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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chinese History Through Kung Fu Movies TImeline

So now you can try and check out the unique and interesting periods of Chinese history through kung fu movies. This list was done a couple of years ago but most likely wasn't seen by many recent members. We're also going to try and add to it more as even just the last three in terms of TVB and Shaw releases have been tremendous. Credit first of course.

Thread/idea by gfanikf KFF

Timeline from (coutesy of gfanikf - this forum)
Sensasian Timeline & List from

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Compiled by Limubai2000 from KFF

Chinese History Through Kung Fu Movies Timeline v .3

2690-2590 B.C. Huang Di

2333-2234 B.C. Tang Yao

2233-2184 B.C. Yu Shun

2100-1500 B.C. Xia

1700-1027 B.C. Shang

Last Woman of Shang (iskandam)
Na Cha The Great (Sensasian)
A Maid From Heaven (sensasian)

1027-771 B.C. Western Zhou

A Step Into The Past (TVB Serial)(Sensasian)
The King With My Face (Sensasian)

770-221 B.C. Eastern Zhou

770-476 B.C. -- Spring and Autumn period

Hsi Shih (Jin Yong)
Saga Of zhou Dynasty The Spring And Autumn Period (Sensasian)

475-221 B.C. -- Warring States period

Saga Of Zhou Dynasty The Warring States (Sensasian)

221-207 B.C. Qin

Emporer's Shadow (Magic8)
Hero (Magic8)
Emporer And The Assasin (Magic8)
First Emporer of China IMAX (Documentary)(Limubai2000)
Terracotta Warriors (Sensasian)
Shin No Shikoutei (Sensasian)
The First Emporer (Sensasian)
The Rise Of The Great Wall (Sensasian)

206 B.C.- A.D. 9 Western Han

Great Conqueror's Concubine Part 1 & 2 (iskandam)
Farewell To My Concubine (Sensasian)
Beyond The Great Wall (Sensasian)
Han Dynasty (Sensasian)
Heroic Prince (Sensasian)
Wulung Prince (Sensasian)
Silk Road Parts 1,2, & 3 (Sensasian)

A.D. 9-24 Xin (Wang Mang interregnum)

A.D. 25-220 Eastern Han

A.D. 220-280 Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms (TV-50) (iskandam)
Generation Pendragon (Sensasian)
Li bu And Diao Chan (Sensasian)
Hero Of The Three Kingdoms (Sensasian)
Strategy Of Three Kingdoms (Sensasian)

220-265 -- Wei

221-263 -- Shu

229-280 -- Wu

A.D. 265-316 Western Jin

The Butterfly Lover (Sensasian)
The Lovers (Sensasian)
2002 Butterfly Lovers 40 (Sensasian)

A.D. 317-420 Eastern Jin

A.D. 420-588 Southern and Northern Dynasties

Mulan (Sensasian)
Wu Yen (Sensasian)
Master Of Zen (Sensasian)
The Legend Of Lady Chung (Sensasian)
Dharma - Founder Of Shaolin (Sensasian)

420-588 Southern Dynasties

420-478 -- Song

479-501 -- Qi

502-556 -- Liang

557-588 -- Chen

386-588 Northern Dynasties

386-533 -- Northern Wei

534-549 -- Eastern Wei

535-557 -- Western Wei

550-577 -- Northern Qi

557-588 -- Northern Zhou

A.D. 581-617 Sui

A.D. 618-907 Tang

Warriors Of Heaven And Earth (Magic8)
Empress Wu Tse-Tien (Jin Yong)
Yang Kwei Fei (Jin Yong)
Foundation (Sensasian)
The Queen Of Tibet (Sensasian)
Heroic Ones (Sensasian)

A.D. 907-960 Five Dynasties

907-923 -- Later Liang

923-936 -- Later Tang

936-946 -- Later Jin

947-950 -- Later Han

951-960 - Later Zhou

A.D. 907-979 Ten Kingdoms

A.D. 960-1279 Sung

Water Margin (Magic8)
All Men Are Brothers (Magic8)
Deadly Duo (Jin Yong)
Heroes Of Sung (Jin Yong)
Brave Archer (series) (Jin Yong)
Golden Lotus (Jin Yong)
Legend Of The Condor Heroes (Book & Movie) (Sensasian)
Cat And Mouse (Sensasian)
The Lion Roars (Sensasian)
Twelve Gold Medallions (Sensasian)
The Grand Substitution (Sensasian)
The Heroine Of The Yangs Part 1 & 2 (Sensasian)
General Father, General Son (Sensasian)
Ashes Of Time (Sensasian)
Seven Warriors, Five Heroes (Sensasian)
Justice Pao - The Princes (Sensasian)
The Legend Of the Condor Heroes Parts 1,2 & 3 (TVB Series) (Sensasian)
Young Impartial Judge Parts 1 & 2 (Sensasian)
The Bride Napping (Sensasian)
Bao Gong Sheng Si Jie (Sensasian)
Junior Master Bao (Sensasian)
The Return Of The Condor Heroes (Sensasian)
Yue's Young Warriors (Sensasian)
Justice Pao - Zhe Bao Mian (Sensasian)
Yeung Female Warriors Parts 1 & 2 (Sensasian)
Ghenghis Khan (Sensasian)
The Yang's Saga (Sensasian)
Ghenghis Khan (TVB Series) (Sensasian)
All Men Are Brothers - Blood Of The Leopard (Sensaian)
Legend Of Condor Heroes (Puppet Show) (Sensasian)

960-1127 -- Northern Sung Brave Archer (series) (Jin Yong)

1127-1279 -- Southern Sung Brave Archer (series) (Jin Yong)

