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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

HKCFN Podcast 2: Godzilla Final Wars!

Derek and I take a look at the most controversial Godzilla film ever.

We also take a peak at:
-The Awesomeness of Don Frye
-Why Mike Schlesinger is pretty darn cool too.
-What were people expected with Kitamura and his post-modern Godzilla film.
-Fanboys (young and old).


I, Candyman said...

Nice podcast, fellas. It's always fun to hear people talking in detail about these movies, even if one of them does suffer from some chemical imbalance that deludes him into thinking G85 is a good, or even a barely watchable, movie.

Seriously, good job. I agree about Kitamura's choreography. It makes Donnie Yen's seem placid and contemplative by comparison. And don't worry so much about the digressions. It's virtually impossible to discuss Godzilla movies without discussing other Godzilla movies, and if the digressions recede further and further from the point, so much the better for the listener. The endless references to D-Wars (whatever the hell that is) was kind of tiresome, though.

IKF said...

D-Wars was a Korean made monster movie that played in the US a month ago. It's the subject of our first podcast.

Happy you like the podcast. Give the D-War one a list too.