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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dragon Dynasty 36th Chamber of Shaolin Caps!


Not Bad Hugo, Not Bad. Megatron Speaks!



(Author's Note: I have been invited to be one of the kayfabe-era wrestling (typically meaning professional wrestling up until 1989, although that will not be a hard and fast rule) correspondents on this fine blog. It is my hope that this piece will serve to introduce me to you, the readers, and explain, for those of you too young to live through the time period discussed, why you should care about the personalities, programs, angles, and matches that I'm sure to touch on in the weeks and months ahead. It is my hope that you will enjoy reading about these events as much as I enjoyed experiencing them as a small child obsessed with professional wrestling).

Allow me to take you back, to a time and place that may seem unfamiliar to the younger readers reading this. The time was circa 1985. A time that I fondly term BCABIR (Before Cable and Before Information Revolution); a time when people got their news and entertainment from either the “big three” broadcast television networks or an “unaffiliated” station, which were television stations on the UHF band that now typically show UPN or CW programs showed whatever program they could get cheap. The place was Baltimore, Maryland, where a little seven-year-old boy would sit with his grandfather, or his great-uncle, or his favorite uncle, or a combination thereof, watching television on a weekend afternoon, transfixed, as the little boy had since the age of three. While the family members mentioned above are no longer with us, the little boy has since grown into a man pushing thirty years of age, and his little shadow stares at me when I look in the mirror, and the memories of what transfixed him remain with me to this day.

What was it that so transfixed me, you may ask? Professional wrestling. On or around that time, Baltimore got Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association (AWA), Bill Watt’s Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF), three of Jim Crockett Promotions’ shows, and two World Wrestling Federation shows airing in one weekend. I watched them all. The larger-than-life characters: men named Hayes, Gordy, Roberts, Slaughter, Hogan, Koloff, Kernodle, Junkyard, Williams, and the greatest of them all, a man named Flair. I watched their wild deeds from strange-sounding places: The Irish-McNeil Boy’s Club, the Tulsa Fairgrounds, the Cobo Arena, the Forum, Madison Square Garden, Charlotte, Raleigh, Spartanburg. And what did they do to transfix me? What was it that I liked so much about it?

Done well, in any era, professional wrestling is the highest form of performance art. Wrestling, in it’s basic form, is a morality play. Good versus Evil. One man wronged another, now the man who did the wrong must pay. Or one man wants what another has (typically a big gold belt, but also including money and women, which have all been put up for grabs in a wrestling match, in every era, at one time or another). I was transfixed by this ever-evolving tale of good and evil, the men who performed it well, and even the men that described it. For those of you who weren’t old enough to know, I can’t tell you what it felt like to see two thousand people making enough noise for one hundred thousand, as Steve Williams won the UWF championship on television against the One Man Gang. And I also can’t begin to describe how the announcer, whose face looked like a hoot owl and voice sounded like a hick, made the action in the ring seem more important than anything. The hoot-owl face and hick voice belong to a man named Jim Ross. Or how David Crockett would announce matches like his grasp of the English language was tenuous at best: “Magnum TA…Blanchard’s face in the fence…Git’em now, Magnum, Git’em.” Great stuff! And it seemed like the most important thing in the world to me. Or the voice of a man called Gorilla and a man called the Brain, the most underrated comedy duo of all time! This is what pro wrestling of that era meant to me, and millions of others. And, if I had the time, I could be here all night typing of my experiences going to matches, where people could still light up a cigarette inside of an arena, and security was more a suggestion than a force!

Now that you have been introduced to me, my experiences, and the tip of the iceberg of my memories of a time and place, I hope you will continue to enjoy the musings of a man whimsically remembering a time and place long ago passed. And I hope that you will not only be informed and entertained but inspired, the same way these events inspired me so long ago.


Scott Joins the Blog!

Despite being a wrestling nerd, with a freakishly long memory, Scott managed to get his BA cum laude from a prestigious institution of higher learning in his hometown of Baltimore. His other hobbies, apart from wrestling, include NASCAR, action films, video games, and following current events. And, so no one feels the need to ask, his favorite wrestler of all-time is “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jim Cornette is Awesome!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Nine Rings of Sandra Lee's Inferno: Cool Kids' Cooking

“Move over, Mom and Dad. In the kitchen, kids rule!”

