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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


(Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.)

I'll get this out of the way first--I didn't expect to like HBO's original series BIG LITTLE LIES: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, 2019). In fact, I fully expected to find it a test of my endurance. What I didn't expect was that I would thoroughly enjoy it, which is exactly what I did.

This 2-disc, seven-episode limited series is pure soap opera, but it's the good stuff, like a sparkling champagne cocktail soap opera. We vicariously experience the trials and tribulations of a group of middle-to-upper-class women in a toney California beach town, each with her own heartrending emotional problems and all drawn inextricably together by a terrible shared tragedy which occurred in the previous season and which we newbies gradually pick up on through numerous references and flashbacks.

What happened is that Celeste (Nicole Kidman, BMX BANDITS, THE OTHERS) was married to an abusive husband named Perry, and one night when he was being mean to her one of Celeste's friends pushed him down the stairs to his death. The five women present made a pact to swear that Perry had slipped and fallen on his own, a pact that comes back to haunt them in season two in ways that they can barely dream of.

The others are flighty Madeline (Reese Witherspoon, FREEWAY), whose shaky marriage is compounded by a daughter who refuses to go to college; caustic Renata (Laura Dern), a high-powered businesswoman about to be brought down by her husband's criminally bad investments; serious Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz), whose relationship with her mother is rooted in turmoil and abuse; and the sweetly-likable Jane (Shailene Woodley), once raped by Perry and now raising a son by him whom she loves while still too traumatized to have a normal relationship with a new beau.

One thing that surprised me was how easily I started getting interested in all these characters' various subplots and their dramatic and romantic interactions. Performances are fine but realistic--very few "big" acting moments to distract us--and what happens is for the most part very absorbing without getting too complicated and overwrought.

What really ties the whole season together and sells it, though, is the arrival of Perry's mom, Mary Louise, played in expertly subtle and restrained form by Meryl Streep (THE IRON LADY). Gradually insinuating herself into the tightly-knit family of Celeste and her two boys, "Grandma" will reveal her real intentions before long, and they involve taking Celeste to court in order to win full custody of her sons.

This results in some of the season's most potent and riveting scenes as Mary Louise throws everything she can dig up on Celeste at her during the trial--odd sexual activities, dependence on prescription drugs leading to erratic behavior, even occasional violence--while Celeste's friends band together to help. What doesn't help is the lingering memory of how Perry really died, and what such a revelation could do to them all.

Direction, camerawork, and editing flow smoothly enough to never draw attention to themselves, and dialogue is both sharp and natural-sounding, with a wealth of good lines. Kidman, Dern, and Witherspoon are standouts, while their male counterparts hold up their end very well. Streep saves her most effective acting for the scintillating, unpredictable courtroom scenes, yet never overplays. 

BIG LITTLE LIES: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON goes on with what happened last season and explores it in whole new directions. By the final episode, the series doesn't leave us hanging, doesn't disappoint, but gets right to the good stuff, and it is good stuff indeed. It seems like it should be more melodramatic than it is, and yet it somehow transcends melodrama--a potentially-cheesy soap opera story served up as haute cuisine.


‘The Lies Revealed: A. Conversation with the Cast’ Meryl Streep, Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz and Laura Dern share laughs and mimosas as they look back at Season 2.


1 "What Have They Done?"
2 "Tell-Tale Hearts"    
3 "The End of the World"    
4 "She Knows"    
5 "Kill Me"    
6 "The Bad Mother"    
7 "I Want to Know"


Street Date: January 7, 2020
Order Due Date: December 3, 2019
BD and DVD Presented in 16x9 widescreen format
Running Time: Feature: Approx.420min
Enhanced Content: Approx.36min


Price: $29.98SRP ($34.99in Canada)
Audio –English (5.1), French
Subtitles –English, French
Big Little Lies: Season 1 & 2 Twin-Pack Price: $49.99 SRP($57.99 in Canada) 4DVD-9s
Audio –English (5.1), French
Subtitles –English, French


Own BIG LITTLE LIES: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON on Digital NOW, and on Blu-ray and DVD January 7, 2020. Season 1 and 2 Twin-Pack also available.


Porfle's Trivia Quiz: "SCARFACE" (1983) (video)

Brian De Palma's SCARFACE was a remake of the 1932 Howard Hawks classic.

Al Pacino gives a tour de force performance in the title role...

...and this version has become tremendously popular over the years.

But how much do you remember about it?

Question: What is the Colombian woman's name?

A. Santina
B. Maria
C. Arabel
D. Marta
E. Docita

Question: When Omar tells Tony "you're here to watch my back", Tony says...?

A. "I watch what I want"
B. "You're not my boss"
C. "Better than your front"
D. "You can watch my back"
E. "Sosa's watching it"

Question: What does Tony do to Frank's bodyguard, Ernie?

A. Shoots him
B. Leaves him alone
C. Offers him a job
D. Takes him hostage
E. Tells him to run

Question: What does Tony see on TV that amuses him?

A. Monkeys
B. Pelicans
C. Square dancers
D. Jackrabbits
E. Toucans

Question: What finally kills Tony?

A. Machine gun fire
B. Strangled by wire
C. Grenade launcher
D. Shotgun blast
E. He doesn't die

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy New Year From "Big Little Lies: The Complete Second Season" -- Coming to DVD Jan. 7, 2020

You Ever Want It? Did You Want It Bad?

"Big Little Lies: The Complete Second Season"

The Lies Continue To Haunt As the DVD Becomes Available On January 7, 2020

Coming to Blu-rayTM via Warner Archive Collection

BURBANK,  CA(November 7,  2019) –HBO's  smash-hit Big  Little  Lies returns  for more  drama,  secrets,  and seduction  then  ever  before  with  the  release  of Big  Little Lies:   The   Complete   Second   Season on   DVD   from   Warner   Bros.   Home Entertainment on January 7, 2019.

Iconic actress Meryl Streep joins the all-star castin  season  two,  along  with Reese  Witherspoon,  Nicole  Kidman,  Shailene  Woodley, Laura  Dern  and  ZoёKravitz. Fanscan purchase  the DVD with all7 exhilarating episodes from the second season and go behind-the-scenes with an all new featurette titled,“The  Lies  Revealed:  A  Conversation  with  the  Cast.”

