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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Porfle's Trivia Quiz #19: "BLADE RUNNER" (1982)

Harrison Ford plays Rick Deckard, the reluctant replicant hunter... Ridley Scott's science fiction masterpiece.

Question: How many shrimps (with noodles) does Deckard order?

A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five
E. Six

Question: What are Pris' first words to J.F. Sebastian?

A. "I'm lost"
B. "I'm hungry"
C. "I'm cold"
D. "I'm scared"
E. "I'm lonely"

Question: What does Deckard claim to be searching for in Zhora's dressing room?

A. Drugs
B. Holes
C. Electronic bugs
D. Pinhole camera
E. Weapons

Question: Roy says that all his memories will be lost like "tears in ---"?

A. Heaven
B. The sea
C. A whirlwind
D. Rain
E. Space

Question: Deckard finds what kind of origami figure at the end?

A. Human
B. Chicken
C. Unicorn
D. Gryphon
E. Angel

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it. Thanks for watching!


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