So begins the terrifying journey into the pits of Hell that is Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cool Kids’ Cooking (note the bizarrely placed apostrophe…nice!). I seriously cannot imagine someone purchasing this overly colorful cookbook for children, but God help them if they do. Sandra is condescending and patronizing on every single page. Her “hip lingo” that the “cool kids” will apparently dig includes such gems as “awesomest” (way to encourage improper superlatives, Sandy!), “bodalicious,” “mad movie munchies” (does her nephew smoke a lot of weed or something?) “school the peeps” and “wazup” to name a few. Apparently homework is “easier to swallow” when you have snacks, her PB Smoothie will go down “slooow good” and when you want something “wet and wicked” her Tropical Cooler is “chill” the one…why does her writing sound like really bad porn? Wow…this truly is the depth of human stupidity. Come join me on my adventure thorough the alcohol-addled mind of a blonde bimbo disguised as a reputable chef, won’t you?

Oh…by the way, the entire book is illustrated with this bizarre cartoon of “adult” Sandra (oh please…maybe it was realistic when she was 15, but not her current 40-something self) who wears this lame necklace that says “Sandy.” Also, the kids who surround her in the various depictions of food preparation that pepper the book are (of course) a wide assortment of races and hair colors who have come together to celebrate the joy of cooking via their culinary savior, Miss Sandy Lee! Thank God she came to show us the light, shout the young “We are the World” children. If anyone ever saw the television show The Weekenders that used to be on Saturday mornings, you will recognize the eerie resemblance between characters like Tish and the girl who adorns the cover of this fantabulous cookbook.

What I plan to do for the next few weeks is to go chapter by chapter through this horrifying collection of Sandy’s most inedible concoctions, as that’s the most I can stomach at one time. There are nine chapters, so I will devote myself to reviewing a chapter a week so that the poor and huddled masses yearning to breath free can partake vicariously in the mind-numbing idiocy of Sandra’s attempt to crack the tween cookbook market. Hmm…nine chapters, nine rings of Hell in Dante’s Inferno. Coincidence?


Today, I will begin with Chapter One, entitled “Bright Breakfasts.”

Obviously, Sandy knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and assumes eating her crap will help make children “bright.” We shall soon see if her hypothesis pans out or, more than likely, crashes as quickly as her fluffy souffl√©s.

This chapter features 10, count ‘em 10, fabulous recipes for the children to help make and eat. Anyone who has watched Sandy’s show (whether for entertainment purposes or not) realizes Sandy deeply cares about the health of kids. Well…not her kids, as she doesn’t have any, but other kids, like her nieces and nephews, she definitely cares about. Except when it’s Cocktail Time! Whether condemning the abundance of ketchup use or telling her audience that it is soooo hard to get food into kids these days, Sandy is constantly letting us know that she worries about children’s health. As such, she devotes this chapter to giving the kids in her life (as pictured by freaky anime-like cartoon characters in the cookbook) the bountiful breakfast goodies she has accumulated through her many, many years “cooking and entertaining” the way her grandma taught her. Only now, Sandy notes in the introduction to this chapter, “when mornings are warp speed, Grammy’s Granola keeps it caz.” I assume “caz” here signifies casual, but I really cannot say for sure, except it must be what those cool kids say nowadays. I guess I’m too old at 24 for these young hipsters and their crazy slang!

Sandra’s recipes in this first “eggscellent” chapter (her words, not mine) are “Egg Nests,” “Scrambled Egg Burritos,” “Mini Breakfast Pizzas,” “BTC Quiche” (the C is for Cheddar, not crap…though you yourself will have to be the judge of that), “Apple Spice Pancake Roll-Ups,” “Fruity French Toast,” “Nutty Banana Cakes,” “Waffle Wheels,” “Good Morning Parfait,” and finally the previously mentioned “Grammy’s Granola.” Aside from the fact that half of Sandra’s culinary treats sound like the creations of stoned college students (dude…we could totally make a pizza with eggs on top, man!), one will also immediately note the silliness of Sandy’s recipe names. Sandy never saw an alliterative title she didn’t like, and her cookbooks are stuffed to the gills with cutesy girly names for EVERYTHING, especially those ubiquitous cocktails she loves so much. One example that I will focus on for the rest of this review is the frightening “Waffle Wheels” recipe that is both alliterative and incredibly stupid at the same time. Way to go, Snads!

