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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Trinity Creative Partnership Has Released the Official Trailer and Poster For the Haunted House Horror, "HOUSE OF SHADOWS"




October 20, 2020

A woman visits the mysterious house she has inherited, hoping to learn more about the deaths of her mother and sister. Haunted by ghosts, she must uncover the truth behind the curse of the house, or become the next victim.

Release Date: October 20, 2020 (Digital,VOD and DVD)
Directed By: Nicholas Winter
Written By: Nicholas Winter
Produced By: Jeet Thakrar, Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar


Starring:  Luke Bailey (“Casual+y”), Harriet Madeley (Waking DavidI), Yvonne Mai (“Spy City”), Elena Delia (“The Alienist: Angel of Darkness”)
Distributor: Trinity Creative Partnership
Production Company: Picture Perfect
Genre: Horror
Rating: NR, TV-MA
Language: English
Runtime: 88 Min




Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Curly's Shuffle" (video)

The most popular Stooge by far has always been Curly.

And one of the reasons we love watching him so much... because we look forward to seeing him do his trademark "shuffle."



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Saturday, September 26, 2020

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Clowning" (video)


As goofy as the Stooges were apt to behave most of the time...

...and as prone as they were to indulging in silly behavior...

...they seemed to disapprove upon what they described as "clowning."



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Friday, September 25, 2020

New Trailer & Poster! "NARCO SOLDIERS" -- In Theaters & VOD on October 30th



In Theaters & On Demand on October 30, 2020


Narco Soldiers is a timely, action-packed crime thriller that explores the resurgence of the Caribbean drug routes and one couple's violent, Bonnie and Clyde-style rise to power.


Starring:  Rafael Amaya, Carolina Guerra, Ricardo Chavira
Directed by: Felix Limardo


"Police Squad!" Coffee Commercial (Episode 4: 3/25/82) (video)


Detective Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) is pursuing a mad bomber... this hilarious parody of coffee commercials.

He consults with Police Squad's resident forensic expert.

But too much caffeine has made him cranky.

Decaf to the rescue!

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!



Thursday, September 24, 2020

PRIMITIVES -- Blu-ray Review by Porfle


I've just viewed the stomach-churning Indonesian gorefest PRIMITIVES, aka "Savage Terror" (Severin Films, 1980), which rivals Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei's rawest, grisliest jungle carnage epics for sheer shock and disgust.

Having done so, it's safe to say that the vast majority of "normal" film aficianados will go miles out of their way to avoid it while a very small percentage of twisted gorehounds will machete their way through dense jungles to beat a path to its door.

Doing just that, in fact, are our main characters, hunky Robert (Barry Prima, THE WARRIOR), babe-a-licious Rita (Enny Haryono), and nerdy Tommy (Johann Mardjono), who, along with jungle-savvy guide Bisma (Rukman Herman), are making their way deep into the bush to study the most primitive tribe they can find in order to beef up their college cred. 

The first tribe Bisma introduces them to seems backward to us at first, but these quaint, friendly natives are practically upper-crust compared to the mysterious denizens of the even deeper and darker reaches of Nowheresville that the college kids insist Bisma lead them to against his own better judgement.

Up until the midpoint of the story it's all just the usual trudging through the brush and rafting down the river as our main characters engage in adventurous frivolity, foolishly thinking they're up to whatever's in store for them.

That's when the crockpot of horror that PRIMITIVES has been cooking up till then is finally ready to be served up to these unsuspecting dweebs, starting with a surprise attack that separates Robert and Rita from the others and lands them smack in the middle of the primitive tribe's village for some of the bloodiest, creepiest, and downright ickiest goings-on that this sort of movie can dredge up.

Animal lovers will be aghast at much of it, with one of the film's major setpieces consisting of a live alligator being disembowled as its insides are hacked into pieces which are then tossed to members of the tribe to voraciously devour raw. (Other shocking sights include a leopard taking on two crocodiles and a really big iguana being swallowed whole by a really big snake.)

Scarier still is the fact that the gore-encrusted extras in these sequences seem as bug-eyed crazy as the characters they're playing, chowing down greedily on pulsating animal parts and showering themselves in warm blood.

In fact, it's often downright impossible to distinguish the real blood and guts from the fake. It's as though the filmmakers managed to corral an entire herd of freaked-out circus geeks to perform for the camera in exchange for all the raw meat they could devour.

Lest we forget, though, there's still the story of Robert and Rita enduring prolonged torment at the hands of these ultra-primitives and finally making their escape followed by a lengthy chase scene as they trudge toward the river where freedom awaits. A few surprises pop up here and there, someone gets a spear right in the crotch, and finally the whole searing fever dream is over. 

The Blu-ray from Severin Films was scanned in HD from the Jakarta vault negative. Kraftwerk fans will recognize their classic song "The Robots" in the opening credits. Extras include interviews with producer Gope T. Samtani and screenwriter Imam Tantowi, a trailer, and an alternate title sequence. The case features reversible art and the special edition comes with a slipcover.

