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Sunday, April 8, 2007

HK FILM NEWS Presents Chang Cheh Month! A Celebration of CC. Help join in the celebration!

This month will bring a celebration of the work of director Chang Cheh.

We are planning to host reviews of his films, articles and analysis of his works, life, actors (don't worry Venom fans), and technqiues. Each day will bring at least one new item related to Chang Cheh.

We are issuing an open call for writings from our readers. We want you to help us celebrate the life of one of the world's greatest directors. Please send your ideas and submissions to as we would love to have them. If you can only offer stills and pictures of articles, we would love to have them too.

The month starts off with a look at FLAG OF IRON and an overview of the various the periods of his career which will be uploaded tomorrow morning.

Don't worry site readers, all the normal parts of the site will continue (so no worries, Chiba fans).

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