"Waffle Wheels” begins with, you guessed it, FROZEN WAFFLES. Now, I am a lazy, lazy person. I think the fact I got this book over a month ago and am just writing a review now demonstrates my love of procrastination. However, if I am taking the time to make a nice, healthful breakfast, I sure as hell don’t toast up some Eggo waffles. I mean, I eat those at night when I need to satisfy my sweet tooth by consuming bread covered in syrup. It’s a serious condition I have; don’t make fun. Anyway, Eggo waffles would never, ever be designated as “healthy” eating by any sane person, yet Sandra goes out of her way to profess the benefits of waffle “sandwiches” for those darn kids that won’t eat anything!

She notes under “food you’ll need” that the ingredients are bananas, Eggo waffles (always making sure to let even her youngest readers know the importance of brand loyalty in the world of Semi-Homemade), crunchy peanut butter (Laura Scudder’s, wtf is that?) and Sun-Maid raisins. And here’s the entirety of this great kiddy recipe:

“Using a table knife, cut each banana into 10 slices of equal size (for a total of 20 slices); set aside. Toast waffles in toaster. Carefully remove waffles from toaster.

Using a table knife, spread 2 tablespoons peanut butter on 1 waffle. Top peanut butter with 5 banana slices and 1 tablespoon raisins. Place second waffle on top and sandwich together. Repeat to make a total of 4 sandwiches. Serve on dinner plates.”

Okay. To start with, I find it a tad ridiculous that this incredibly simplistic recipe is in her cookbook. I feel like when I was a child I could have come up with the same thing. Does that make me a fabulous chef like Sandra Lee? Hell no…I don’t drink enough to match her awe-inspiring greatness.

Next, why does she have to give exact measurements for peanut butter and raisins? Wouldn’t children be able to put whatever amount they like on their crappy waffles without following her exact dictations of “2 tablespoons?” I know that when I put peanut butter on anything, I just glop it on without thinking of how many tablespoons I am spreading onto to my food. I think, in this case, she should have just said “spread as much peanut butter as desired.” Same with the raisins. These directions do not need to be so specific for the little kids supposedly using the cookbook.

Finally, why does she recommend that this culinary delight be served “on dinner plates?” Are paper plates too low-class for Sandy, or is she actually being cautious about the environment? My guess is she wanted to put in a specific brand for the plate, but the deal fell through so they left it in the cookbook sans recommendation. Darn…what a missed opportunity to brainwash the young’uns into buying her crap.

I find these early recipes within this first chapter bode much trouble for the rest of the Sandra’s culinary masterpiece. It’s like this cookbook is a weird amalgam of simplistic recipes by stoners with directions written by ruler-bearing schoolmarms who flinch at imprecise measurements. Plus, it’s supposed to be for KIDS. However, Sandra’s overtly condescending tone gives one the impression that this is marketed towards young adults, hip lingo and all, but that no kid would actually want to read it (the language is so uncool it’s painful to look at) and use it the way Sandra intended. Seriously, unless your child gets that this is a joke, do not give them this cookbook. It’s a disaster in the making that will leave your appliances, and your souls, deeply scarred.

Next week, the second chapter “Lazy Day Lunches” as we head into the second ring of the Inferno. As Sandra writes as her salutation in the introduction, Dish Delish!


Music (well sound fx) to my ears.

Listen carefully at around 1:06 in the clip.

Monday, June 25, 2007

K1 Grand Prix Holland Play by Play

Melvin Manhoef vs. Ruslan Karaev - K1 Rules Bout

Round One

Manhoef bullies Karaev to the canvas after catching a kick. Ref steps in and restarts the match. Manhoef throws a beautiful hooking left right left combo and absolutely cleans Karaev’s clock. Karaev is on the canvas for several minutes and looks like he has no idea what happened.

