidge

Year of Production: 2016
Title Copyright: © 2016 Cosmos Filmed Entertainment Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Type: Theatrical Release
Rating: R for Intense Prolonged Realistically Graphic Sequences of War Violence Including Grisly Bloody Images
Genre: Action, War, Drama
Closed Captioned:  N/A
Subtitles: Spanish, English SDH
Feature Run Time: 139 minutes
4K UHD Format: 2160p Ultra High Definition 16x9 Widescreen (2.40:1)
BD Format: 1080p High Definition 16x9 Widescreen (2.40:1)
DVD Format: 16x9 Widescreen (2.40:1)
4K UHD Audio: English Dolby Atmos, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, English 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio Optimized for Late-Night Listening
BD Audio: English Dolby Atmos, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, English 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio Optimized for Late-Night Listening, English Descriptive Audio
DVD Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, English Descriptive Audio

Dolby Atmos delivers moving audio — sound that can be precisely placed and moved anywhere in three-dimensional space, including overhead. It brings entertainment alive all around the audience in a powerfully immersive and emotive experience. To learn more about Dolby Atmos, visit

Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) is a vertically integrated next generation global content leader with a diversified presence in motion picture production and distribution, television programming and syndication, premium pay television networks, home entertainment, global distribution and sales, interactive ventures and games and location-based entertainment.

With the acquisition of Starz, Lionsgate adds to its portfolio of businesses the flagship STARZ premium pay network serving nearly 25 million subscribers and the STARZ ENCORE platform with over 31 million subscribers.  The combined company will operate five over-the-top (OTT) streaming services and the Starz app delivering content directly to consumers.

The Company’s feature film business spans eight labels and includes the blockbuster Hunger Games franchise, the Now You See Me and John Wick series, the Golden Globe-nominated La La Land, Hacksaw Ridge and Hell or High Water (in partnership with CBS Films),  Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween, Roadside Attractions' critically-acclaimed Manchester by the Sea, Codeblack Films’ concert film Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain and Pantelion Films’ Instructions Not Included, the highest-grossing Spanish-language film ever released in the U.S.

One of the largest independent television businesses in the world, Lionsgate’s slate of premium quality series encompasses nearly 90 shows on more than 40 different networks.  These include the ground-breaking Orange is the New Black, the fan favorite Nashville, the syndication success The Wendy Williams Show, the acclaimed drama The Royals, the acclaimed Casual, the breakout success Greenleaf and hit Starz series including Outlander, Black Sails, Survivor’s Remorse and Power, the second highest-rated premium pay television series of 2016.

Lionsgate's home entertainment business is an industry leader in box office-to-DVD and box office-to-VOD revenue conversion rates.  Lionsgate handles a prestigious and prolific library of more than 16,000 motion picture and television titles that is an important source of recurring revenue and serves as a foundation for the growth of the Company's core businesses. The Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment and Starz brands are synonymous with original, daring, quality entertainment in markets around the world.


Monday, February 20, 2017


Serials are a wonderful phenomenon unto themselves. They aren't self-contained units like movies or TV show episodes.  They're something that we watch in a different way entirely, with each open-ended chapter gradually adding up to a cumulative whole. 

And since the usually rather uncomplicated overall story must be sustained throughout these multiple chapters, it must necessarily be rambling, padded, stretched-out, repetitive, and filled with dead ends and shaggy-dog subplots.  (This is why so many serials have so easily been edited down into regular-length feature films.)

Because of this, serials seem to take place in their own unique, utterly unreal universe where actions are rash, dialogue is corny, the laws of physics don't apply, and logic as we know it simply doesn't exist.

Regarding the serial-like Saturday morning TV series "Jason of Star Command" I once said: "There's nothing like a show that's both stupid and cool at the same time to bring out the kid in me." This is, to me, a perfect summation of the appeal of the serial.  Since it's resolutely unlike anything else, it offers a whole different appeal and a refreshingly naive and uncomplicated kind of fun that's simply indescribable. 

