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Friday, October 5, 2007

Food of the Gods DVD Reivew

Food of the Gods DVD Review

Video: The video quality of Food of the Gods is excellent and has nice and vibrant colors that help capture the outdoor setting of most of the film. The colors are never oversaturated and look great. The picture does not have any grain on the image and has plenty of detail and does not look soft. The disc is also anamorphically enhanced correctly and has the original aspect ratio of the picture.

Audio: The audio is a clean mono track with no hissing or any audible audio damage. Since, this is a mono track you should not expect any huge directional effects or such. Still, the audio is properly mixed and the dialogue, sound, and music co-exists perfectly and never overpower one or the other.

Extras: None, just chapter stops.

Final Thought: Considering you can get this title for dirt cheap at Amazon, its easy to say (even without any extras) that if you want to see Food of the Gods or are even mildly interested, than this disc is an easy purchase to recommend.

Food of the Gods

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