Winner Melvin Manhoef by KO RD 1

Bjorn Bregy vs. Brencht Wallis - K1 Rules Bout (Quarter Final Tournament Fight)

Round One

Both fighters come out with aggression. Wallis gets caught by a Bregy right hand and sits down. Wallis is back up and both fighters are trading leather. Round ends with both fighters slugging away. 10 - 8 Bregy.

Round Two

Both fighter come out firing, Wallis is the more aggressive of the two and lands some good shots. It is clear both fighters are worn out. Both fighters take turns pushing the pace of the bout but it is Bregy who steals the round in the last few seconds. 10 - 9 Bregy. Wallis needs a KO to win.

Round Three

Wallis comes out with fire in his eyes knowing he has to get the KO to win. Bregy seems happy to fight backing up and landing some sloppy leg kicks. Wallis is pushing the pace but it is not enough to get to the chin of Bregy. Wallis takes the round but loses the fight. 10-9 Wallis

Winner Bjorn Bregy Unanimous Decision 29 - 27

Maksym Melevda vs. Magomed Magomedov - K1 Rules Bout (Quarter Final Tournament Fight)

Round One

Round starts out like a feeling out process. Magomedov lands some nice leg kicks and glancing punches. Melevda turns it on in the second half of the round and steals the round with accurate punches and knees to the body. 10 - 9 Melevda.

Round Two

Magomedov looks a lot better this round and is almost landing at will in the first half of the round. Melevda turns up the heat in the second half of the round but catches a straight kick to the face for his trouble. Magomedov lands some great body shots and take the round. 10 - 9 Magomedov.

Round Three

The fight is to be won or lost in this round and both fighters know it. They exchange in the corner and it appears that Melevda is cut over his left eye. The doctor is called in to take a look at the gash. Action is restarted. Magomedov lands a text book high kick and lands straight kicks to the face of Melevda at will. Round and fight goes to Magomedov. 10 - 9 Magomedov.

Winner Magomedov Unanimous Decision 29 -28

Paul Slowinski - Hiromi Amada - K1 Rules Bout (Quarter Final Tournament Fight)

Round One

Slowinski comes out firing some brutal leg kicks which go totally unchecked by Amada. Amada is wobbled by a hard leg kick and given a standing eight count. Slowinski attacks with some more hard leg kicks and stops Amada dead in his tracks.

Winner Paul Slowinski RD 1 TKO

James Phillips vs. Zabit Samedov - K1 Rules Bout (Quarter Final Tournament Fight)

Round One

Both fighters throw some hard leg kicks. Samedov is landing some brutal body shots and following up with leg kicks. Phillips is cut and the doctor is called in to check it out. After the break Phillips starts landing some hard accurate leg kicks. 10 - 9 Samedov.

Round Two

Phillips comes out firing more of his hard low kicks. It is clear that Samedov is feeling those kicks and he is getting winded. Samedov is throwing one punch at a time and lands a Superman punch at the end of the round. Phillips takes the round with combos and low kicks. 10 - 9 Phillips.

Round Three

Samedov comes out throwing some vicious body punches. Phillips is not doing much and eats not one but two Superman punches from Samedov. Round ends with Samedov landing the cleaner shots. 10 - 9 Samedov. I scored the fight 29 - 28 for Samedov.

Winner Samedov Unanimous Decision 30 - 27 x 2 & 29 - 28

Roy Tan vs. Hiroya - K1 Special Rules Match 3 rds 2mins

Round One

These young warriors came to fight. Tan (18) and Hiroya (15) are throwing fast hard combinations. This round is a real “see-saw” battle. Hiroya finishes the round with a flurry of punches and kicks. 10 - 9 Hiroya.

Round Two

Hiroya is throwing accurate combinations in the first half of this round. He stalks Tan around the ring and doesn’t give him much room to breath. This kid can fight. 10 - 9 Hiroya.