Still the only film of its kind ever made Indonesia, PRIMITIVES finds director Sisworo Gautama Putra, screenwriter Imam Tantowi and producer Gope T. Samtani putting together a film with negligible production values, gut-wrenching imagery, some disturbing animal abuse, and a supporting cast of wretches who look like genuine refugees from an asylum for the dangerously insane. To watch it is to subject oneself to an endurance test, perhaps gauging our own responses to it in order to evaluate just how nutty we are.

Buy it at Severin Films

Special edition w/slipcover

Special Features:

    Producing PRIMITIVES – Interview with Producer Gope T. Samtani
    Way Down in the Jungle Deep – Interview with Screenwriter Imam Tantowi
    Alternate Title Sequence
    Reversible Wrap
    Exclusive slipcover (special editon only)

Reversible art:

Slipcover art (special edition only):


Serial Killer Thriller "SOUVENIRS" Arrives 10/6 -- Official Trailer & NEW Poster Released!


Trinity Creative Partnership Presents




A young woman, running a“murderabilia” shop, is taunted by an anonymous killer, who leaves trophies from unsolved murders at her doorstep. 

As her investigation gets closer to the truth, the personal stakes become much higher.


Release Date: October 6, 2020 (Digital and VOD)
Directed By: Anna Mikami
Written By: Matthew Sorvillo
Produced By: Jake Owen, Anna Mikami, Amuel Puric, Hannah Thielmann

Starring:   Jamie Donnelly, Isabella Pisacane

Distributor: Trinity Creative Partnership
Production Company: StudioFest
Genre: Thriller
Rating: NR, TV-MA
Language: English
Runtime: 122 Min



Wednesday, September 23, 2020

MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY -- Blu-ray Review by Porfle


Just to clear things up, there ain't no dinosaurs in MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY (Severin Films, 1985), so all you Ray Harryhausen and Willis O'Brien fans can scratch that off your list of reasons why you might want to watch this movie. There aren't even any iguanas with fins glued on their backs waddling around on a tabletop jungle set.

What there is, however, might very well appeal to you anyway if you're into jungle adventures with plenty of action, violence, gorgeous babes, manly heroes, sadistic cannibals, and that always-unbeatable combination of nudity and gore.

What's more, the overracting, bad Italian-movie-style dubbing, and very low-budget filmmaking might even satisfy your bad-movie sweet tooth, although this lively effort is (a) not all that bad, and (b) by no means dull. 

In fact, once our expedition of disparate character types survive a chartered plane crash in the Brazilian jungle (which is surprisingly well-staged) and find themselves in a desperate struggle to survive all its many dangers (including the aforementioned cannibals), this flick tends to get downright riveting at times.

Those various characters include the handsome, two-fisted young paleontologist Kevin (Michael Sopkiw, BLASTFIGHTER, KILLER FISH), a venerable professor and his beautiful but reserved daughter Eva (as Susane Carvall), Viet Nam vet Capt. John Heinz (Milton Rodríguez) and his hateful ex-wife Betty (Marta Anderson, BARE BEHIND BARS).

There's also a naughty photographer and his two sexy models, and a shady pilot whose inferior flying skills plus some freak turbulence get them all stuck slogging through the jungle in the first place.

Before that, the film establishes itself as having a lighthearted streak with dinosaur bone hunter Kevin bopping around Brazil with no money but a way with the ladies. He also gets into a humorous brawl with two guys who are each two feet taller than he is, and has a sexy encounter with one of the models which is just the first taste of nudity and softcore sex that the film has to offer.

After the plane crash, he and ex-Green Beret Capt. Heinz supply the movie with its maximum daily requirement of testosterone as they battle for leadership of the ragtag group in a fight to the death that is interrupted by a cannibal attack that results in a very entertaining and somewhat colorful reduction of the sizable cast one screaming character at a time.

Of course, we get the standard sequence in which the ladies are dressed in revealing ceremonial garb and tied up in the middle of camp for some good old cannibal fun and games which include the usual horrific stuff that we've sat through the previous half of the movie to see. 

This leads to an exciting escape thanks to the ever-stalwart Kevin and a frenzied pursuit through perilous jungle and raging river, with our heroes little suspecting that they're headed straight for an even more dangerous encounter with white jungle crime lord China (Andy Silas) in his secluded plantation where slaves mine diamonds and his lesbian henchwoman Myara (Gloria Cristal) helps him ravish all female captives before executing them in not-so-nice ways.

The Blu-ray from Severin Films is scanned uncut in 4k from the original negative. In addition to a trailer, Italian main titles, and some deleted scenes, the extras menu includes the very engaging "Valley Boy – Interview with Actor Michael Sopkiw" (Kevin) and "Lost in Brazil – Interview with Co-Writer Dardano Sacchetti." The special edition Blu-ray features a slipcover and different box art.

What director Michele Massimo Tarantini (as Michael E. Lemick) lacks in finesse, he more than compensates for with an ability to stage big frenetic action and mayhem by making the most of his meager budget in imaginative ways. In other words, MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY should give those receptive to such slapdash fun more than enough to tickle their funny bones.

