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Friday, November 9, 2018

"Psycho" (1960): Arbogast Goes Down The Stairs Backwards (video)


Hitchcock gives us dogged detective Arbogast (Martin Balsam)…

...who, we think, will get to the bottom of the missing person case.

Norman (Anthony Perkins) denies him access to Mother, but he returns.
Arbogast enters the Bates house, intent on questioning Mother.

As he creeps up the stairs to her room...
...we wonder what he will find, and how the interview will go.

But Mother renders it a moot point.

Hitchcock makes Arbogast's backward descent dizzying, disorienting... filming him flailing his arms in front of a process screen.

I neither own nor claim any rights to this material.  Just having some fun with it.  Thanks for watching!


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