Round Three

Sharp combos and hard kicks from Hiroya open the round. Tan looks desperate and is getting beat to the punch every time by Hiroya. Hiroya finishes the fight throwing bombs at Tan. 10 - 9 Hiroya

Winner Hiroya Winner Unanimous Decision 30 - 27

Bjorn Bregy vs. Magomed Magomedov - K1 Rules Bout (Tournament Semi - Finals Bout)

Round One

Magomedov is looking to keep his distance from the much larger Bregy. Magomedov is leaping in to the bigger opponent and is now looking to engage in a slugfest. Bregy catches Magomedov with a knee and the slugfest plan is left in the dust as the smaller man keeps the distance. 10 - 9 Bregy.

Round Two

Bregy is looking to bully the smaller man and he is successful as he catches Magomedov with a wild hook and floors him. The action is restarted with Magomedov looking shaky and tired. Bregy pounces on his injured counterpart and bludgeons him in the corner until the ref stops the action. Bregy wins but he looks gassed and will be at a stamina disadvantage during the final bout.

Winner Bjorn Bregy RD 2 TKO

Paul Slowinski vs. Zabit Samedov K1 Rules Bout (Tournament Semi - Finals Bout)

Round One

Slowinski sticks to his strategy of throwing hard low kicks but he is eating some big over hand rights. Samedov lands a huge over hand right and puts Slowinski on the mat. Slowinski is back up and he keeps throwing the low kicks, this time he puts Samedov on the canvas, not once but twice. Two knock downs in one round and the ref stops the fight. The crowd is not pleased with the stoppage. Paul Slowinski will be the fresher man coming into the final bout.

Winner Paul Slowinski RD 1 TKO

Nicolas Vermont vs. Junichi Sawayashiki - K1 Rules Bout

Round One

Both fighters throw some viscous leg kicks with Sawayashiki getting the better of the two. Vermont is keeping up with his opponent but Sawayashiki is landing crisper combos and harder shots. 10 - 9 Sawayashiki.

Round Two

Vermont is fading fast and he is getting hammered with hard leg kicks. Sawayashiki takes advantage of the situation and knocks Vermont down three times, fight is over.

Winner Junichi Sawayashiki RD 2 TKO

Bob Sapp vs. Peter Aerts - K1 Rules Bout

Round One

Sapp charges out of his corner and takes Aerts to the ground. Aerts is back on his feet and he blasts Sapp with a body kick and knee that looks like it half landed at best. Sapp goes down like he was shot; Sapp is done…what a joke this guy has become.

Winner Peter Aerts RD 1 KO

Paul Slowinski vs. Bjorn Bregy - K1 Rules Bout (Tournament Finals)

Round One

Slowinski loves the leg kicks and he is using them again. Bregy is doing a good job of checking the kicks and countering with punches. Bregy takes control of the round and lands some good shots. Bregy lands a flying knee at the end of the round. 10 - 9 Bregy.

Round Two

Slowinski comes out with some hard leg kicks. Bregy is caught with a huge over hand right and is walking around the ring like he has no idea where he is, he drops to the canvas but gets back to his feet. Slowinski jumps on Bregy and knocks him out with a flurry of shots.

Winner & K1 Grand Prix Holland Winner Paul Slowinski RD 2 KO

Semmy Schilt vs. Mighty Mo - K1 Super Heavyweight Title Bout

Round One

Schilt is trying to keep his distance by throwing low kicks and front kicks. Mo gets in with a big overhand right and makes Schilt take a big step back. Semmy continues with the low kicks. 10 - 9 Schilt.

Round Two

Schilt is still keeping his distance and fighting a safe fight. Mo is getting hurt by the leg kicks and front kicks to the body. Mo is deducted a point for holding. Mo is hurt by another body kick at the end of the round. 10 - 8 Schilt.

Round Three

Schilt starts to open up with high kicks and low kicks. Mo has no game plan and looks very bad out there. Mo is deducted another point for lack of aggression and holding. Mo is getting beaten up and the fight really is not is questions at this point. Schilt wins the round 10 - 8.

Winner and K1 Super Heavyweight Champion Semmy Schilt Unanimous Decision 30 - 26


Updates Coming! Really, we're not dead. :)

Sorry, for the lack of updates over the last couple of days as things have really hectic. However, the next couple of days will be showcasing some great updates.