Buy it at Severin Films

Special edition with slipcover

Special Features:

    Valley Boy – Interview with Actor Michael Sopkiw
    Lost in Brazil – Interview with Co-Writer Dardano Sacchetti
    Deleted and Extended Scenes Reel
    Italian credits
    Reversible Wrap
    Exclusive Slipcover (not on standard edition)

Special edition/slipcover art:



Batman & Robin Rescue Chief Brody! ("BATMAN" 1966/ "JAWS" 1975) (video)


The Orca is sinking! The shark is hungry! Chief Brody's in peril!

It looks like our sea-soaked citizen has only one hope for rescue...

...the Caped Crusaders, Batman and Robin!

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

CRUEL JAWS -- Blu-ray Review by Porfle


Bruno Mattei's work as a director ran hot and cold, but oddly enough, he was at his hottest when his work was at its worst and most derivative (as in SHOCKING DARK and VIOLENCE IN A WOMEN'S PRISON) because that's when it was the most perversely entertaining.

Whether CRUEL JAWS (Severin Films, 1995) reaches that degree of cinematic heat is up to the viewer whose interests lie in movies that are so bad they're good.  This blatant rip-off of JAWS (and elements of its various sequels and other rip-offs) is loaded with badness to spare, yet even this doesn't always get us through several of the just-plain-boring stretches.

The story concerns an oceanographer named David (David Luther) who arrives at the oceanfront marine park of his friend Dag (Sky Palma) just in time to find out that (1) there's a killer shark on the loose and (2) Dag's about to lose his lease to evil landlord Samuel Lewis (George Barnes), who wants to build a new hotel on the property, unless he can come up with a chunk of cash in 30 days.

This leads to one of the film's major setpieces, a windsurfing race with a fat prize that will pit Dag's son Bob against Lewis' son Ronnie, who, incidentally, is the overprotective brother of Bob's girlfriend Glenda.

As you might guess, the race becomes a shark smorgasboard with plenty of screaming and panicking as the shark enjoys the equivalent of a human sushi platter. Not only does the famished fish eat everyone in sight, but he manages to chomp his way through most of the boats in the vicinity as well.

Later, of course, the brave good-guy shark hunters set off aboard their hardy vessel but this time with competition from the bad guys who, as per Peter Benchley's crummy original shark novel, have mob connections interested in the town's real estate. 

Another boatload of youths in pursuit of the shark (with pump shotguns, no less!) muck the whole thing up so badly that they provide the film with one of its most wonderfully explosive moments in which a sizable number of supporting characters blow themselves into fried chum chunks.

While all this is going on, Mattei (under the pseudonym "William Snyder") is having a field day cooking up bad reenactments of scenes from the JAWS franchise with the greedy businessman wanting to keep the beaches open, the frantic sheriff trying to close them, and young people serving themselves up as shark chow while cavorting around in bikinis, having romantic complications, and spouting some of the worst dialogue to ever bend your unsuspecting eardrums.

As for the shark effects, Mattei (who also gave us such films as ROBOWARS and ISLAND OF THE LIVING DEAD) uses a heap of stock footage of live sharks, some of which is pretty well integrated, along with a surprisingly good giant shark head that pops out of the water and often has one of the less fortunate characters hanging out of its mouth. 

The Blu-ray from Severin Films contains an unreleased Japanese extended cut (known as "The Snyder Cut") in its entirety. Extras also include "The Great White Way: A Study In Sharksploitation With Rebekah McKendry", "These Things Got Made!: Interview With Actor Jay Colligan", and the film's trailer.

It all builds to a rather bland finish, with Spielberg's reputation as the number one purveyor of shark-movie suspense and excitement remaining comfortably secure.  But while film fans who strictly limit themselves to "good" movies will find this one easy to avoid, those who love to settle in for a session of mind-warping badness will endure the slower scenes in CRUEL JAWS just to savor its tastier tidbits.

Buy it at Severin Films

Special Features:

    The Snyder Cut – Unreleased Japanese Extended Cut
    The Great White Way – A Study in Sharksploitation with Rebekah McKendry
    These Things Got Made! – Interview with Actor Jay Colligan


"CHOP CHOP" Serves Up a Nightmare on VOD October 20 -- Watch the Trailer HERE!


"Chop Chop" Invades Home Video for Halloween

Rony Patel's Debut Film Delivers a Delicious Terror

Rent or Buy on iTunes and Prime Video October 20th


Los Angeles, CA - Kamikaze Dogfight in partnership with Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company, has announced the Digital HD and Cable VOD launch of Rony Patel's debut slasher Chop Chop.  An ordinary pizza delivery leads to a night of chaos when a murderous psychopath targets a young couple who might be harboring a secret of their own.  Chop Chop will be available to rent or own October 20th on Amazon, iTunes, Comcast, Spectrum, Vudu and more.

Atala Arce and Jake Taylor star as the young couple whose attack by a murdering psychopath is only the beginning of a very dangerous night.  Chop Chop was directed and produced by Rony Patel, from a script he co-wrote with Andrew Ericksen.


"We are so proud to be launching Rony's debut feature.  It's exactly the kind of energy, style and storytelling that Kamikaze fans will appreciate and want to see more of," said Andrew van den Houten, partner at Kamikaze Dogfight.

"Our team is always excited when Andrew and Han identify budding genre filmmakers. That excitement is certainly stoked with Chop Chop and we are happy to launch Rony Patel into the fray," said Gravitas Ventures Acquisition Manager Nick Royak.