Big  Little  Lies:  The Complete  Second  Seasonis  priced  to  own on  DVD at $29.98 SRP ($34.99 in Canada), and is  also  available  to  own  on  Digital  via  purchase  from all  major digital retailers. 
Big  Little  Lies:  The  Complete  Second  Season will  be  available  on  Blu-rayTM courtesy  of Warner  Archive  Collection.  The  Blu-rayTM release  includes  all the  same content on DVD and is also arriving January 7, 2020. Warner Archive Blu-ray releases are found at and your favorite online retailer.

Fall in love with the “MontereyFive” again and again, as you relive the whole series, with the Big Littles Lies Season 1 and 2 twin-pack. The DVD set will also be available on January 7 for the low price of $49.99 SRP ($57.99 in Canada). In  season  two,  on  the  surface,  everything  seems  the  same  in  the  seaside  town  of Monterey,  CA:  mothers  continue  to  dote,  husbands  support,  children  are  adorable, houses are beautiful. But the night of the school fundraiser changed all that, leaving the community reeling as the "Monterey Five" bond together to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Meanwhile, Perry's grieving mother Mary Louise Wright (Streep) comes to town in search of answers after son's death.

“With an all-star cast of this caliber, along with the plot twists and reveals in Season 2, you will be glued to the screen on the edge of yourseat until the very end of the season,”said   Rosemary   Markson,   WBHE   Senior   Vice   President,   Television Marketing. “Like and ocean wave that comes and goes so quickly–so will these DVDs off the shelves–so get your orders in today!”

Big Little Lies is a critical and awards success, garnering 16 Emmy® nominations and eight  wins,  including  Limited  Series,  Lead  Actress  in  a  Limited  Series  or  Movie (Kidman), and Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie (Dern). The series also garnered four Golden Globes®, including acting wins for Kidman and Dern.


The Lies Revealed: A. Conversation with the Cast’ Meryl Streep, Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz and Laura Dern share laughs and mimosas as they look back at Season 2


1.What Have They Done?
2.Tell-Tale Hearts
3.The End of The World
4.She Knows
5.Kill Me
6.The Bad Mother
7.I Want To Know


The secondseason of Big Little Lies is currently available to own on Digital. Digital purchase allows consumers to instantly stream and download to watch anywhere and anytime on their favorite devices. Digital movies and TV shows are available from various digital retailers including Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and others.


Street Date: January 7, 2020
Order Due Date: December 3, 2019
BD and DVD Presented in 16x9 widescreen format
Running Time: Feature: Approx.420min
Enhanced Content: Approx.36min


Price: $29.98SRP ($34.99in Canada)
Audio –English (5.1), French
Subtitles –English, French
Big Little Lies: Season 1 & 2 Twin-Pack Price: $49.99 SRP($57.99 in Canada) 4DVD-9s
Audio –English (5.1), French
Subtitles –English, French

© Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.All Rights Reserved.
Golden Globes® Copyright © Hollywood Foreign Press Association. All Rights Reserved.


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Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Are You Gonna Eat That Alone?" (video)

During dinner when Larry greedily takes an entire chicken for himself...

...Moe asks him "Are you gonna eat that alone?"

Larry responds something like "No, if I wait, maybe I'll get potatoes!"



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Sunday, December 29, 2019

TWIN SHATNERS: Five Different Ones (video)

If one William Shatner is good...

...then two William Shatners is great!

And we were treated to this at least five different times:

Star Trek: The Original Series, "The Enemy Within" (1966)

Star Trek: The Original Series, "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" (1966)

Star Trek: The Original Series, "Whom Gods Destroy" (1969)

"White Comanche" (1968)

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

Read our review of "White Comanche" HERE!

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Saturday, December 28, 2019

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Slapped Silly" (video)

Curly gets into an argument with woman (usually while dancing)...

...and he and the woman slap each other in the face repeatedly.

Sometimes this ends with them suddenly smiling at each other and continuing to dance like nothing happened.



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Friday, December 27, 2019

Porfle's Trivia Quiz: "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD" (1968) (video)

George Romero's ground-breaking horror epic...

...of reanimated corpses feasting on the flesh of the living...

...remains one of the most horrifying films ever made.

But how much do you remember about it?

Question: Barbara says the day the time changes should be the first day of...?

A. Spring
B. Summer
C. Autumn
D. Winter
E. August

Question: The first person Barbara encounters in the farmhouse is...?

A. Harry
B. Ben
C. Judy
D. Tom
E. Helen

Question: Tom fumbles their escape attempt by doing what?

A. Forgetting the rifle
B. Running over Ben
C. Shooting out a truck tire
D. Driving into a tree
E. Setting fire to the truck

Question: The police chief says of the ghouls, "Well, they're dead--they're... " What?

A. "Beyond our help"
B. "All messed up"
C. "Out to lunch"
D. "Good for nothing"
E. "Dumb as a doorknob"

Question: Who kills Helen Cooper?

A. Her husband
B. Her daughter
C. The cemetery ghoul
D. Johnny
E. Ben

Question: What happens to Ben?

A. Escapes to a rescue station
B. Survives the night, then joins posse
C. Survives the night, is then killed by posse
D. Killed trying to save Barbara
E. Shot by Harry Cooper

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "What A Lifelike Picture!" (video)

The Stooges may not know art, but they do know...

...that when a picture on the wall looks really lifelike...

...sometimes it really is alive!


HOT SCOTS (1948)

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Porfle's Trivia Quiz: "FORBIDDEN PLANET" (1956) (video)

Released in 1956, "Forbidden Planet" was a science fiction epic far ahead of its time.

It still has the ability to amaze viewers to this day.

Gene Roddenberry cited it as a major inspiration for "Star Trek."

How much do you remember about it?

Question: What is the strange musical score by Louis and Bebe Barron called in the titles?

A. "Synthetic Soundwaves"
B. "Electronic Tonalities"
C. "Theramusic"
D. "Melodic Pulsations"
E. "Vibraphonics"

Question: How much bourbon does Robby promise to make for Cookie?

A. 15 pints
B. 30 Pints
C. 20 gallons
D. 40 gallons
E. 60 gallons

Question: Which of Altaira's former animal friends attacks her?

A. Lion
B. Tiger
C. Bear
D. Ocelot
E. Wolf

Question: Which future TV western star plays a crewman?

A. Chuck Connors, "The Rifleman"
B. Steve McQueen, "Wanted: Dead or Alive"
C. James Drury, "The Virginian"
D. Nick Adams, "The Rebel"
E. John Russell, "Lawman"

Question: Which major character is killed when the monster attacks the ship?

