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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

X-RAY OF A KILLER (Sursis pour un espion) -- trailer review by Squashpants

Tonight's "How Come You're Not In The Public Domain?" movie is X-RAY OF A KILLER (1965). This is really obscure and one of those I have only seen the trailer for.

It was in a collection of Late Late Late Show trailers on my Something Weird Video Roku channel, so it qualifies as one of those little titles that comes out of nowhere to charm you at 3:30 am on the old black and white console. I would have been happy as a coon in a rhubarb patch if I would have had this pop up on the Channel 13 Late Late Movie when I was a teen.

But it didn't.

It is a French import (original title, "Sursis pour un espion"), and as you might guess, it is one of those spy themed movies that were so popular in the mid-Sixties. The biggest star in this is Jean Servais, a fixture of these kinds of movies and well respected in French cinema. He was probably slumming with this one. Some of the other names you might recognize are Wolfgang Preiss ("Mill of the Stone Women"), Olga Palinka, and Agnes Spaak.

The trailer tells you little and is mysterious enough to make you curious. It has some sexy European eye candy and a lot of cloak and dagger about who knows what. But it looks like the kind of thing that would give you a nice warm feeling in the wee hours of the morning, just for the European-ness of it. You know, Citroens and glasses of Campari, and funky-looking telephones. That kind of thing.

Evidently no one on IMDb has seen it because there are zero user reviews and little general information about it. The trailer was a modicum of fun, though. I would waste an hour and a half on it.


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