An innocent night between a young couple takes a bizarre turn when a psychotic serial killer comes knocking at the door. As the couple starts to fend for their lives, we soon learn there might be more to the lovers than meets the eye. A long fight for survival leads them into a series of unsettling encounters within the criminal underworld.


Preorder Chop Chop on iTunes

Chop Chop: USA / 81 min / English


Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Splashed Through a Porthole" (video)


A stooge approaches a porthole on a ship under direction to look for land, or just to catch a breath of fresh air.

After opening the porthole, the stooge gets a faceful of seawater when he tries to look out.

He closes the porthole, then gets under it, opens it again and tries to peek out the opening, yet again being splashed.

This interaction continues until the stooge gets a faceful of mud.



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Monday, September 21, 2020

"ALL ROADS TO PEARLA" Starring Alex MacNicoll, Addison Timlin, Corin Nemec, Nick Chinlund, Dash Mihok -- Watch The Trailer HERE!



In Theaters & On Demand on September 25th

Pre-Order Now!

Starring: Alex MacNicoll, Addison Timlin, Corin Nemec, Nick Chinlund, Dash Mihok

Written & Directed by: Van Ditthavong

Brandon Bell, a high school wrestler, wants to leave everything behind (including his abusive mother) but instead finds himself sinking down a deep rabbit hole. The story begins when a sheriff and his deputy stand over a dead body hit by a car.

As they stare perplexed at the corpse, the scene fades into present day where a series of seemingly unrelated events unfold: a lonely high school coach scolds his athletes for fighting, a prostitute steals from a Cowboy and sneaks out of a motel room, and the our protagonist, Brandon, breaks his arm during a wrestling meet.


Lives begin to intersect and unravel in surprising ways once Brandon encounters Pearla and her pimp Oz Bacco. As Brandon’s relationship with Pearla intensifies so does Oz’s propensity for violence and mayhem.

When Brandon agrees to drive Pearla to a friend’s house, things turn for the worst as she unintentionally draws him into murderous events surrounding the contents of a stolen bag.


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Filet Of Sole And Heel" (video)


The Stooges are cooking a boot and call it "Filet of Sole and Heel".

When the Stooges have to leave suddenly... Stooge puts the hot boot on and burns his foot.



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Saturday, September 19, 2020

James D'Arcy Fights For His Family's Future in Sci-Fi Drama "LX 2048", Premiering 9/25 -- Watch Trailer HERE!


Time Runs Out for One Man and Mankind in "LX 2048"

Starring James D'Arcy, Anna Brewster, Delroy Lindo

Dystopian Near-Future Drama Premieres in Virtual Cinemas and North American VOD September 25th


Los Angeles, CA - Quiver Distribution, in a partnership with Chimera Pictures and Outta the Bloc, has announced the virtual theatrical and North American digital debut of writer/director Guy Moshe's LX 2048, a near-future dystopian drama about one father's search for a way forward for his family before his time runs out and a clone takes his place.  

LX 2048 will be available to rent or own September 25th on Amazon, iTunes, Comcast, Spectrum, Dish, DirecTV, Vudu and more in the US and Canada.


James D'Arcy (Dunkirk, "Broadchurch", Marvel's "Agent Carter") headlines the cast as a man who has resisted humanity's exodus to virtual reality.  With his death fast approaching and a clone ready to step in as husband and father, Adam struggles to find a way out of his situation, to protect his wife (Anna Brewster, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, "Versailles") and children.

 The cast is rounded out by frequent Spike Lee collaborator and Tony Award nominee Delroy Lindo (Malcolm X, Da 5 Bloods, "The Good Fight") and BAFTA winner Gina McKee ("Our Friends in the North", "The Borgias", Phantom Thread).

It is 2048.  Mankind has by now destroyed the ozone layer to such a degree that normal human beings cannot be out in daytime.  People spend their waking hours at night and almost everything is done inside the virtual realm.  

From work to school to socializing, most people just stay home and conduct their affairs from their Virtual Reality designated spaces.  Mental depression has become so prevalent that the entire population is required to take the state issued pill 001LithiumX.

In this new world order, Adam Bird is a rare breed.  Adam insists on waking up during the day.  He insists on leaving his house and going to work in a physical office.  He has 3 kids in a time when most people barely breed, and he adamantly refuses to take 001LithiumX, fighting to stay human in a world that is rapidly transforming into the artificial.

But things change when Adam discovers his heart is mysteriously failing.   With no possibility for an organ transplant, Adam is now scheduled to be replaced by a cloned upgrade - an improved version of himself that will be supplied to his estranged wife as part of the Premium 3 government insurance plan.  

Spiraling out of control, Adam starts living on borrowed time, seeking to find a solution before his replica will be sent to raise his kids and replace his existence across the board.

LX 2048: USA / 104 min / English


Friday, September 18, 2020

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Watermelon Shoes" (video)


When the Stooges are being chased by somebody...

...the third Stooge jumps over something and lands on two watermelons, getting his feet stuck in them.

He has a hard time running afterwards with the "watermelon shoes", so he kicks his feet in the air...

and the watermelons fly in the air and hit somebody in the face.



