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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"AGENDA: PAYBACK" -- Level 33 Entertainment's Thriller in Select Theatres Feb 23rd and On Demand Feb 27th

Intense Action Thriller Starring Eric Balfour and Sean Patrick Flanery


In Select Theaters – February 23rd, 2018
On Demand Everywhere – February 27th, 2018

Los Angeles (CA) – Level 33 Entertainment has announced today the upcoming release of the Action Thriller feature film AGENDA: PAYBACK from Smoke Hammer Media starring Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints, Flashburn & Saw 3D: The Final Chapter), Eric Balfour (200 Degrees, Skyline & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Nick Stevenson (Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black”, The Son, & The Long Road Home), Cherilyn Wilson (AMC’s “MadMen”, The Social Network, & HBO’s “True Blood”), and Luke Massy (Thor, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, & Green Street Hooligans 2).

AGENDA: PAYBACK will screen in select theaters including the Laemmle Music Hall in Los Angeles and will be available across all On Demand platforms including iTunes, Amazon Video, Comcast XFinity, DirecTV, AT&T, Sony, Microsoft, VUDU and many more.

AGENDA: PAYBACK was directed by multiple festival award winner, Giorgio Serafini (200 Degrees, Flashburn, & Johnny’s Gone), and written by Garry Charles (200 Degrees, Flashburn, & Welcome to Acapulco). The film was produced by Eric Balfour and Scott Dolezal (The Hot Chick, The Chosen One, & Flashburn) for Smoke Hammer Media.

In AGENDA: PAYBACK, Steve Walsh lives a life of luxury, built on the ruins of other people’s dreams. His targets never retaliate. But Peter Farrell is different — he's dangerous and has nothing to lose. Peter's life has been destroyed by Steve and he wants revenge. He will stop at nothing to get it and Steve’s previous life of wealth and opulence will disintegrate, never to return to normal again.


FACEBOOK:  @AgendaPayback
TWITTER:  @Level33_Ent
INSTAGRAM:  @level33entertainment

ABOUT Level 33 Entertainment
Los Angeles based Level 33 Entertainment is an entertainment company dedicated to redefining the landscape for independent film distribution.  Level 33 provides innovative sales, marketing and distribution services for feature films and entertainment content, delivering a flexible and transparent distribution solution for all platforms including Theatrical, Home Entertainment, Digital and Broadcast.  Current releases from Level 33 include, UNLEASHED with Kate Micucci, Sean Astin, Justin Chatwin, and Steve Howey, IMPERFECTIONS starring Zach McGowan and Marilu Henner, and 1 NIGHT with Anna Camp and Justin Chatwin.
Twitter:  @Level33_ent
Instagram:  @level33entertainment

Austin, Texas based Smokehammer Media, is a motion picture production company, producing the finest independent films.  The motion picture industry is morphing at an astronomical rate towards streaming and subscription based delivery.  Smokehammer is positioned to benefit from this shift in traditional delivery and distribution models.  Smokehammer collaborates and works with the finest actors, script writers, producers, and directors, to build a cohesive filmmaking team, keeping projects on time and on budget, delivering content at a furious rate to their legion of fans.  Projects set for current worldwide distribution include:  BURN (Eric Balfour), foreign distribution, 200 DEGREES (Eric Balfour) domestic distribution, UNHINGED (Sean Patrick Flanery, Eric Balfour, Cherilyn Wilson) foreign/domestic distribution, FLASHBURN (Sean Patrick Flanery, Cameron Richardson) foreign/domestic distribution.
Instagram: Smokehammermedia


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