Which brings us to PANTHER GIRL OF THE KONGO (1954), the latest classic serial to be released on Blu-ray and DVD by Olive Films.  The penultimate chapter play from Republic Pictures, who gave us THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL, it came near the end of the glorious serial era but still serves as a fun and exciting example of it.

The lovely and talented Phyllis Coates, who first played Lois Lane opposite George Reeves in the TV series "The Adventures of Superman", stars as Jean Evans, known as "The Panther Girl" by the local natives due to an earlier incident which has become legend.  Jean's profession as a fearless wildlife photographer makes her a bit of a female Carl Denham, who once boasted that he would've gotten "a swell shot of a charging rhino" if his assistant hadn't run away with the camera.

Here, however, the charging rhino is replaced by a "claw monster" created by Dr. Morgan (Arthur Space, THE SHAKIEST GUN IN THE WEST, THE RED HOUSE), a shady scientist operating in the area.  Morgan and his burly henchmen Cass (John Day, THE RELUCTANT ASTRONAUT, SILVER STREAK) and Rand (Mike Ragan, EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL) have an illicit diamond mine but can't work it until the natives and other snooping interlopers have been run out of the area. 

To this end, Morgan has created a growth formula to turn crawdads--yes, crawdads!--into giant lobsters known as "claw monsters" which Cass and Rand then herd toward the village to wreak fear and havoc.  (And, potentially, one hell of a seafood dinner.) 

The whole thing's too much for even the intrepid Jean to handle by herself, so she calls upon the aid of her pal, big-game hunter Larry Sanders (Myron Healey, THE SHAKIEST GUN IN THE WEST, THE UNEARTHLY, RIO BRAVO) to come join in the hunt for the claw monsters and to help deal with Cass and Rand, who make quite a nuisance of themselves at the behest of Dr. Morgan.

Thus, we have the groundwork for 12 entire chapters filled with furious fistfights, blazing shootouts, jungle perils, and an ample serving of giant lobsters.  Sanders handles the frequent fisticuffs, with Jean usually falling and conveniently getting knocked out at the onset of each fight.  The shootouts are a different matter, as Jean wields a rifle or a pistol with equal skill. 

Each chapter ends, of course, with a cliffhanger, with Healey's character being the subject of a surprising number of them.  Most aren't all that imaginative, involving falling trees, exploding dynamite, quicksand, etc. but some end on a more exciting note with Jean being menaced by a giant lobster claw or an advancing gorilla-suit suitor. 

Phyllis Coates, who somehow looked appealingly MILF-y even in her 20s, makes for a fetching heroine when Healey isn't hogging the action limelight himself.  Many viewers used to seeing her in the prim 50s fashions Lois Lane wore in "Superman" will delight at the sight of Phyllis running around in her jungle miniskirt and boots for 12 chapters.  (She also sports a robust, chest-heaving scream that rivals that of the great Fay Wray herself.)

While much of the action consists of stock footage from the 1941 Frances Gifford serial JUNGLE GIRL, Phyllis gets ample opportunity to show off her character's derring-do when the usually self-reliant Sanders stumbles into a few sticky situations that require rescue by the Panther Girl.

In one scene she executes a thrilling high dive off a cliff to save the drowning hunter.  In another, she does a backflip off a swinging vine just in time to wrestle a crocodile that's about to eat him. 

Since this is a budget-conscious jungle adventure, the Republic backlot is pressed into service to stand in for darkest Africa, along with a standing town set, a simple native village, and a limited number of interior sets including the doctor's lab, the diamond mine, a saloon, and Jean's rustic jungle bungalow.

Special effects by the ubiquitous Howard and Theodore Lydecker (COMMANDO CODY: SKY MARSHAL OF THE UNIVERSE, JOHNNY GUITAR) include some cool rear-projection shots of those wonderfully hokey-looking claw monsters with Jean and Sanders blasting away at them in the foreground. 

The DVD from Olive Films has an aspect ratio of 1.37:1 with mono sound and optional English subtitles.  No extras.  The transfer is from a near-pristine print with beautiful black and white photography that's just a joy to look at.  (Note to subtitle writers: in 1954 it was "Miss", not "Ms.")

