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Friday, November 21, 2014

"Frankenstein's Patchwork Monster" Trailer--See It Now!

FRANKENSTEIN'S PATCHWORK MONSTER - The eagerly anticipated film by producer Emil J. Novak Sr. is about to explode upon the lusting eyes of horror fans across the globe.

This film is loaded with monsters and creatures galore, and enough exciting action to fill any bloody appetite.

PREMIERE scheduled for spring 2015

Starring the bravura talent of Bill Kennedy as ‘Doctor Vicktor Von Frankenstein’. Along with other outstanding performances by the talents such as, Patrick Mallette as ‘Herman’, Melantha Blackthorne ‘A Bride Of Frankenstein’, Annmarie Bahny ‘Another Bride for Frankenstein’, Sean Sanders ‘Proteus From The Erie Lagoon’, and Daniel James “The Patchwork Monster’, to mention a few of this dazzling cast in this special film.

Additional actors/cast contributing to this film is as follows:

 Bill Kennedy, Patrick Mallette, Melantha Blackthorne, Annmarie Bahny, Mike Sciabarrasi, Bob Bozek, Tara Monaco, Jason John Bebee, Paul McGinnis, Michael Leszczynski, Steve Losey Sr., Eric Haeusser, Kat Smith, Aneya Marie, and many others.

 Eric Militello, Annmarie Bahny, Don McGinniss, Jeana DiFranco, Andrew Lavin, John Harris, Willis Dudley, Dave Allen, and many others.


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