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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Triad Election DVD Review

Triad Election (aka Election 2) DVD Review

Video: The DVD transfer of Triad Election by Tartan seems to be an excellent port of the transfer used by the Panorama DVD released in Hong Kong. The title card still says Election 2. Triad Election simply appears as a soft sub. The colors are vibrant and picture is excellent with no defects on the image at all. Triad Election is the correct aspect ratio of 2:35:1 and anamorhpically enhanced.

Audio: The DVD comes with three tracks Cantonese. DTS, 5.1, and 2.0 are available, but we only sampled the 5.1 as our system does not support DTS. The 5.1 mix is excellent with great bass and surround sound. Its free of any hiss or defects. This is the same with the 2.0 track. The soundtrack by Robert Ellis-Geiger sounds wonderful in this mix and greatly helps to add to the film.

Extras: Tartan’s port offers most of the extras from the Panorama Hong Kong disc with the exception of TV spots. The disc features some very interesting interviews. One with Lam Suet who reveals he was actually the inspiration for the spoon eating scene in Election. It runs about 17 minutes. There is also an interview with Lam Ka Tung and runs 14 minutes. There is also a making of feature included on the disc, its short and runs around 7 minutes. Rounding out the disc is the original trailer for Triad Election and promos for Tartan.

Overall: If you don’t already have the Election 2 DVD from Hong Kong this is an excellent edition to pickup and comes highly recommend and makes a great gift to get friends and family into the works of Johnnie To.

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