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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don May Jr. announces Synapse's first two Blu-Ray Titles!

In response to a question at AVmaniacs forum Don May Jr., President of Synapse films discussed his companies Blu-Ray Plans.

Well, we have been quietly working on a few BLU titles already... we just didn't blast the public with the info using press releases for titles that have no release dates yet, because, well, we don't know when they'll be ready at this time.

I actually DO have a nice Blu-Ray of our MANIAC COP at home right now, sans menus, though... a beauty of a VC-1 encode with uncompressed PCM 5.1! You'll all get to experience it probably close to the beginning of 2009.

We're working on MANIAC COP, plus THE IMAGE (with a SMOKIN' brand-new HD transfer... we were even able to get rid of the green scratch during the cafe scene) as our first two BD titles.

More to come, obviously, if we actually succeed in making some money with those two. Probably STREET TRASH is the next candidate.


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