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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MovieZoot Launches 2 Sophia Loren Hits Launches 2 Sophia Loren Hits

Sophia Loren's dramatic talent and comedic timing exhibited in 60's collaborations with Ponte and De Sica

New York, NY ... M&M Television, Inc. and announces the addition of two early Sophia Loren films exhibiting the star's destiny for longevity as original Italian sex-goddess.

The theatrical icon of both comedies and tragedies, the talented and beautiful Sophia Loren shines in this two-movie retrospective streaming for free on Two Women (1960) and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963) are masterly movies both produced by Loren's husband Carlo Ponte and both directed by Vittorio De Sica that catapulted Sophia Loren into international movie superstardom early in her career, and with her subsequent work, has kept her in the A-list of celebrities for decades.

In Two Women, Loren portrays the mother of an impressionable young daughter, both of whom suffer the ravages of survival in an occupied Italy during WWII and the sacrifices a mother will make to protect her child. Loren won an Academy Award for her performance in Two Women - the first Oscar bestowed upon a foreign actress in a foreign language film.

In Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Loren exhibits a range of three love-smitten women in del Sica's collection of three stories of three women in three cities in Italy.

Early in her career, studio bosses told Loren that her nose was too long and her mouth too wide to become anything but a bit-part actress, but she refused to change a thing and persisted at her craft.

Never one to take herself too seriously and always up for a bit of banter with the press, Loren attributes her lush curves to her Italian heritage, saying: "Everything you see I owe to spaghetti."

Loren will turn 82 in September of this year, and she is still turning heads of both men and women with her beauty, talent, poise, business acumen and social generosity.

At, there is no downloading required because the movies are streamed on-line directly to any device so Sophia Loren enthusiasts (or fans of almost any actor or actress) can watch - at no cost - what they want; when they want; how they want to view it; wherever they are located. is wholly owned and operated by parent company M&M Television, Inc. and is based in Fayetteville, North Carolina with marketing and press representation in New York City.


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