A. "Cookie" (Earl Holliman)
B. "Doc" (Warren Stevens)
C. "Jerry" (Jack Kelly)
D. "Robby the Robot"
E. "Altaira" (Anne Francis)

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "I'm Losing My Mind!" (video)

After something painful happens to somebody's behind...

...(usually Moe)...

...they yell "I'm losing my mind!!"


SPOOKS! (1953)

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Monday, December 23, 2019

THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT -- Blu-ray Review by Porfle

In 1953 England's Ealing Studios, specialists in folksy feelgood comedies, released their first Technicolor film THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT (Film Movement Classics). And in keeping with that colorful milestone, it's one of their most cheerful, exhilarating comedies ever.

Titfield is one of those small English villages that's right out of a storybook, with an easygoing, tightly-knit citizenry to match.  When the powers-that-be threaten to close down their little railroad between Titfield and an adjacent town, leaving the transport business wide open for an unscrupulous pair of bus operators, some of the plucky leading citizens of the town get together to acquire the railway themselves and keep it running.

These include the railway founder's grandson, Gordon (John Gregson, THE LONGEST DAY, SOS PACIFIC) and elderly vicar Sam (George Relph), a die-hard train enthusiast, who persuade well-to-do pub owner Mr. Valentine (Stanley Holloway, PASSPORT TO PIMLICO, IN HARM'S WAY) to finance the endeavor with the promise that he can operate a traveling bar on the train that can stay open all hours of the day and night.

But even with the financing and resources all settled, there's still the matter of getting approval from the railway authorities, who will be sending an inspector in one month's time to assess the train's worthiness.

This gives bus owners Alec Pearce (Ewan Roberts) and Vernon Crump (Jack MacGowran) time to pull every dastardly trick in the book to wreck the budding railway's chances, even if it means wrecking the train itself.

Thus, the stage is set for one of the liveliest and most action-packed comedies to come out of England in the 50s.  Some of the bits of business in and around the Thunderbolt are worthy of Buster Keaton, at least in terms of cinematic enthusiasm and a sense of unbridled ebullience. 

We get some good old "will they make it there in time" suspense during the exciting climax in which everything seems to go wrong while the inspector is aboard, thanks to the never-ending attempts at sabotage from Pearce and Crump.

Not only that, but we're also treated to a few stunning setpieces including a runaway locomotive steaming through the streets of town and a thrilling derailment in which the model work is first class.

Enriching the experience even more is a top-notch cast giving very likable performances, including Hugh Griffith (WHAT?, BEN-HUR, EXODUS) as a crusty old former engineer constantly jostling with vicar Sam to see who gets to drive the train. 

The lush, verdant, pastoral setting and relaxed atmosphere of Titfield mirrors that of John Ford's similar-looking THE QUIET MAN, released a year earlier, with happy villagers evincing a sense of solidarity and togetherness which extends to their cooperative efforts to help keep their beloved railway going themselves.

The presence of Jack MacGowran playing yet another simpering toady is an even further tie to Ford's film, in which he served the same role (as "Ignatius Feeney") to Victor McLaglen's blustery bully. 

And the direction by Charles Crichton (A FISH CALLED WANDA, THE LAVENDER HILL MOB) and script by T.E.B. Clarke (PASSPORT TO PIMLICO, THE LAVENDER HILL MOB) suffer not a bit in comparison.

Most of all, THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT is an endearingly optimistic, benignly human story whose warmth and genuine humor are matched by a gorgeous, almost fairytale setting. And it will henceforth be on my short list of movies to reach for whenever I need a bit of cheering up.

Buy it from Film Movement

Tech Specs

84 Minutes
United Kingdom
Comedy, Classics
Not Rated
Sound: Mono
Discs: 1

Blu-ray Features

Making The Titfield Thunderbolt featurette
Cinematographer Douglas Slocombe Home Movie Footage
The Lion Locomotive featurette
Locations featurette
Douglas Slocombe on Charles Crichton audio interview
The Titfield Thunderbolt original trailer
Stills gallery


John Wayne's Coolest Scenes #53: Boil It, "The Train Robbers" (1973) (video)

John Wayne has been hired to take Ann-Margret across the desert... find a million in stolen gold before another interested party does.

And he wants to make sure she looks as much like a woman from a distance... she does up close!

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Sunday, December 22, 2019

PASSPORT TO PIMLICO -- Blu-ray Review by Porfle

In the post-World War II years the small English studio Ealing Films was known for its popular comedies extolling the virtues of British nationalism and community spirit, qualities still strong after the solidarity and hardships experienced throughout their prolonged resistance to Germany's attacks.

It's that spirit which infuses the folksy Ealing comedy PASSPORT TO PIMLICO (Film Movement Classics, 1949), in which a heretofore unexploded bomb goes off under the streets of the small titular community and unearths a treasure as well as some very old documents proving that the surrounding land is actually the property of the Duke of Burgundy.

Being citizens of a foreign land suddenly exempts the Pimlicans from British rule including oppressive rationing, bringing on a chaotic onslaught of black market selling in the streets as well as the disregard of all British laws governing alcohol consumption, business hours, various civic ordinances, and the like.

The script by T.E.B. Clarke (THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT, THE LAVENDER HILL MOB) is alternately breezy and dry, with a likable cast of characters including a young (!) Hermione Badderly as local dress shop owner Edie Randall, Margaret Rutherford (the "Miss Marple" films) as learned historian Professor Hatton-Jones, and Stanley Holloway (IN HARM'S WAY) as the dry goods merchant Arthur Pemberton, who will become the tiny territory's prime minister when the current Duke of Burgundy shows up to serve as its benign leader.

A welcome sense of liberation ensues in which viewers of the time could vicariously cast off the shackles of post-war austerity and imagine the freedom of drinking and dancing all night and indulging in whatever material luxuries they could afford, which were suddenly available for easy purchase. 

Much is also made of the conflicts that naturally occur between the Pimlicans and the British government involving customs, border issues, and other concerns which come to a head when the underground railway is stopped at the border and anyone not carrying a passport is denied further progress. 

More solidarity and cheerful rebelliousness ensue when supplies and even water are cut off from the already drought-stricken town, forcing them to resort to desperate schemes even as the British public, sympathetic to their plight, begins to offer material aid as well.

This leads to a rousing scene in which the Brits happily toss foodstuffs over a barbed-wire barrier surrounding the town into their waiting arms.  The sequence brings home the film's feelgood atmosphere and sense of national spirit prevailing over bureaucratic entanglements.

