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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"LYLE"--Gaby Hoffmann Stars in Psychological Thriller

"Stewart Thorndike has reimagined 'Rosemary's Baby' for the 21st-Century"
 - Cinesnatch

Breaking Glass Pictures will release the female-driven psychological horror LYLE on DVD and VOD September 29, 2015. A modern day, lesbian ode to Rosemary's Baby, LYLE stars Gaby Hoffmann (Obvious Child, "Transparent") in a chilling, award-winning performance as a mother whose grief turns to terror.

In writer/director Stewart Thorndike's "accomplished debut" (The Hollywood Reporter), Hoffmann was awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Best Actress at OutFest 2014. The film went on to screen at NewFest 2014 and was praised as "both a moving and frightening depiction of grief, post-partum depression, and paranoid psychosis in the modern age" (Diabolique Magazine).

Expecting couple Leah (Gaby Hoffmann) and June (Ingrid Jungermann) move into a Brooklyn brownstone apartment with their toddler daughter Lyle. Despite the strange baby-obsessed landlady downstairs and the group of female models who live above them, the two are happy with their new apartment until a bizarre accident leads to the death of Lyle.

Months later, Leah is still grief-stricken, trying to make sense of Lyle's death, her landlady's odd behaviors, and her attraction to one of the models upstairs. As Leah prepares for her home birth, she begins to suspect the neighbors are involved in a satanic pact and fears for her unborn baby.

Starting September 29, LYLE will be available on the following VOD platforms: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox, and Cable Broadcast VOD. DVD special features include festival Q&A's, director commentary, and extended scenes.

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