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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shout! Factory's DVD Double Whammy!

Our good friend Michael Schlesinger sent us this important announcement which we felt compelled to share with you, our illustrious readers:

Hi, Everyone,

Yes, it's me, your friendly neighborhood shameless pimp, with another mass e-mail--but this one's big-time!

 [Tuesday, August 17th], Shout! Factory is releasing on DVD Larry Blamire's two latest and greatest, DARK AND STORMY NIGHT and the eagerly-awaited sequel, THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN. Both are packed with extras (alas, none involving me--I was out of town) and provide hours of fun viewing for you and your whole family. Or you and your friends if you have no family. Or you and your enemies if you're looking for an excuse to make up with them. Or you and total strangers if you have no family, friends or enemies. (In which case you need to get out more.) Loads of people have been having LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA viewing parties for years, so here's a perfect opportunity for you to do join in on the comic mayhem.

 Both are available for pre-order now at most major e-tailers; however, if you order directly from, you'll get absolutely free an exclusive bonus disc containing all 16 episodes of TALES FROM THE PUB, our much-beloved web series of "eerie" playlets featuring the Bantam Street stock company and hosted by the inimitable Truphen Newben.

 And if for some ungodly reason you still don't own the original LOST SKELETON, why wait? Get it now and watch both SKELETONS back-to-back. It too is available most everywhere; currently has the best price.

So slice up some cantaloupe, open up a bottle of cheap mescal and join the dozens and dozens of people who've made The Lost Skeleton a cultural icon.

With love and laughter,

P.S.: By a remarkable coincidence, the very next day (Aug. 18th) is the tenth anniversary of my maiden writing/producing effort, GODZILLA 2000. It's also still available on DVD, and it includes a feature-length commentary by me that some felt was better than the movie itself. (I guess that's a compliment.) If you don't yet own it, why not toss it into the cart as well?

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