Meanwhile, the story finds time to dwell on the endearing qualities of its main characters, simple folk just making the best of things and looking out for one another despite occasional differences. Romance also sneaks into the story as the Duke finds himself smitten with one of the town's young ladies who is already the object of a local boy's affections.

As you might guess, all is well by the time PASSPORT TO PIMLICO reaches its celebratory ending, and although I myself never got that drawn into it on a personal level, I found it quite pleasant and uplifting in its own homely sort of way. 

Buy it from Film Movement

Film Movement Classics

84 Minutes
United Kingdom
Classics, Comedy
Not Rated
Sound: Mono
Discs: 1

Blu-ray Features

Interview with BFI Curator Mark Duguid
Locations Featurette with Film Historian Richard Dacre
Restoration comparison
Stills gallery


Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Beware of Falling Flowerpots" (video)

A Stooge or villain bumps against a wall...

...and a ledge holding a flowerpot breaks.

The flowerpot breaks on the person's head...

...and knocks the person out.



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Saturday, December 21, 2019

John Wayne's Coolest Scenes #52: Showdown, "STAGECOACH" (1939) (video)

John Ford's 1939 Western classic "Stagecoach"...

...made a star out of John Wayne after a decade of B-westerns.

His climactic showdown with three outlaws is one of many great scenes.

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Friday, December 20, 2019

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Choke On This!" (video)

An opera tenor is stopped from singing by the Stooges flipping grapes/cherries/etc ...

OR...the Stooges flip a bowl of fruit at a palace guard...

...who gets splatted with the fruit and also gets a banana in the mouth.



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Thursday, December 19, 2019

Porfle's Trivia Quiz: "KISS ME DEADLY" (1955) (video)

Robert Aldrich's classic adaptation of Mickey Spillane's "Mike Hammer" novel... one of the finest film noirs ever made.

How much do you remember about it?

Question: What final message does Christina leave with Mike Hammer?

A. "Don't forget me"
B. "Think about me"
C. "Remember me"
D. "Trust me"
E. "Call me"

Question: When Mike Hammer's mechanic admires a car, he says...?

A. "Mamma mia!"
B. "Va va voom!"
C. "That's the one!"
D. "I'm in love!"
E. "Hubba hubba!"

Question: What then-modern device does Mike have in his apartment?

A. Answering machine
B. Motion detector
C. Video recorder
D. Calculating machine
E. Digital clock

Question: How does Mike intimidate the greedy coroner?

A. Slaps him
B. Twists his nose
C. Crushes his fingers
D. Pulls a gun on him
E. Chokes him

Question: Lily says, "Kiss me, Mike..." What kind of kiss?

A. Liar's
B. Lover's
C. Pretender's
D. Killer's
E. Deadly

Question: Where do Mike and Velda run to escape the explosion?

A. Mike's car
B. Basement
C. Drainage ditch
D. Beach
E. They don't escape

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

VIY -- Blu-ray Review by Porfle

If you ever wondered what a vintage Russian horror movie would be like, look no further than VIY (Severin Films, 1967). This old-country ghost story of a young would-be monk's terrifying supernatural clash against an undead witch with a thirst for vengeance should check that box on your bucket list quite nicely.

In fact, when this well-produced and beautifully-mounted tale really gets cranked up, some scenes easily match those whacked-out Shaw Brothers martial arts/ghost stories such as HOLY FLAME OF THE MARTIAL WORLD and THE BATTLE WIZARD for sheer supernatural weirdness.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The story begins when a group of rowdy young seminary students are released from the monastery for what amounts to their version of Sprink Break. Three of them, including Khoma (Leonid Kuravlyov), get lost walking to the nearest village and ask for lodging in a secluded house.

When the creepy and rather frightful-looking old crone who lives there begins to come on to Khoma in a (yechhh) seductive manner, he naturally rebels. She then mounts him horseback-style and, swinging her broom and cackling all the way, rides him straight up into the night sky for a harrowing lighter-than-air experience.

Upon landing, Khoma grabs a stick and starts beating her with it. As he does, her features change into those of a beautiful young woman.  Khoma flees from the dying figure and returns to the monastery, only to find the next day that he has been ordered to travel to a house and pray for three days at the deathbed of a woman who, for some reason, has requested him by name. 

After a long wagon journey during which he gets drunk on vodka with his garrulous guides, Khoma arrives at the house to discover two things: one, the woman is dead, and two, she's the same one he beat so savagely the night before. And yes, she was a witch, although her devoted and very imposing father refuses to believe such a thing and threatens Khoma with a deadly lashing if he doesn't fulfill her last wish for him to pray over her.

This, then, results in three successive nights of terror for Khoma which are a grueling ordeal for him and a source of pure, hair-raising entertainment for us horror fans.

After a suspenseful build-up that has us keen with anticipation, directors Konstantin Ershov and Georgiy Kropachyov lock us into that shadowy, decrepit old church with Khoma and the young woman's corpse and then methodically start pulling out all the stops one by one.

The first night is when she initially comes back to snarling, eyeball-rolling life as Khoma furiously recites scripture for all he's worth.  Hastily scrawling a chalk circle around his lecturn, he cowers fearfully as the witch struggles to enter it. The camerawork and direction are wonderfully frenetic here and are matched by the intense performances of the two leads.

And that's just the first night.  At this point we're still in for some of the wildest visuals imaginable, all rendered with fine old-school practical and photo-chemical effects as opposed to the sort of generic CGI that would likely be used today. 

There are ample chills and loads of atmosphere, but on the third night things go from lush Gothic scariness to bizarre, practically Lovecraftian surrealism.  Here, we at last meet Viy (pronounced VEE-Yah) and his repellent minions, and--that's all I'm going to reveal.

Leonid Kuravlyov does a marvelous job as Khoma, and, although we're meant to feel as though the callow priest deserves all of this, I can't help but sympathize with him. His actions during that first encounter with the witch are understandable, and it isn't his fault that his faltering faith provides him little protection against the supernatural horrors he faces later on.

We also discover at one point that he's an orphan who never knew his parents, leading me to assume that he ended up at the monastery because nobody else wanted him and was simply making the best of it despite his carnal weaknesses. This, if anything, makes his spiritual ordeal all the more tragic and affecting to me in addition to its potent visceral horror.