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Thursday, September 17, 2020

THE LOST WORLD (1960) -- Mini Review by Porfle


Just watched Irwin Allen's THE LOST WORLD (1960) for the first time since I was a kid and saw it on one of the network primetime movies (I think it was "NBC Sunday Night At The Movies").

Claude Rains makes a great Professor Challenger in this version of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic dinosaur adventure. Jill St. John, Michael Rennie, David Hedison, Richard Haydn, Jay Novello, and Fernando Lamas also star. 

 As usual, substituting iguanas with fins glued onto them for dinosaurs just looks lame. I still prefer the 1925 silent version with stop-motion animated dinosaurs by Willis O'Brien, who would do the SPFX for "King Kong" eight years later.

This version is less about the dinosaurs and more about the hazardous jungle expedition, the various interpersonal conflicts, and a third act consisting mainly of the group navigating an underground tunnel filled with lava.


During this time they're kept busy staying one step ahead of bloodthirsty cannibals as they try to find a subterranean escape route from the prehistoric jungle plateau on which they've been trapped before an impending earthquake brings the whole place down around them.

Director Irwin Allen handled this sort of material well, and the production looks like it had a fairly generous budget.

Ultimately, though, it's only sporadically entertaining, with Claude Rains' blustery performance and Jill St. John's lighthearted sex appeal providing most of the interest.



From the Creator of Final Destination -- "DON'T LOOK BACK" In Theaters & VOD on 10/16 -- Watch Trailer HERE!



In Theaters & On Demand on October 16, 2020

Written & Directed by: Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination)


Caitlin Kramer, a woman overcoming a tragic past, is among several people who see a man being fatally assaulted.

When the witnesses start dying mysteriously, she must unearth if they’re being targeted by a killer or something far more insidious.


Starring: Kourtney Bell, Bryan Batt, Will Stout, Skyler Hart, Jeremy Holm, Jaqueline Fleming, Amanda Grace Benitez, Damon Lipari, Han Soto, Dean J. West and Stephen Twardokus 


"18 TO PARTY" Opening in Virtual Cinemas November 6 (LA, NYC and major cities) With VOD Release To Follow









It’s 1984 and outside a small-town nightclub, a group of 8th graders gather, grappling with a spate of recent suicides, UFO sightings, their absentee parents, and each other. 18 TO PARTY spans a single evening in the lives of these kids, but manages to transport us fully to a time when waiting for something to happen felt just as significant as the thing itself.

Gorgeously atmospheric, with a pulsating sense of anticipation that steadily builds, the film pulls us into the fears, wounds, and desires of each character, ultimately revealing that hope may arrive from the last place we expect.

The meticulously authentic production design, killer soundtrack, and universally excellent performances recall the spirit of classic 80s teen movies like Stand By Me and The Breakfast Club. 18 TO PARTY is a spot-on love letter to Gen X, awkward teenagers, and the transcendent power of friendship.

STARRING: Alivia Clark, Tanner Flood, James Freedson-Jackson, Oliver Gifford, Nolan Lyons, Sam McCarthy, Ivy Miller, Taylor Richardson and Erich Schuett.

PRODUCERS: Nikola Duravcevic, Emily Ziff Griffin, Andrew Cahill, Stephanie Marin

INCLUDING MUSIC BY: The Alarm, Big Audio Dynamite, Mick Jones, The Velvet Underground and many more.

Jeff Roda has written screenplays for DreamWorks, Universal, Paramount Pictures, New Regency, TriStar, and television pilots for HBO, CBS, and Warner Bros. Additionally, he was a producer on the Sony Pictures Classics feature, Love Liza, starring Academy Award winning actors Philip Seymour Hoffman and Kathy Bates. 18 TO PARTY marks his directorial debut. Roda is a local resident of Woodstock area and the film is set in Upstate New York.


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

THE TOWERING INFERNO -- Mini Review by Porfle

Just watched the 1974 disaster flick THE TOWERING INFERNO for the first time.

Tacky looking, poorly directed and shot for much of its running time. Picks up when the fire gets going, due in large part to the fact that producer Irwin Allen directed the action scenes himself.

John Guillerman (KING KONG '76) blundered his way through the awful dramatic scenes and gets official directing credit.

Mostly a trudge, with one of John Williams' all-time worst musical scores (sounds like TV-movie dreck or, worse, the same Mickey-Mousing as heard in such films as AIRPORT '75).

But if you can make it far enough, the picture really gets good at the very end when architect Paul Newman and firefighter Steve McQueen make a desperate last-ditch attempt to stop the fire before everyone on the top floor gets consumed. The result is a rousing and surprisingly raucous finale.

The SPFX work ranges from hokey to very impressive. The stars are pretty much just going through the motions for a paycheck, but to be fair, they don't have much of a script to inspire them.


Also taking part in this star-studded spectacle are William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Robert Vaughn, Richard Chamberlain, Fred Astaire, Jennifer Jones, Robert Wagner, O.J. Simpson, and even "Brady Bunch" kid Mike Lookinland.

All in all, THE TOWERING INFERNO is an okay but rather exhausting time waster.


