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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Follow that Bird and Star Wars: The Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided DVD Review

Warner Brothers recently released two titles to DVD. While marketed to younger audiences these DVDs are ones that older fans can both enjoy and may want to pick up . One is the Sesame Street classic Follow the Bird and the other is the more recent Star Wars: The Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided TV show. To go through a detailed synopsis is somewhat pointless. If you're a Seasame Street and/or Star Wars than you will need no further convincing as to the quality and enjoyment of these two productions. Therefore we should look at the tech specs of each.

Video: Follow that Bird is being presented for the first time in Ananmorphic Widescreen at 1:85:1, every previous release (even on DVD) has been pan and scan. It is a shame that it took so long to be issued in it's proper aspect ratio. It is great though that Warner Brothers took the time to rectify this error. The picture quality is excellent and free from any compression or visual defects. Since the retail price for the DVD is quite low it is reason enough to buy a new DVD if you're a fan of the movie.

Star Wars is also presented in its original aspect ratio and looks great. The animation is pleasent to watch and shows no sign of suffering from poor compression or any visual defects. The image because it is recent is flawless.

Audio: The audio on both products is fine and clear of any defects. There is obviously more range on the more recent Star Wars program than Follow that Bird.

Extras: Follow that Bird has an interview with the actor who played Big Bird, which is nice for kids who grew up watching the show and where interested in how things on the show worked. There is also a sing-alongs and a jump to a song feature. Star Wars is bare-bones.

Overall: If you're a fan of Sesame Street or of Follow that Bird than this release is a no brainer as it finally has the film in the correct aspect ratio. Star Wars is good for those interested in the show, but who only want to see a sample before plunging in.


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