PANTHER GIRL OF THE KONGO probably wouldn't rank among the best serials of all time, but darn if it isn't one of the most downright fun and enjoyable ones that I've seen.  There's just something about these things--stupid, yes, but totally cool--that I find utterly irresistible.

Buy it at Olive Films

Release date: Feb. 21, 2017


Robin Pront's "THE ARDENNES" on DVD & VOD March 7th


"Tense and violent... rough something out of a grisly storybook…" – Bilge Ebiri, Village Voice

Belgium’s Official Submission for the 89th Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film

February 20, 2017 (New York, NY) – Film Movement, the New York-based distributor of independent, foreign and documentary films, is pleased to announce that THE ARDENNES, the debut film by Belgian writer-director Robin Pront, will be released on DVD,VOD and digitally  on March 7th. Drugs, crime, and the bonds of brotherhood create this dark crime thriller, which stars Kevin Janssens; Jeroen Perceval, who also co-wrote the film; Veerle Baetens (THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN); and Jan Bijvoet (BORGMAN). THE ARDENNES was produced by Oscar-nominee Bart Van Langendonck (BULLHEAD) and was Belgium’s official submission for this year’s Academy Awards.

Four years after Kenneth (Janssens) is released from prison for a botched robbery and home invasion, he anxiously comes home to pick up where he, his brother, and his girlfriend – his partners in crime – left off, ready to resume the drug-crime lifestyle again. But both Dave (Perceval) and ex-girlfriend Sylvie (Baetens) have since adopted clean lifestyles and, unbeknownst to Kenneth, have started dating. After a failed attempt at a real job at a car wash, Kenneth corrals his brother to help him cover up one last crime he has compulsively committed, taking them to the namesake forest where they meet up with Kenneth’s eccentric former cellmate (Bijvoet) and a gaggle of other questionable characters.

Called “a straight-on, lean-and-mean genre film from Belgium” (Film-Forward), the award-winning film has been shown at numerous international and domestic film festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival, where it debuted in 2015; International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the Chicago and Palm Springs International Film Festivals, among others. Indiewire calls THE ARDENNES an “imaginative debut film…calling up comparisons to FARGO, TRAINSPOTTING and the early films of Quentin Tarantino,” while Todd Brown of the Screen Anarchy notes that “straddling the line between arthouse and genre, THE ARDENNES is a very strong debut sure to challenge and reward fans on both sides of that divide.”

Additional praise for THE ARDENNES:

    “Thrillingly nasty and darkly funny” –Robin Holland, Talking Pictures
    “Gritty... attention-grabbing” –John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter
    “Starts with a splash and ends with a bang” – Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Hammer to Nail​

THE ARDENNES will be available on DVD and premiere on VOD and digital outlets on March 7th. The DVD will be available to own from, and other retailers.

Bonus features on the DVD of THE ARDENNES include an interview and commentary with director Robin Pront and actor Kevin Janssens; a making-of featurette; and Pront’s acclaimed 15-minute short film INJURY TIME, about an Antwerp football fan who seeks revenge after being brutally beaten by a group of rivals.

In addition to THE ARDENNES, holdover on-demand programming in March will include SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE, an award-winning indie directed by Lanre Olabisi (AUGUST THE FIRST) which chronicles the rocky relationship of a couple who each subsequently begin messy affairs with beautiful younger women.

These VOD titles can be found on Charter Spectrum, Verizon, Suddenlink, Mediacom and other smaller cable providers as well as digital platforms Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox and others.

A full list of March films available On Demand from Film Movement follows:

New to On Demand this Month:
THE ARDENNES – premieres March 7th – View Trailer
Directed by Robin Pront. With Kevin Janssens, Jeroen Perceval, Jan Bijvoet, Veerlee Baetens, Sam Louwyck, Viviane de Muynck, and Eric Godon. Belgium. Drama, Thriller. Flemish and French with English subtitles. Not rated. 2015. 93 minutes A Film Movement Release.
The rivalry between two brothers comes to a slow-burning climax during a sinister trip to the Belgian countryside.

Holdover Title on Cable and Digital VOD:

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