Monday, September 14, 2020

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Eating A Banana Peel" (video)

When a Stooge gets a banana...

...he takes out the actual banana part...

...and eats the peel.



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


"CATS & DOGS 3: PAWS UNITE!" - Available To Own On Digital TOMORROW! Blu-ray and DVD 10/13

ONE MORE DAY! Tomorrow – is the day we have been all waiting for! 

Grab your paw-pcorn and delicious treats – and get ready for the highly anticipated release of Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! – the all-new original movie from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Available on Digital TOMORROW - September 15, and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD on October 13!

It's been 10 years since the creation of the Great Truce, an elaborate joint-species surveillance system designed and monitored by cats and dogs to keep the peace when conflicts arise. But when a tech-savvy villain hacks into wireless networks to use frequencies only heard by cats and dogs, he manipulates them into conflict, and the worldwide battle between cats and dogs is BACK ON. Now, a team of inexperienced and untested agents will have to use their old-school animal instincts to restore order and peace between cats and dogs everywhere.

Check out Pablo the Parrot (voiced by George Lopez) – in this never-before-seen film clip, as he explains his evil plan to end the peace between cats and dogs:

And here are some exclusive photos of the films favorite villains (all images are courtesy of Warner Bros Home Entertainment):

    Pablo the Parrot (voiced by George Lopez) taking a selfie at the pet shop.

    Zeke the Tegu Lizard (voiced by Paul Dobson) showing off his tech skills.

    This turtle needs a home, and is priced to sell!

Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! features an all-star comedy lineup lending their voices to this new generation of four footed and two winged friends including Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory) as Gwen the cat, Max Greenfield (The Neighborhood, New Girl) as Roger the dog, and George Lopez as Pablo the Parrot. The film is directed by Sean McNamara (Soul Surfer) and written by Scott Bindley (The Last Summer). Producers are Andrew Lazar (Cats & Dogs, Get Smart) and David Fliegel.

Hashtag: #CatsandDogs3


Saban Films Acquires April Mullen Conspiracy Thriller "WANDER" Starring Aaron Eckhart and Tommy Lee Jones



LOS ANGELES (September 12, 2020) – Saban Films announced today that they have acquired North American rights to Wander starring Golden Globe® nominee Aaron Eckhart (Midway, Olympus Has Fallen), Katheryn Winnick (“Vikings,” Love & Other Drugs), Heather Graham (Netflix’s Desperados, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me) and Academy Award® winner Tommy Lee Jones (No Country for Old Men, Lincoln).  April Mullen (Below Her Mouth) directed the conspiracy thriller from a script by Tim Doiron (88).  April Mullen (p.g.a.) and Tim Doiron (p.g.a) also produced with VMI Worldwide’s Andre Relis (p.g.a), Verdi Productions’ Chad A. Verdi, Don Kee Productions’ Jason Allison, Aloe Entertainment’s Mary Aloe, Falconer Picture’s Douglas Falconer and James Van Der Woerd (p.g.a.).

Wander follows Arthur Bretnik (Eckhart), a mentally unstable private investigator who, after being hired to probe a suspicious death in the town of Wander, becomes convinced the case is linked to the same ‘conspiracy cover up’ that caused the death of his daughter.

Saban Films’ Bill Bromiley said, “The whole cast brings heart and soul to this gripping thriller. It is a fun ride seeing Aaron Eckhart and Tommy Lee Jones in these respective roles; we’re honored to be working with April Mullen on this achievement.”

Director April Mullen added, "I’m thrilled to be working with Saban on releasing Wander to the masses. The film honors all the silent warriors who persevere and fight for the light through the darkest of circumstances."

Bill Bromiley negotiated the deal for Saban Films with Steve Break along with VMI Worldwide’s J.D. Beaufils.  Executive Producers are VMI Worldwide’s J.D. Beaufils, Verdi Productions’ Michelle Verdi and Chad A. Verdi Jr., Don Kee Productions’ Michael S. Smith and Franchesca Lantz, Tamer Abaza, Jeffrey Bohn, Angie Pack, Charles Saikaley, Siren Studios’ Craig Chapman, Roger Dorman, Circle 4 Entertainment’s Adam Falkoff, Phoenicia Pictures’ Ameer Fawaz and Christelle Conan from Ingenious Media whom provided funding.

Saban Films continues to grow its presence in the industry, remaining active in the acquisition, production and distribution space and recently announced that it is entering the UK market via a partnership with Altitude Media Group.  The company’s successes have run the gamut from critically acclaimed theatrical films such as The Homesman starring Hilary Swank, to two of the biggest Fathom events with horror icon and heavy metal mastermind Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell last year and Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, the sequel to the 2001 comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back which the company partnered on after coming onboard at script stage.

Its upcoming slate includes:  Dennis Dugan’s Love, Weddings & Other Disasters starring Diane Keaton, Jeremy Irons, Maggie Grace, Jesse McCartney, Chandra West, Diego Boneta, Andrew Bachelor, and Veronica Ferres; Jamie Babbit’s The Stand-In with Drew Barrymore in a dual lead role alongside Michael Zegen, T.J. Miller, and Holland Taylor; Josh Duhamel’s directorial debut Buddy Games; the Alicia Silverstone wedding comedy Sister of the Groom; Nicol Paone’s Friendsgiving with Malin Akerman, Christine Taylor, Jane Seymour, Kat Dennings and Chelsea Peretti; John Suits’ Breach starring Bruce Willis; and Twist starring Michael Caine, Lena Headey and Rita Ora.

