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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Melantha Blackthorne Joins Debbie Rochon On Easter Island For "ASTRONOMY WALKERS"

"Astronomy Walkers is like Eat Pray Love (2010) meets Flatliners (1990)." 

HKCFN fave Melantha Blackthorne (SINNERS AND SAINTS, ORDER OF ONE, AVERSION, PRISON OF THE PSYCHOTIC DAMNED) tells us that she has officially joined Debbie Rochon (MODEL HUNGER, THE THEATER BIZARRE), Aaron Smolinski (SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE), and the rest of the great cast of Reno Anastasio's "Astronomy Walkers" that is set to shoot on Easter Island next year.

She'll be playing the titular role of the Spirit Guide who is an Astronomy Walker.

The character is a combination of ghost and angel and lives in the supernatural realm. She is the spiritual embodiment of an unborn human soul with thousands of years of supernatural experience and can affect change in our human world with telepathic ability.

"It's my understanding that there has only been one studio movie made on Easter Island back in the 1990s called 'Rapa Nui'," says Melantha.  "It will be quite the adventure."

Struggling theater actress Taylor Murdoch finally gets her big break on London's West End. The part calls for her to be in peak physical condition.  However, the day after landing the role, she has a positive pregnancy test.  With rehearsals beginning in less than two weeks, she decides to have an abortion.  Towards the end of her nine month tour, she tells her boyfriend Anthony about the abortion and the recurring nightmare that haunts her.  Anthony invites her to Easter Island so they can rekindle their relationship.  While the Island works its magic on both of them, he shares his views about life, family, meditation, and the unborn souls that he calls the Astronomy Walkers.  With Anthony's help, can Taylor overcome her nightmare and mystically connect with the soul of her unborn child?

Astronomy Walkers stars Aaron Smolinski, Melantha Blackthorne, Debbie Rochon and Troy Fromin.  It is the first indie movie to be shot in HD on Easter Island, with additional footage shot in Canada.  Principal Photography began in 2016, with film festival release slated for 2019.

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