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Monday, February 14, 2011

It's RONDO Time Again! Hatton You Oughtta Vote?

That's right, gals and ghouls--whenever you see us using that same awful pun yet again, you know it's time to cast your votes in the Ninth Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!  Hard to believe it's been another year already, but time flies like a vampire bat when you're having fiendish fun.

As the OFFICIAL WEBSITE explains:  "The Rondos, now in their ninth year, are fandom's only classic horror award, decided by fans, for fans, and dedicated to preserving the undying spirit of monsters past.

"Every Rondo nominee below is being recognized for a significant achievement in the genre during the year of 2010. So please take a look at the ballot and let the nominees know how much we appreciate their work by voting."

The ballot, consisting of thirty categories, can be found HERE.  (You might even notice a certain familiar website among the nominees...not that we'd want to influence you or anything!)   Lots more info and a lively discussion of the whole thing are available at the Classic Horror Film Board.

So come on, horror fans...let your voices be heard!

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