1. A play by play look at the latest K-1 event in Holland from Mike.
2. The amazing 9 part in-depth look at the terrifying Sandra Lee's Children Cookbook by Jessica that will make you laugh yourself silly begins.
3. A look at the final two DVDs from Dragon Dynasty Shaw DVDs (One Armed Swordsman and My Young Auntie).
4. A review of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Transformers the Movie in celebration of the upcoming live-action film, along with other Transformers related material.


Monday, June 18, 2007

King Boxer and 36th Chamber of Shaolin Dragon Dynasty Reviews.

King Boxer and 36th Chamber of Shaolin DVD Review

King Boxer and 36th Chamber of Shaolin Video: King Boxer and 36th Chamber of Shaolin both boast restored picture quality that has been seen previously on releases on DVD by IVL in Hong Kong. However, there is something with these Region 1 releases from Dragon Dynasty that make them superior to most, if not all, of the other DVD releases of these films. They have been properly converted to NTSC from PAL. Previous releases of the Shaws in Hong Kong and America have often featured blurry pans, ghosting, improper speeds (often appearing too slow or sometimes too fast) in the video transfer. Thankfully, none of these appear on these Dragon Dynasty releases and thus allow those who had previously seen these restored versions to experience these films anew. The color s are vivid and strong on King Boxer. This is also the case for 36th Chamber of Shaolin most of the time. There are brief instances of minor frame instability lasting less than one second in 36th Chamber of Shaolin. This is a result of frames not being cut from 36th Chamber of Shaolin as Celestial would later do to their other films during the restoration process.

King Boxer Audio: King Boxer features both Mandarin and English Mono. Both tracks are actually mono and feature no audio additions. This is important as a number of fans have expressed a dislike for many of the poor 5.1 remixes that Celestial has released to distributors. The audio is clean and clear and sounds as if it has been given an audio restoration to remove any imperfections. The one minor exception to this is a 3-5 second instance during the English dub of King Boxer when the audio momentarily warbles. This is quite short however and most likely due to the elements used. Otherwise the audio is in excellent condition.

36th Chamber of Shaolin Audio: 36th Chamber of Shaolin features Mandarin, Cantonese, and English Mono. The condition is just as good. I think I can state with confidence that I have never heard the English language versions of these films sound this good.

King Boxer Extras: King Boxer comes with some excellent extras. First off, it has interviews with the director Chang-Hwa Jeong, who talks about what separated King Boxer (in his opinion) from other Chinese directors at the time; this interview lasts about five minutes. We also have a nearly twenty-minute interview with Lar-Kar Wing, who served as action director on the film and talks about the process of setting up the fights. There are short interviews with David Chute and Andy Klein about some of the themes in the film. The disc contains (as can be seen in our screenshots) numerous trailers, including an alternate credit sequence which used the title Five Fingers of Death. There is also a commentary track featuring David Chute, Elvis Mitchell, and Quentin Tarantino. This commentary is interesting and talks about the structure and style of the Kung Fu film.

36th Chamber of Shaolin Extras: The disc comes once again with some nice interviews including an around fifteen minute-long interview with the Master Killer himself, Gordon Liu. The disc also contains a very interesting interview with the RZA in which he talks about his first experience with these films (and in a screenshot of the famous 42nd street in New York, you can actually see a marquee advertising Shaolin vs. Manchu). There is also a Celestial-produced feature on Shaolin itself and it is fairly interesting (it is one that has appeared on Celestial products, so some may have seen it before). David Chute and Andy Klein once again appear in an interview segment talking about the film. There are also a bevy of trailers for the film (as seen in our 36th Chamber screenshots which will be up later tonight) and a TV ad for 36th Chamber of Shaolin which uses the Master Killer name. Rounding up the extras is an audio commentary featuring Andy Klein and RZA. The RZA shows his skills commenting on the film’s influence on him, cameos, martial art styles, and the cast and crew. Andy Klein seemingly did not prepare for this commentary as much and at times stating his lack of knowledge about the period of Chinese history covered (which easily could have been researched), missing the first appearance of Lo Lieh, among other things. It just seems that Andy Klein should have prepared a little more for this DVD, especially since the RZA obviously took the time to make sure he knew his stuff. This is a minor complaint though, as these DVD have some really nice extras.