The Blu-ray from Severin Films is pictorially splendid and a pleasure to look at. Both Russian and English-dubbed soundtracks (with subtitles) are available. Bonus features include an interview with Richard (HARDWARE) Stanley, a featurette entitled "The Woods To The Cosmos: John Leman Riley On The History Of Soviet Fantasy And Sci-Fi Film", a trailer, and three scintillating silent films--"Satan Exultant", "The Queen of Spades", and "The Portrait"--from the early days of Russian fantasy-horror cinema.

In today's world of flashy, noisy, jump-scare-ridden CGI fests, VIY comes as a real old-fashioned horror tale that knows what chills us. It's so finely-rendered and effective, in fact, that when it was over I could only wonder where in the heck it has been all my life.

Buy it from Severin Films

Special Features:

    Viy the Vampire: An Interview with Richard Stanley
    The Woods To The Cosmos: John Leman Riley On The History Of Soviet Fantasy And Sci-Fi Film
    Short Silent Films – Satan Exultant, The Queen of Spades, and The Portrait
    English Track


2001: What If HAL Wasn't Really That Good At Reading Lips? (video)

One of the most suspenseful scenes in "2001: A Space Odyssey"... when Dave and Frank go into a space pod to discuss disconnecting HAL.

While they know HAL can't hear them inside the pod...

...they don't realize that he's reading their lips.

But what if HAL wasn't all that good at lip-reading?

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

THE PEANUT BUTTER SOLUTION -- Blu-ray Review by Porfle

Imagine one of those ABC After School Specials in which the scripter slowly went insane during the process of writing it. If you can picture that, you'll have a pretty good idea of what it's like to watch the 1985 Canadian children's film THE PEANUT BUTTER SOLUTION (Severin Kids).

Michael (Mathew Mackay, LITTLE MEN, THE BOOK OF EVE) is a normal kid who likes to play soccer, and his sister Suzie (Alison Podbrey, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS) is struggling to take over the "Mom" role in the family while their real mom is away. Meanwhile, their eccentric dad Billy (Michael Hogan) is a successful painter working in the attic studio of their home.

When a nearly abandoned house burns, killing some homeless people trapped inside, Michael and his friend Conrad "Connie" Wong (Siluk Saysanasy of "Degrassi High" in a wonderfully likable performance) decide to explore it.

But when Michael goes inside, he sees something so frightening that, after a close-up in which he resembles a pint-sized Yahoo Serious, he goes into shock and then loses all of his hair, turning completely bald. 

So far, this is just like any other kids' show you might've tuned in to watch after school back in the 80s, and it might've even had Scott Baio in it. But when the ghosts of two dead "winos" appear to Michael in the dead of night and share with him a secret formula for restoring his hair (one involving, as you might guess, peanut butter), then that's when we fear the writer has started going progressively coo-coo.

Actually, a group of writers worked on the script, which takes us through Michael's painful first day back at school as a "baldy", effectively portraying a kind of emotional turmoil that most kids can identify with. His family and faithful friend Connie are shown trying to comfort the stricken lad, each in his or her quirky way, but to no avail.

Then Michael becomes even more of a freakish outsider when, after using too much peanut butter in the solution, his hair begins to grow at an alarming rate--several feet per hour, in fact--which is depicted in such bizarre terms that the film begins to take on much the same feel as iconic surrealist Fernando Arrabal's only children's film, THE EMPEROR OF PERU.

(I'm not even going to mention that part where Connie tries out the hair-growing solution on his...err, never mind. Suffice it to say, it's something you don't expect in your standard kids' film.)

With six feet or so of hair trailing behind him, Michael can't even walk to school without the wind twisting his flowing mane around a nearby hedge. It's here that he is kidnapped by the villain of the story, taken to a hidden location where there are several other recently abducted children, and made part of an insidious plot that's like something out of Ian Fleming during a flush of fevered imagination.

The story by this time has made a determined foray right into mind-bending fantasy territory to such an extent that it should delight both children and likeminded adults.

This involves magical paintings that one can enter, rendered with magical paintbrushes made from human hair (guess whose), and is all presided over by Michel Maillot as the delightfully sinister Signor Sergio, a frustrated artist recently fired from his teaching position at Michael's school for being, well, too damn weird.

Mathew Mackay and Alison Podbrey do a fine job as a relatably normal brother and sister, while Siluk Saysanasy often steals the show as Connie. Connie's own little sister Mai Ling (cute-as-a-button Nadka Takahataki) shows up as one of the kidnapped children.  The adult members of the cast are equally good, with special honors going to Maillot as The Signor.

Severin Films' new kids label, Severin Kids, is well-served by this good-looking entry which is both subtitled and closed-captioned with mono English sound.  Severin's usual well-stocked bonus menu includes an extended U.S. theatrical release version with extra footage, an easygoing commentary with producer Rock Demers and actor Mathew Mackay, a seperate interview with Demers, an interview with Siluck Saysanasy, a look at Canadian kids' films, and both Canadian and U.S. trailers. The Blu-ray's cover art is reversible.

THE PEANUT BUTTER SOLUTION is just the sort of kids' entertainment that places young viewers into a recognizable environment before taking a wondrously entrancing detour into the surreal.  I wish I'd been able to see it as a child, although my current inner child had a fantastic time.

Buy it from Severin Films

Special Features:

    Extended U.S. Theatrical Release Version
    New Commentary with Producer Rock Demers and Actor Matthew MacKay, Moderated by Filmmaker Ara Ball
    Human Beings Are The Same All Over: An Interview with Producer Rock Demers
    Conrad’s Peanut Butter Solution: An Interview with Siluck Saysanasy
    Tales for All: Paul Corupe on Rock Demers and the Canadian Kids Film
    Canadian Trailer
    Original U.S. Trailer
    Reversible cover

Alternate cover art:


Porfle's Trivia Quiz: Twister Scene From "THE WIZARD OF OZ" (1939) (video)

This fantasy classic, adapted from the book by L. Frank Baum... one of the most beloved films of all time.

But how much do you remember about it?

Question: Where do Auntie Em and the others hide from the storm?

A. Windowless inner room
B. Drainage ditch
C. Cellar
D. Broom closet
E. Tool shed

Question: Dorothy is knocked unconscious by a flying...what?

A. Chair
B. Table
C. Door
D. Window
E. Teapot

Question: What does Dorothy NOT see outside the window?

