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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Animal Planet and Genius Products Debut Three New DVD Titles This February

"Escape To Chimp Eden" Season One, "Whale Wars" and "Untamed and Uncut" Debut On DVD This February From Animal Planet And Genius Products

"Escape To Chimp Eden" Season OneCaptivating And Bittersweet Series About Chimpanzee Rescue And Rehabilitation Swings Onto Two-Disc DVD February 3

SANTA MONICA, CA - Journey into the depths of South Africa and experience the fascinating events at Chimp Eden when "Escape To Chimp Eden" Season One arrives as a two-disc DVD for the first time on February 3 from Genius Products and Animal Planet. Heartfelt series follows conservationist Eugene Cussons, a South African rescue director for the Jane Goodall Institute's Chimp Eden, as he travels throughout war-torn African countries to rescue neglected and abused chimps. Once brought to the sanctuary of Chimp Eden, Eugene works hands-on with these challenging chimps, sometimes putting his own safety on the line to teach them basic skills such as climbing trees and foraging for food. "Escape To Chimp Eden" Season One provides viewers with compelling stories that are both educational and adventurous. Timed with the Season Two premiere on Animal Planet in January, the two-disc DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $24.95.

"Whale Wars"Controversial And Powerful Seven-Part Series Sails To DVD February 10th

SANTA MONICA, CA - Prepare to surrender the booty to the eco-pirates of the high seas when WHALE WARS debuts on DVD February 10 from Genius Products and Animal Planet. Drawing attention to the global conservation issue that has caused friction between several nations over the practice of whaling in oceanic territories, viewers are invited to board ship with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The Sea Shepherd Society has used many aggressive means in its efforts to stop whale-hunting ships, without ever harming anyone in their 30-year history. Last year's Sea Shepherd campaign was particularly eventful - including a capsizing, a hostage situation, an alleged shooting, and more. Founded by Captain Paul Watson in 1977 with the belief that further efforts had to be taken to eradicate whaling, poaching, shark finning and habitat destruction, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have risked their lives to battle for what they believe in. An enlightening and electrifying nautical story, the WHALE WARS seven-part series will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.95.

"Untamed and Uncut"Thrilling Series Arrives On DVD For The First Time On February 24

SANTA MONICA, CA - Deadly animal encounters bring all the excitement and chills with the debut of "Untamed and Uncut" on DVD February 24 from Animal Planet and Genius Products. From a vicious attack by two great white sharks to a snake handler's ill-fated meeting with the highly poisonous monocled cobra, intense raw footage provides an up close look at some of the most exotic creatures. Compelling and controversial, the top-rated series offers rare insight from people around the world as they share the stories of how their lives were forever changed by an unfortunate encounter with a dangerous animal. Capturing some of the most incredible animal footage ever caught on tape, the anatomy of each critical situation is dissected with the aid of ground-breaking computer technology providing digital imagery to help explain the animal positioning in each event and the subsequent outcomes. Razor-sharp claws, lethal neurotoxins and crushing jaws of steel serve as reminders as to how dangerous wild animals can be and why mother nature should be respected. Featuring four one-hour episodes packed with high stakes action, "Untamed and Uncut" will be available for the suggested retail price of $12.95.


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