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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deathrow Gameshow DVD Review from BCI

The movie was directed by a man named Mark Pirro and released by Piromount Pictures (no I'm not kidding) and whose company logo is a boob. Really it’s a boob with a nipple. This movie is one of those 80s crapfests with tons of boobs, teased hair, humor that isn't really funny, but sort of in the offensive stupid way, and a lot of super obvious puns. It's certainly not good in the right way, in the evil sort of 80s brand humor. It reminds of what the guy who made Hobgoblins would have made if he had more money. It maybe funny, but I’m not sure. It is really fun 80s sleaze crap that’s worth watching. If anything it is certainly not the horror themed movie the old Media VHS tape cover suggested. Thrill at a stuntman hanging from a car at speeds of up to 5 MPH. There is also tons of 80s cheese and a Deathrow Gameshow theme song. Really Rick Sloane may have made this.

It's paired with The Kidnapping of the President From BCI and is anamorphically enhanced and the print looks mint, the audio is clean and free of any problems. It’s an easy recommendation for fans of 80s sleaze crap.

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