Final Thoughts: These are the versions fans have been asking for and Dragon Dynasty delivers, with versions that are both a treat to look at and listen to, with some excellent extras too. I can easily say that both items are must buys.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mercenaries 2 - Debut Trailer

Boom goes the dynamite!

Seriously loved the first game, can't wait to get the second one.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Simon Yam and Connan Lee awww!

Simon Yam and Connan Lee awww!

Friday, June 15, 2007

MMA Rankings as of 6/13/07 by Keith Shillan

Before I give my predictions, please know my philosophy with rankings. I believe you are only as good as your last fight. So drumroll please!


1. Fedor Emelianenko
2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria
3. Josh Barnett
4. Randy Couture
5. Gabriel Gonzaga
6. Mirko Filipovic
7. Tim Sylvia
8. Andrei Arlovski
9. Mark Hunt
10. Fabrico Werdum

Light Heavyweights:

1. Maurico Rua
2. Dan Henderson
3. Wanderlei Silva
4. Quinton Jackson
5. Chuck Liddell
6. Rameau Thierry Sokodjou
7. Ricardo Arona
8. Antonio Rogerio Nogueria
9. Tito Ortiz
10. Rashad Evans


1. Dan Henderson
2. Matt Lindland
3. Paulo Filho
4. Anderson Silva
5. Rich Franklin
6. Denis Kang
7. Nathan Marquardt
8. Kazuo Misaki
9. Ryo Chonan
10. Murilo Bustamante


1. Matt Serra
2. Georges St. Pierre
3. Matt Hughes
4. BJ Penn
5. Josh Koscheck
6. Diego Sanchez
7. Karo Parisyan
8. Jon Fitch
9. Jake Shields
10. Akira Kikuchi

Lightweights: (By far the hardest to rank)

1. Takanori Gomi
2. Hayato Sakurai
3. Sean Sherk (yes, I do count his wins at welterweight)
4. Nick Diaz (also count his wins at welterweight, and still count his win over Gomi as legit)
5. Gilbert Melendez
6. Shinya Aoki
7. Tatsuyo Kawajiri
8. Vitor Riberio
9. Joe Stevenson
10. Joaquim Hansen

Please send all your questions, comments, and hate mail to

K1 Heavyweights Invade the Amsterdam Arena!

On June 23, 2007 The K1 World Grand Prix comes to the Amsterdam Arena with some of the biggest names in the sport. Topping the card will be current K1 Grand Prix Champ Semmy Schilt, Mighty Mo, Peter Aerts and the colossal Bob Sapp.

The card will feature K1 super fights, a three fight MMA card and an eight man tournament. The MMA card will feature former Pride contenders Allistair Overeem and Gilbert Yvel.

As of right now there is no televised North American coverage of this event but we will have the results from this show shortly after the show.

K1 Super Fights

Peter Aerts vs Bob Sapp
Semmy Schilt vs Mighty Mo
Melvin Manhoef vs Ruslan Karaev
Gokhan Saki vs Mourad Bouzidi
Joerie Mes vs Murat Direkci
Tarik el Iddrisi vs Pajonsuk

MMA Rules

Allistair overeem vs Micheal Knaap
Vincent Latoel vs Sahin”Kaas” Yakut
Gilbert Yvel vs Hakim Gouram

K1 Tournament

Bjorn Bregy vs Maxim Neledva
Cyril Abidi vs Brecht Wallis
Muhammad Magomedov vs James Philips
Zabit Samedov vs TBA

Thursday, June 14, 2007


The specs for the "greatest movie ever" have been announced along with a pic of the cover. Thanks to Arif Khan.
Region 1
Original Cantonese Language
Optional English Subtitles
Dolby Digital audio
16 x 9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Original 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio
Theatrical Trailer
Photo Gallery
Audio commentary with Anthony Wong and Herman Yau
Interview with the director Herman Yau
Never before seen deleted scenes!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Review to follow in a day, but enjoy these screencaps for the moment.