A.D. 916-1125 Liao

A.D. 1038-1227 Western Xia

A.D. 1115-1234 Jin

A.D. 1279-1368 Yuan

Musa (iskandam)
Bichunmoo (iskandam)
One Armed Swordman (Jin Yong)
Little Dragon Maiden (Jin Yong)
Brave Archer (series) (Jin Yong)
Marco Polo (Jin Yong)

Fall of Yuan to Ming
Musa (Muay Thai Media)
Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber Part 1 & 2 (Jin Yong)

A.D. 1368-1644 Ming

Secret Service Of The Imperial Court (Jin Yong)
The Kingdom And The Beauty (Sensasian)
Princes Chang Ping Parts 1 & 2(Sensasian)
Flirting Scholar (Sensasian)
The Three Smiles (Sensasian)
The Saga Of Yeun Soong Wun (Sensasian)
Big Foot Queen (Sensasian)
Chinese Odyssey - King Zhengde And Phoenix (Sensasian)

A.D. 1644-1911 Qing

New Tale Of Flying Fox (Jin Yong)
Emporer And His Brother (Jin Yong)
The Voyage Of Emporer Qian Long (Jin Yong)
The Emporer And The Beauty (Jin Yong)
Blood Brothers (Jin Yong)
Huang Fei Hung/Once Upon A Time In China Series (Muay Thai Media)
Boxer Rebellion (Muay Thai Media)
Empress Dowager (Jin Yong)
Last Tempest (Jin Yong)
Burning Of the Imperial Palace (Jin Yong)
Reign Behind the Curtain (Jin Yong)
Iron Bodyguard (Jin Yong)
Five Shaolin Masters (Jin Yong)
The 36th chamber of Shaolin (Jin Yong)
Disciple of the 36th Chamber (Jin Yong)
Return to the 36th chamber (Jin Yong)
Heroes Two (Jin Yong)
Executionners From Shaolin (Jin Yong)
Clan Of The White Lotus (Jin Yong)
Invincible Shaolin (Jin Yong)
Two Champion Of Shaolin (Jin Yong)
The Master (Jin Yong)
Dirty Ho (Jin Yong)
Sword Stained with Royal Blood (Jin Yong)
Legend of the Fox (Jin Yong)
Shaolin Temple (Jin Yong)
Adventures of Emperor Chien Lung (Jin Yong)
The Emperor and the Minister (Jin Yong)
Royal Tramp 1 & 2 (Jin Yong)
Iron Monkey (Sensasian)
Justice My Foot (Sensasian)
Hail The Judge (Sensasian)
Lawyer, Lawyer (Sensasian)
The Legend Of Ji Xiao Lan (Sensasian)
The Duke Of Mount Deer (TVB Series) (Sensasian)
Hero Fong Sai Yuk (Sensasian)
Prodigal Son (Sensasian)
Emporer Chien Lung And The Beauty (Sensasian)
Fake Emporer (Sensasian)
Anecdote Of Hau Zhuang (Sensasian)
Killing Machine (Sensasian)
Legend Of Yong Zheng Parts 1 & 2 (Sensasian)
Book And Sword Parts 1,2 & 3 (Sensasian)
Romance Of Book And Sword (Sensasian)
Voyage Of Emporer Chien Lung (Sensasian)
Warriors Two (Sensasian)
New Legend Of Shaolin (Sensasian)
Kangxi's Love Story Parts 1 & 2 (Sensasian)
Twilight Of the Forbidden City (Sensasian)
Reign Behind A Curtain (Sensasian)
Last Emporer (Sensasian)
Lover Of The Last Empress (Sensasian)
Lai Shi, China's Last Eunnuch (Sensaian)
Young Of wong Fei Hung (Sensasian)
Opium War (Sensasian)
Sino Dutch War 1661 (Sensasian)
New Legend Of Fong Sai Yuk Part 3 (Sensasian)
Legend of Yong Zheng (Sesasian)
Kangxi Dynasty (Sensasian)
Yong Zheng Dynasty (Sensasian)
Dynasty Of Chien Lung (Sensasian)
Mr Winner (Sensasian)
Tales of a Eunnuch (Jin Yong)
Fong Sai Yuk Parts 1 & 2(Muay Thai Media)
Once Upon A Time In China (Magic8)

A.D. 1912 - 1949 Chinese Civil War/WW2

Fist Of Fury (Magic8)
Fist Of Legend (Magic8)
Vengeance (Jin Yong)
Anonymous Heroes (Jin Yong)
The Warlord (Sensasian)
May And August (Sensasian)
Soong Sister (Sensasian)
Peking Opera Blues (Sensasian)
Peony Pavilion (Sensasian)
Till We Meet Again (Sensasian)
Boxer From Shantung (Sensaian)
Route (Sensasian)
Shanghai Grand (Sensasian)
Lord Of East China Sea Parts 1 & 2(Sensasian)
Fist Of Legend (TV Series) (Sensasian)
Man Behind The Sun (Sensasian)
Centre Stage (Sensasian)
Narrow Escape (Sensasian)
Vermilion Door (Sensasian)
Story Of Three Loves Parts 1 & 2 (Sensasian)
Bund (Sensasian)
Spring River Flows East - The Eight War Torn Years (Sensasian)
Star, Moon and Sun Parts 1 & 2 (Sensasian)
Kawashima Yoshiko (Sensasian)
Fist Of Hero (Sensasian)


Unknown said...

Pretty awesome. I wish history was as fantastic and colorful as those movies.

Unknown said...

Pretty awesome. I wish history was as fantastic and colorful as those movies.
It's an excellent film. Shanghai Blues is even better!