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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sci Fi Screening Room: FRANKENSTEIN NIGHT!

Horse Trade Theater Group presents...
Where: under St. Mark’s Theater, 94 St. Mark’s Place, New York, NY 10009
btw 1st Ave and Avenue AL-train to 1st Ave, F/V to 2nd Ave, R-train to 8th St, 6 to Astor Pl.
When: Monday, October 27 @ 7:00 PM $7

The Sci Fi Screening Room is a monthly showcase of offbeat science-fiction videos. The film series features a variety of cult classics, bootleg favorites and TV rarities. Previous events like Batman Night!and Kiss Night! have been a Voice Choice, Time Out NY Best Bet, Gothamist pick and featured in the New York Times’ Urban Eye.

October’s show is FRANKENSTEIN Night!, featuring footage from Frankenstein Conquers the World, Dracula Vs. Frankenstein and even 1973’s Blackenstein. Clips will range from Thomas Edison’s Frankenstein (1903) to Frank Henenlotter’s Frankenhooker.

Host Kevin Maher (American Movie Classics’ The Sci Fi Department) is joined by guest presenters including TV’s Ghoul A-Go-Go, Cinema Purgatorio’s Ray Privett, Comedian/Filmmaker Will Carlough and blogger Tom Blunt.The evening will include Frankenstein drinking games, haikus, trivia, prizes, free Frankenberry cereal and a special wall-projection of some 1975 viewmaster reels of Frankenstein.

Immediately following the video cavalcade, Cinema Purgatorio presents Quicksilver Radio Theater’s award-winning production of Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN: MODERN PROMETHEUS. Director Jay Stern and producer Craig Wichman will introduce the one-hour radio drama. This “audio-screening” is included with admission to Frankenstein Night! Tickets can be purchased at

KEVIN MAHER is an Emmy-nominated comedy writer whose work has been seen on Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1 and HBO’s This Just In. Last year, American Movie Classics hired Kevin to host THE SCI FI DEPARTMENT. He’s becoming the Joe-Bob Briggs of his generation, taking an “inside baseball” approach to science-fiction films, with episode like:
 The Monster Self-Defense Test
 A Visit to Blobfest ‘08
 Coney Island and KISS
See all the episodes here:

QUICKSILVER RADIO THEATER (founded in 1995) is a group of seasoned New York performing artists who are dedicated to using the classic Radio Drama form (full cast, layered sound effects, and musical score) to present stories worth telling, executed with both talent and heart. Presently available from the Public Radio Exchange, Quicksilver’s work has aired nationally, and been heard internationally on the World Wide Web.
Quicksilver has earned awards from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and the National Audio Theatre. It has performed by invitation at the Museum of Television and Radio’s (Paley Center for Media) Annual Radio Festival, and its shows are in the collection of the Museum. Their production of FRANKENSTEIN: MODERN PROMETHEUS received a “Silver Reel” award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

Ghoul A-Go-Go is a cable-access show of weird clips and garage bands, presented in the style of a 1950’s children show. Hosts Vlad and Creighton, direct from the old country, swing the shovels from their part-time jobs and bring you episodes of a series adored by fans like The Cramps and Vampira.
Thanks to Craig Wichman for submitting this info.


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