A. A hay wagon
B. Men in a rowboat
C. A cow
D. Wicked Witch
E. A chicken coop

Question: Dorothy exclaims "We must be up inside the -- " What?

A. Twister
B. Cyclone
C. Tornado
D. Whirlwind
E. Windspout

Question: What does Dorothy say when the house lands?

A. "Yikes!"
B. "Oh!"
C. "Heavens!"
D. "Dear me!"
E. "Eek!"

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Monday, December 16, 2019

A FEAST OF MAN -- DVD Review by Porfle

I usually try to avoid describing movies as "blank meets blank" (I limit those to once or twice a month at most) but A FEAST OF MAN (2017) sorta cries out to be described as "The Big Chill meets Eating Raoul" or something equally lazy. I mean, apt.

Anyway, it's about old friends getting back together in a house, and it's about cannibalism.  That is, the prospect of cannibalism, since they discover after gathering in the house of their deceased friend Gallagher (Laurence Bond) for the reading of his will that they will each inherit one million dollars if, and only if, they consume his corpse.

They're given two days to decide, and needless to say it's a difficult choice. At first they think it's a final practical joke on their dead friend's part, but as the deadline approaches, each seriously considers if the deed is so vile that they can afford to pass up a million dollars to avoid actually committing it.

Of course, this bunch is beyond much deep thought. There's Gallagher's best guy pals, Dickie (Jesse Rudoy) and Wolf, Jr. (Chris Shields), a couple of goofy horndogs who go ga-ga at the sight of Gallagher's erstwhile live-in girlfriend, the oversexed French vixen Arletty (Marleigh Dunlap).

And then there's Judy (Katey Parker), returning home to her old stomping grounds with a fiance', Ted (Frank Mosley), who's sort of the fifth wheel of the group, especially since he considers himself and Judy to be better than everyone else there. Which they quite possibly are, but not by much.

While they're stewing over the impending feast of their dead friend--whom we assume is himself being stewed in preparation for it by his faithful butler James (Zach Fleming)--there's plenty of time in this leisurely-paced comedy for our characters to engage in amusingly dumb conversation and often crude interactions amongst themselves and certain locals.

The latter includes a charming young lass named Sue (Jennifer Golum), a Ranger intern with whom Dickie becomes smitten. He invites her over for dinner (not THAT dinner) and the sweet, innocent Sue is such a stark contrast to the boorish main characters that she is compelled to flee as they hurl invectives in her wake.

The thing is, though, that these people are likably unlikable, and I enjoyed spending a weekend with them and feeling good about how much better they made me feel about myself in comparison to them.

The entire film has a built-in suspense factor in addition to the comedy as we get closer and closer to their decision whether or not to engage in the titular feast. In the meantime, Phillip Chernyak's quirky piano-bar score adds a whimsical quality to everything no matter how socially repellent.

The DVD from Indiepix is in 16:9 widescreen with 2.0 stereo sound. English w/closed captions.  Extras consist of a trailer and a short comedy film.

A FEAST OF MAN builds to a filling final course, and I found the entire cinematic repast quite savory indeed. (Bear with me here, I'm on a metaphor roll.)  The directing and co-writing (with Dylan Pasture) debut for Caroline Golum, it strikes me as a recipe she's had simmering in her head for some time and couldn't wait to actually start cooking up in remarkably self-assured fashion.


All The Wasp Woman Scenes From "THE WASP WOMAN" (1959) (video)

Susan Cabot plays beauty products tycoon Janice Starlin...

...whose dangerous experiments to achieve eternal youth...

...turn her into a hideous, bloodsucking wasp woman!


I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Supernatural Horror Title "NO SIN UNPUNISHED" to Debut on DVD this January 21st -- Watch the Trailer HERE!

Monarch Home Entertainment Presents


On DVD January 21st

La Vergne, Tennessee (Monday, December 16th, 2019) - No Sin Unpunished is a horror film from production house King Windom. Developed by director Matt Green (Digging Up Graves), the film focuses on Taryn. Abused in a foster home, Taryn is killed to keep her quiet. From the grave, Taryn seeks the help of a clairvoyant, to uncover the secret of her death. No Sin Unpunished will release this January, through Monarch Home Entertainment. And, the film stars: Jonathan Horne (Your Worst Nightmare), Amber Erwin (The Gifted), Krissy Notes, Ron Prather and Alonzo Ward.

The film’s official trailer shows more of Taryn’s (Erwin) struggle . After her death, the clairvoyant begins to have visions of Taryn’s murder. Searching for clues, this connection to the dead discovers evidence of an untimely death. But, the local authorities believe Hero (Horne)  is the one responsible for Taryn’s murder.


Monarch Home Entertainment will show No Sin Unpunished, on DVD, this January 21st. This release has not been rated. And, the DVD cover is available now, ahead of the 2020 release. Available for pre-orders, No Sin Unpunished blends the supernatural with the gifted, in this unique release.

Official synopsis: Taryn Melwood was abused as a teen by Sheriff John Stone, her foster father. Now a young adult, Taryn is trying to pull her life together when the sexually-obsessed Stone stalks and kills her. In the three days between her death and ghostly eternal-afterlife, her spirit bonds with the clairvoyant Hero, when he contacts her. Taryn and Hero must race the clock to expose Stone as the abuser and murderer so she can have a peaceful afterlife.

Street Date: January 21st, 2020
Rating: Not Rated
SRP: $19.95
Genre: Horror
Cat #: MHV 7985
UPC: 723952079855
Run Time: 85 Minutes.
Release Date: January 21, 2020 (DVD).

Director/writer: Matt Green.

Cast: Jonathan Horne, Amber Erwin, Krissy Notes, Ron Prather and Alonzo Ward.

More details at Monarch:

At Amazon:


Sunday, December 15, 2019

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "I Smell Rubbish Burning!" (video)

When a Stooge's behind is burning...

...he doesn't even realize it at first and he says something like...

..."I smell rubbish burning!" or "Somebody's fryin' onions!"



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Saturday, December 14, 2019

Laurence Fishburne in "IMPRISONED" Streets Jan 7th -- Watch Trailer HERE!




Los Angeles, CA. – December 11, 2019- Following a multi-city U.S. and Puerto Rican release, IMPRISONED is a powerful prison drama that stars Laurence Fishburne, Juana Acosta, Juan Pablo Raba and features Esai Morales, Edward James Olmos, Jon Huertas, Ana Isabelle, and was the last film in which John Heard performed. It was filmed entirely in Puerto Rico in 2017, before Hurricane Maria hit, and premiered during the Cannes International Film Festival earlier this year. 

