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Friday, December 15, 2017

Gravitas Ventures "THE BILL MURRAY EXPERIENCE"-- iTunes Sale Dec. 15-17, Limited Theatrical and VOD/Digital Dec 19th

This weekend: iTunes sale for the incredibly engaging new feature documentary “The Bill Murray Experience,” which shows we are all on a journey in search of a magic spark in our lives. 

The directorial debut from actress/filmmaker Sadie Katz (“Blood Feast,” “Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort”), “The Bill Murray Experience” takes the viewer on a journey of self discovery with the touch of the stars and is being distributed by Gravitas Ventures across VOD platforms globally and will do a limited theatrical run in Los Angeles beginning December 19th, 2017. 

At a crossroads in her life, actress Sadie Katz embarks on a quest to have a magical experience with legendary comedian Bill Murray.

After ending her engagement and finding herself at a loss for inspiration Katz, finds herself up late at night searching the internet. In her loneliness, she keeps clicking on stories of others having magical chance encounters with her favorite actor and life guru Bill Murray.

Katz shares with the audience that she finds herself at a loss as to why she needs to meet Bill Murray but, that's part of the intrigue and pleasure of knowing that secretly we all wish we had a little Murray Magic in our life...which starts both Sadie and the audience on the quest of finding the unfindable and zany Bill Murray.

The documentary features: Joel Murray (“Mad Men”), P.J. Soles (“Stripes”), and the legend himself Bill Murray.

**HD and SD pricing  $6.99 in US and Canada.  Sale runs Dec 15th through Midnight EST on Dec 17th.  

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