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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Image Entertainment Salutes the Three Stooges and Will Sasso

On April 13th the wildly popular and legendary slapstick comedy trio returns to the big screen in the Farrelly Brothers’ rendition of The Three Stooges.  Winning over the hearts and funny bones of millions - Moe, Larry and Curly are ready to unleash their ageless antics for die-hard fans once again! 

MADtv veteran Will Sasso will be playing the iconic Curly in the film and Image Entertainment doesn’t want you to have to wait to see his unique comedic persona.  You can see him in the recently released DIVISION III: FOOTBALL'S FINEST ( DVD , Blu-ray, Digital Video) and upcoming NATIONAL LAMPOON'S THE LEGEND OF AWESOMEST MAXIMUS ( DVD , Blu-ray; March 20th release).  For those interested in brushing up on the classic routines in preparation for the new film, we have enough Three Stooges collections to keep you busy. 

The Best of the Three Stooges (4-DVD Set)

This collection features Larry, Curly and Moe (with a side order of Shemp!) at their boisterous best, showcasing the famed trio at nearly every stage of their five-decade run of riotousness! Includes Disorder in the Court, The Swing Parade, short film shenanigans, episodes from their classic cartoon show, and more! 

Three Stooges: More Nyuk for your Buck (2-DVD Set)

Join the Stooges for 12 of their craziest adventures into absurdity! First, get set for silver screen sight gags galore with four of the group’s most acclaimed films from their Hollywood heyday of the 1930s and 1940s, including the legal lunacy of Disorder in the Court and the royal rambunctiousness of Malice in the Palace! Then, step through the looking glass and cavort with the group’s pen-and-ink incarnations through a set of zany zoological cartoons, including classics like Bee My Honey, Turnabout is Bearplay and Watt’s My Lion! 

The Three Stooges: 75th Anniversary (3-DVD Set)

The classic comedy troupe and all their legendary laughs are brought together in this collection of some of their funniest moments on film.  This three-DVD collector’s tin can also include a bonus booklet with a history of the Three Stooges, biographies of all the Stooges who passed through the legendary troupe during their 50-year career and rare photos that showcase the giggle makers in a whole new light! On the 75th anniversary of their debut as the kings of clowning around, join millions of other Stooges enthusiasts for hours of fun that will most “soitenly” entertain! 

The Three Stooges: Collector’s Edition (4-DVD Set)

Slip these discs into your player and prepare to slip a disc laughing as the group's early MGM shorts, movie trailers, TV performances, and even a few deranged commercials parade before your eyes. Get ready for some "Beer and Pretzels," "Corn on the Cob," "Nertsery Rhymes," "Roast Beef and Movies," and the feature-length Swing Parade of 1946. Elsewhere in this truly expansive collection, you will find the trio's invasion of prime time on The Steve Allen Show, in addition to many candid moments for the Family Album documentary. 

We hope that these suggestions will provide you with enough gags to get you through the wait!

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