About Saban Films
Saban Films, an affiliate of Saban Capital Group (“SCG”), is a film acquisition and distribution company which acquires high-quality, feature films to distribute in North America.  Focusing on commercial, talent driven films, the company looks at projects in all stages of production for release across multiple platforms, including a day and date theatrical/VOD release strategy. Based in Los Angeles, Saban Films was established by Haim Saban, SCG Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and is led by Bill Bromiley who serves as President, Shanan Becker, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer and Ness Saban, Vice President of Business Development.

About VMI Worldwide:
VMI Worldwide is one of the leading, independent film sales, distribution and production companies based in Hollywood, California. Founded in 2010 by Andre Relis, VMI has an impeccable reputation in the industry by building a strong collaborative and transparent relationship with filmmakers, financiers, and distributors. VMI’s mandate is to support high quality independent filmmaking by bringing together visionary talented filmmakers and collaborating with financiers and distributors. VMI's goal is to establish long-term partnerships by building strong and honest relationships, while acquiring and producing cast driven, commercial and marketable feature films, documentaries and TV content.

VMI’s latest titles include: The Last Son of Isaac LeMay starring Sam Worthington and Colson Baker, ARKANSAS starring Vince Vaughn, Liam Hemsworth and John Malkovich, WAKE UP starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Francesca Eastwood, IN HARMS WAY starring Emile Hirsh and Crystal Liu (a Asian World Film Festival Official Selection), OUTLAWS AND ANGELS starring Luke Wilson (a Sundance Official Selection), FORESAKEN starring Kiefer and Donald Sutherland (a Toronto Official Selection).

About WANGO Films:
Formed in 2005 by April Mullen and Tim Doiron, with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto, Wango Films is a full service production company, founded on a youthful blend of grassroots innovation and bold creativity.

About Verdi Productions:
Verdi Productions is a fully-funded film production company located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, with additional satellite offices in Edgartown, Massachusetts, New York City and Los Angeles. The company pursues all aspects of filmmaking -- carrying projects from concept through postproduction.

Over the past 10 years, managing partner Chad A. Verdi and his investment partners have invested over $100 million dollars into twenty feature films. Verdi has produced five films in partnership with Emma Tillinger Koskoff and the legendary Martin Scorsese. Verdi produced BLEED FOR THIS (Miles Teller, Aaron Eckhart, Katay Sagal, Ciaran Hinds), and executive produced SILENCE (directed by Martin Scorsese; starring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Ken Watanabe), BAD HURT (starring Theo Rossi, Ashley Williams) and the documentary THE 50 YEAR ARGUMENT (directed by Martin Scorsese and David Tedeschi). Verdi’s next production, THE IRISHMAN, directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci will hit theaters in November.

About Don Kee Productions:
Don Kee Productions is a fast-emerging television and film production and financier company, focused on bringing prominent and genuine projects to audiences across multiple platforms. The company was founded by Jason Allison, former NHL player for the Boston Bruins and the LA Kings, together with global entrepreneur and renowned financier, Michael S. Smith. Together, they have quickly established themselves by lending their passion and experience to help bring exciting, new standout TV programming and films to a widespread marketplace, including the Dixie-Mafia crime drama ARKANSAS featuring Liam Hemsworth, Vince Vaughn, John Malkovich and the action comedy THE COMEBACK TRAIL written and directed by George Gallo, starring Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, and Zach Braff.

About Aloe Entertainment
Aloe Entertainment is a full service film and tv packaging production house located in Beverly Hills California.  Mary Aloe and staff specialize in bringing Equity and Mezzanine financing to pictures, as well as develop in house projects from the script to screen.  Aloe Entertainment and its principal owner Mary Aloe produce and /or finance 4 to 5 movies a year. Aloe’s slate of films coming out in   2020 and 2021  has Worth which premiered at Sundance 2020 starring Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci coming out worldwide on Netflix  in q 1  of 2021,  Breach starring Bruce Willis,  Bruised starring Halle Berry  premiering  Sept 11th 2020 at the Toronto International Film Festival and Flag Day directed and starring Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Miles Teller in post-production now.

About Ingenious Media
For 20 years, Ingenious has been at the forefront of investing in the global creative economy and in that time has raised and deployed over $10 billion. Ingenious has been involved in the production of a diverse slate of films, including the award-winning Life of Pi, Avatar, Oscar-nominated  Carol,  Brooklyn, five films in the successful X-Men franchise, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, breakout British hits Suffragette and The  Best  Exotic  Marigold  Hotel.

Recent titles include Sundance Film Festival crowd-pleaser Blinded by the Light featuring the music of Bruce Springsteen, which was acquired by New Line Cinema and will be released in August 2019, Judy starring Renée Zellweger, Military Wives starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan, The Song of Names starring Clive Owen and Tim Roth, Seberg starring Kristen Stewart and The Burnt Orange Heresy starring Mick Jagger and Donald Sutherland selected as the forthcoming Venice Film Festival closer.