IMPRISONED will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and streaming platforms (Amazon, Vimeo, Hoopla) starting January 7th with additional platforms (iTunes, Google, Vudu) to follow.

In the thriller, Dylan Burke (Juan Pablo Raba), attempts to move on from his former life as a criminal with his true love, Maria (Juana Acosta).He soon realizes that his past will continue to haunt him when he learns the new local prison warden, Daniel Calvin (Laurence Fishburne), has not forgiven him for a previously committed crime.


Calvin does everything in his power to make sure that Burke pays for his past mistakes, even going as far as to frame him for a murder he didn’t commit, landing him back in jail. When the prison erupts into a riot, Burke and Calvin are each forced to make a choice between righteousness and revenge.

In addition to Laurence Fishburne, the film’s stars include Latin American actors: Colombian-born Juan Pablo Raba, best known for his role in Netflix’s “Narcos” who soon will join Liam Neeson and “Vikings” actress Kathry Winnick in the action thriller,  “The Minutemen.” Juana Acosta, also a native of Colombia, is best known for her role in “Velvet,” a Spanish television series streaming on Netflix.  Puerto Rican Ana Isabelle will play Rosalia in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story.

The Bonus features on both DVD & Blu-ray include: 3 deleted Scenes, Interview with Edward James Olmos, Social Impact Filmmaking with Equitas Entertainment Partners, Trailers, Closed Captions.

Equitas Entertainment Partners’ mission is to produce films with a social impact.  With that in mind, they included over thirty formerly incarcerated and a dozen currently incarcerated men as part of the production. Eight of these inmates, still serving time, received a special pass to leave the jail and attend the World Premiere of the film on September 10th and to speak about the positive impact the experience had on their lives.

Cast:  Laurence Fishburne, Juan Pablo Raba, Juana Acosta, John Heard, Esai Morales, Jon Huertas, Edward James Olmos and Ana Isabelle

Written & Directed by:          Paul Kampf
Producers:                           Paul Kampf, Luillo Ruiz, Tom Sperry, Holly Levow
Executive Producer:              Positive Catalyst & Equitas Entertainment
Run Time:                           104 minutes
Language:                           English & Spanish w/English Subtitles
Rating:                                R (for violence, disturbing images, some sexuality and language)

SRP: $24.95 (881394127722)
Audio: Stereo 5.1
Ratio: 16:9

SRP: $29.95 (881394127821)
Audio: Stereo 5.1  |  Facebook & Instagram @TheImprisonedMovie

Genre: Thriller  | Language: English & Spanish with English subtitles

Cinema Libre Studio is a full-service mini-studio known for producing and distributing high caliber feature films and social impact documentaries.  Headquartered in the Los Angeles area, the team has released over 200 films.  | | @cinemalibre

PhotoCredit: Equitas Entertainment/Cinema Libre Studio


Porfle's Trivia Quiz: "2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY" (1968) (video)

Stanley Kubrick's science fiction masterpiece... also one of the greatest films ever made.

But how much do you remember about it?

Question: What are the first words spoken in the movie?

A. "Touchdown in five"
B. "See you next Wednesday"
C. "Well, this looks odd"
D. "Here you are, sir"
E. "Deliberately buried?"

Question: What does Dr. Floyd's daughter want for her birthday?

A. Horned lizard
B. Mongoose
C. Bush baby
D. Python
E. Guinea pig

Question: Who else celebrates a birthday during the film?

A. Frank Poole
B. Dave Bowman
C. Dr. Smyslov
D. Dr. Hunter
E. Frank's mother

Question: HAL warns Dave that reentering the ship will be difficult without his...what?

A. Oxygen tank
B. Spacesuit
C. Space helmet
D. AE-35 unit
E. Gravity boots

Question: Who does Dave see lying in bed at the end?

A. An older Frank
B. His older self
C. Frank's dead body
D. The space baby
E. The Moon-Watcher

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Friday, December 13, 2019

VOD Release: Thriller "THE FAMILY DOORMAN" Invites You In this Holiday Season -- Links and Trailer HERE!     


VOD Release
Available Now

Available on VOD:

Amazon Instant Video
Google Play
and local Cable & Satellite providers

SYNOPSIS: Inácio is the doorman of his apartment building. When his father suddenly dies, his mental state is pushed to the edge. After becoming obsessed with a tenant, things turn dangerously explosive and put the building population in danger.


Fernando Alves Pinto, Catarina Abdalla, Tiago D'Avila, Lucas Malvacini
Directed by: Aaron Salles Torres
Written by: Aaron Salles Torres
Produced by: Aaron Salles Torres, Valeria Costa Amorim
Executive Producer: Ivan Golov
Cinematography by: Flavio Borges, Leo Vasconcellos
Edited by: Paulo Varella, Rená Tardin

TRT: 71 min.
Language: Portuguese


Porfle's Trivia Quiz: "ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN" (1948) (video)

Here's one of the most popular horror-comedies of all time...

...which is beloved by fans of both Abbott & Costello and classic monsters.

How much do you remember about it?

Question: What does Lou swipe from Larry Talbot's hotel room?

A. Banana
B. Pillow
C. Apple
D. Book
E. Hat

Question: What does Bud go to the costume party dressed as?

A. Werewolf
B. Mummy
C. Frankenstein
D. Vampire
E. Ghoul

Question: Who does the Monster hurl through a window?

A. Bud
B. Lou
C. Sandra
D. Dracula
E. The Wolf Man

Question: What does Dracula throw at the Wolf Man?

A. Sword
B. Flowerpot
C. Lamp
D. Doorstop
E. Board

Question: What Universal "monster" makes a surprise appearance at the end?

A. Kharis (The Mummy)
B. Phantom of the Opera
C. Invisible Man
D. Hunchback
E. Son of Dracula

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Christmas With The 3 Stooges! (video)

Nothing beats watching poor Moe try to decorate the tree...the Stooge way!

His long-suffering wife (Mary Ainslee) can only observe in horror.

And when the Three Stooges celebrate the Christmas season...'s Season's Beatings for the three knuckleheads!


I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Porfle's Trivia Quiz #24: "HALLOWEEN" (1978) (video)

Did you get to see John Carpenter's classic "Halloween" at the theater when it came out? 

Or did you catch it later on home video?

How much do you remember about it?

