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Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Caesar and Otto" Comedy-Horror Double Feature at the Long Island Film Festival

Summer Camp Massacre will be making its EAST COAST premiere at this year's Long Island Film Festival in Glen Cove, Friday October 9th at 7:15PM.

Directly following "Summer Camp" will be the world premiere of it's 10 minute sequel, "Caesar and Otto in the House of Dracula." The film picks up directly after the cliffhanger ending of "Summer Camp" and stars Ed Dennehy, brother of Brian, as Steve Dracula, Dracula's lesser-known younger brother. Shot entirely against green screen, the short film is a black and white throwback to the Universal horror movies of yesterday.

"Summer Camp" premiered earlier this month at Kentucky's "Fright Night Film Festival", where it received an honorable mention.

Watch the festival trailer
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Festival/screening details:
The screening will take place at Perspective studios in Glen Cove. Tickets are $12, but that includes 2 features length films and 2 shorts.

Contact info:
Contact: Ilona Sikorska
Telephone: 516-319-4243

After punching out the police chief's mentally challenged brother, an effete tough guy, Caesar, is on the run.

Together, he and his slovenly half brother, Otto, take on new identities as counselors at the strangely vacant Camp Sunsmile.

The would-be summer camp has attracted a motley crew of Hollywood outcasts, all with something to hide. But when the mysterious Carrie (Felissa Rose, star of Sleepaway Camp) shows up, counselors begin disappearing one by one.

Soon, Caesar and Otto find themselves at the edge of a summer camp killer's blade as they run, duck, and swoosh for their lives!

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