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Cotton!" (video)

The Stooges are doctors operating on something.

When one of the Stooges asks another Stooge for cotton...

...he gets ignored at first, so then he yells "COTTON!" even louder...

...followed by the other Stooge angrily throwing the cotton in his face.



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Saturday, September 12, 2020

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Earache My Stethoscope" (video)

When somebody is wearing a stethoscope...

...he or somebody else blows through or hits the sound-part of the stethoscope...

...causing the wearer's ears to get hurt from the loud sound.



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!

Friday, September 11, 2020

"Death On the Amazon: My Memories of Eric Fleming" -- Lynne Garber's New Book About "Rawhide" Star Eric Fleming

In "Death On the Amazon: My Memories of Eric Fleming", Lynne Garber’s romance with Hollywood star Eric Fleming bursts off the page. 

Fleming, the shining light of "Rawhide", one of the most successful and loved TV westerns in history, his romance with former Miss Pennsylvania Garber, and his tragic death while shooting a movie in the Peruvian Amazon form the basis of Garber’s incredible story.

But what she learned about Fleming, Hollywood, and beyond would have been too much even for an episode of "Rawhide."

Garber’s memoir leaves no stone unturned. She debunks Hollywood and media myths about Fleming and his death. She reveals details about his drunken father who persistently beat him, and dives into his professional relationship with CBS, the network that produced.

Garber pulls the Eric she knew and loved from her memories, from his diary, and from the more than two hundred love letters he sent her during their time together.

But it is Fleming’s untimely and unnecessary death in the Amazon to which Garber leads us. Through the courting, personal histories, and devious contract dealings, the pieces that pushed Eric to the brink and led to him agreeing to run rapids raging so fast that even the local Amazonian elders shied away.

Regrettably, Eric shot the perilous Huallaga River rapids and drowned. Weeks later, his battered body was recovered. He had been pummeled against boulders and ravaged by piranhas. Garber opens our eyes to the man behind the good looks and knowing glances of  trail boss Gil Favor of "Rawhide."

It’s an incredibly tragic story. A professional book editor who graduated from Yale (BA) and NYU (MFA) edited the manuscript. The book cover and book interior design were completed by an employee of Texas Tech University Press. The Director of Marketing at Cornell University Press is directing book promotion. The book is on NetGalley and there’s a Goodreads Giveaway. The book will go on sale starting September 28.

Buy it at


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Lighting Your Nose" (video)



A Stooge tries to light a cigar in his mouth...

...but accidentally burns his nose with the match.

Hilarity ensues!



I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


Witch Hunt Thriller "THE CURSE OF AUDREY EARNSHAW" In Theaters 10/2 and VOD+Digital 10/6

Epic Pictures Presents

Screening in Limited Theaters Friday, October 2, 2020
Available on VOD + Digital Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Against the autumnal palette of harvest season in 1973, THE CURSE OF AUDREY EARNSHAW explores the disturbed bond between Audrey, an enigmatic young woman, and Agatha, her domineering ‘mother’, who live secretly as occultists on the outskirts of a remote Protestant village.

As the community is besieged by a pestilence of unknown origin: children, fields, and livestock begin to die — yet the Earnshaw farm remains strangely unaffected. As mass hysteria sets in the village, the townsfolk commence accusations against Audrey and Agatha of witchcraft.

Capturing a perfect mixture of religious paranoia and folklore horror, Thomas Robert Lee’s THE CURSE OF AUDREY EARNSHAW is a haunting and unflinching tale of vengeance.



THE CURSE OF AUDREY EARNSHAW celebrated its world premiere at Fantasia Fest 2020, coming out with raving reviews. The film will be releasing in limited theaters on Friday, October 2, 2020 and will be available on major VOD/Digital platforms beginning Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

"I wanted to tell a story about legacy, and to specifically explore it within the context of a folk horror narrative,” says writer/director Thomas Robert Lee. “The community grows increasingly desperate as their given circumstances grow dire. In reality, the pandemic appears to have amplified hatred and xenophobia, or at least the voices of those spewing hate speech. Obviously there is a world of difference between my screenplay and the very real ramifications of the pandemic, but the similarities, however surface-level they may be, have certainly been on my mind these past months.”

THE CURSE OF AUDREY EARNSHAW is written and directed by Thomas Robert Lee. Produced by Gianna Isabella and executive produced by Lee, Marie-Claude Poulin, James Mahoney, Bill Marks, Divya Shahani, George Mihalka, Susan Curran, Patrick Ewald, and Shaked Berenson. Cinematography by Nick Thomas. Edited by Ben Lee Allen. Music by Thilo Schaller and Bryan Buss. A Gate 67 Films Production.

Starring: Catherine Walker, Jared Abrahamson, Hannah Emily Anderson, Geraldine O’Rawe, Don McKellar, Sean McGinley, and introducing Jessica Reynolds as Audrey Earnshaw


RT: 94min | Not Yet Rated

Genre: Horror | Canada




THE CURSE OF AUDREY EARNSHAW will be available on VOD/Digital

Tuesday, October 6, 2020:

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