Question: What's the name on the nurse's matchbook?

A. Shepherd's Hearth Pub
B. Rabbit In Red Lounge
C. Crow's Nest Club
D. Home Team Dugout
E. Red Rooster Lounge

Question: Which school book does Laurie forget to take home?

A. Biology
B. Geometry
C. English
D. Chemistry
E. Geography

Question: What boy does Laurie have a crush on?

A. Tommy Ross
B. Danny Frees
C. Ben Tramer
D. Carl Ferris
E. Bobby Geary

Question: What's the first movie shown on TV that night?

A. Forbidden Planet
B. The Thing
C. The Fly
D. Dawn of the Dead
E. Psycho

Question: Whose body does Laurie discover first?

A. Lynda
B. Annie
C. Judith
D. Tommy
E. Bobby

Question: How many times does Dr. Loomis shoot Michael?

A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six
E. None

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Charlie Chaplin's "THE GOLD RUSH" -- Post 43 + Retroformat Silent Films Present Screening on January 18, 2020


The Chaplin Office Has Granted Rare Permission to Screen The Gold Rush with Live, Improvised Piano Accompaniment by Cliff Retallick This January


Los Angeles, CA (December 5, 2019) – Post 43 and Retroformat Silent Films, in cooperation with the Chaplin Office (which represents the Charles Chaplin family), will present a special, one-time-only 35mm screening of the original 1925 version of Charles Chaplin’s masterpiece The Gold Rush at the newly renovated Hollywood Legion Theater at Post 43 on January 18, 2020.  The screening will be open to the public and will be introduced by world renowned independent filmmaker and Retroformat Silent Films board member Allison Anders, whose films include Gas Food Lodging, Mi Vida Loca and Grace of My Heart.

For this unique screening in LA’s newest and most prestigious venue, the Chaplin Office has waived their usual requirement that the film must be accompanied by their recorded score.  Live piano accompaniment will be provided during the screening by Cliff Retallick, who is well known to Los Angeles audiences for improvising scores on-the-spot during silent films at venues like UCLA Film Archive, Retroformat Silent Films, and the American Cinematheque.  This event will kick off a series of tributes by Retroformat Silent Films to the founders of United Artists, with subsequent screenings of films by Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Mary Pickford and D.W. Griffith to take place at the historic Woman’s Club of Hollywood early in 2020.

The Gold Rush originally premiered in 1925, but in 1942, Chaplin recut and re-released the film, adding a score that he recorded and composed himself, and dubbing it the "official version." In 1993, internationally renowned film restorationists, historians and documentarians Kevin Brownlow and David Gill restored the original 1925 version,  and it is this version that will screen on January 18 in the beautiful Legion Theater.

“We are highly honored that the Chaplin Office has granted us rare permission to show this amazing and important film in its original release format with live accompaniment by our Musical Director, Cliff Retallick,” said Tom Barnes, founder of Retroformat Silent Films, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit devoted to silent film exhibition that is co-sponsoring the screening with the American Legion Post 43. “We are also thrilled to be working with the veterans of the American Legion to bring this event to their beautiful new theater.”

In The Gold Rush, Chaplin's immortal Tramp is a lone prospector in the Alaskan Gold Rush, where he meets the beautiful dance hall girl Georgia Hale and becomes trapped in a snowbound cabin, hilariously boiling, carving and eating his own shoe in the famous dinner roll dance - one of the greatest scenes in movie history.

“The miracle of Chaplin is the miracle of cinema itself — for the first time in history, people of all races, ages, classes and ethnicities laughed at the same things and without words, and we owe each successive generation an introduction to Charlie,” says film director, screenwriter and Retroformat Silent Films board member Alexander Payne.  “‘The Gold Rush’ is a great place to start, and this is a wonderful chance to see the movie projected.  It’s a movie that sticks with you for the rest of your life.”

The Hollywood Legion Theater at Post 43 is located at 2035 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90068, just south of the Hollywood Bowl. The special screening will take place at 7:30 p.m.  Ticket prices will start at $25.00 for general admission, with discounted tickets for veterans at $15.00.  A limited number of special VIP tickets will be available for $40.00, and will include free parking, one free drink from the Legion’s bar and a free walking tour of the historic American Legion Post 43, plus a special tour of the Legion Theatre projection booth after the film.  Parking will be available in the Post's lot for $10 per car (limited number of spaces).  Free parking is available across the street in the lot adjacent to the Hollywood Heritage Museum.

For more information on Post 43, follow us on social media at @post43events or visit the website,


POST 43 is a freshly renovated and restored event space that sits in the heart of Hollywood, CA. The three-story, 30,000 square-foot landmark features a state-of-the-art 6,000 sq.-ft. theater with seating for 482 guests, a variety of private event spaces, a full commercial kitchen, full liquor and cabaret licenses, and onsite parking. Designed by award-winning architects and event designers, the newly redesigned social space celebrates the rich history of the clubhouse while offering an unparalleled experience enhanced by modern amenities.

Post 43’s historic American Legion memorial clubhouse building was completed in 1929. Hollywood luminaries—veterans and nonveteran supporters—like Cecil B. DeMille, Adolph Menjou, and Mary Pickford were all instrumental in getting the post on its feet. Post 43 members have included the likes of Clark Gable, Gene Autry, Red Buttons, Mickey Rooney, Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, Stan Lee, and many more show business figures.


Retroformat Silent Films was granted nonprofit status in April 2019 with the sole mission of educating and inspiring enthusiasm about the art and history of the silent film era.  They fulfill this by recreating  the original moviegoing experience of in-person screenings with live musical accompaniment, introducing new generations to the joy and power of silent cinema.  Their board includes internationally renowned writer/directors Alexander Payne and Allison Anders and the curator of the University of Southern California Hugh M. Hefner Archive, Dino Everett.  The Gold Rush represents Retroformat's first screening in 35mm, and their first screening in the beautiful new Legion Theater.

Retroformat has two ongoing silent film series in other locations.  The Music Box Cinema screens monthly at the historic Woman’s Club of Hollywood, featuring silent classics on 16mm film courtesy of the USC Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive, plus live vintage musical acts produced by Musical Director Cliff Retallick.  The long-running series Retroformat: Rare Silent Gems on 8mm and 16mm Film is now celebrating its tenth anniversary in the Spielberg Screening Room of the American Cinematheque’s (formerly Grauman’s) Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.  Live musical accompaniment is provided at all screening by Cliff Retallick.