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Sunday, June 21, 2015

LOLA'S LOVE SHACK -- DVD Review by Porfle

With its emphasis on three teen Latino boys desperately trying to lose their virginity, LOLA'S LOVE SHACK (2013) apparently wants to be another PORKY'S. Fortunately, though, its attempts to be crude and tasteless keep getting sidetracked by its likable characters and easygoing charm.

Sharky (Ronnie Alvarez) is the more worldly of the three (although that's relative) and masterminds most of their exploits while deciding whether to be a baseball player or a gangbanger like his brother.  Joker (Erik Estrada Loaiza) is the fat one, which in these movies often indicates being more prone to give in to various impulses (food, sex, etc).  Beetle (Martin Rocha) is the most innocent of the three, and really wants nothing more than to win pretty Felicia (Edy Ganem) as his steady girl.

Their pre-senior-year summer vacation is filled with fervid dreams of "achieving manhood" as well as finding an adult to buy alcohol for them.  The sequence in which a cartoonishly-stacked MILF invites them to her apartment and turns out to be freakier than they expected (as well as being the wife of their nemesis, the gung-ho neighborhood cop) is played for fun more than raunch as is most of the film. 

Even their lecherous romp in the park with a loose girl who's drunk on "Booze Farms Date Grape" wine fails to result in anything particularly heinous besides Felicia happening by and mistaking Beetle for a pervert.

The MILF incident reminded me of a similar scene in THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN, and the film's biggest nod to PORKY'S is probably when our sex-starved trio find their way into a local den of ill-repute--in this case, Lola's Love Shack--only to get badly ripped off, which will lead to their seeking revenge. 

But even this potentially off-putting stuff is done with a light touch, and with much less emphasis on humiliation and mean-spiritedness than PORKY'S.  Even the big revenge scene degenerates into a silly speeded-up slapstick chase through the halls of the Love Shack that resembles something out of the Three Stooges. 

When not obsessed with carnal desires, LOLA'S LOVE SHACK has other kinds of fun, too.  My favorite is when we discover that Joker's family--Mom, Dad and sister--are into performing as a Western-Banda dance act complete with cowboy hats, boots, and the rest, and that deep down Joker enjoys it, too.  It pains him when he has to get cash by dipping into the family's special "gazebo fund", since his parents' fondest dream is to have their own backyard gazebo to perform in. 

Meanwhile, there's some good stuff about Sharky (who has the stereotypically abusive father) not giving in to the gang life as his brother did, Joker establishing a tender relationship with one of Lola's girls, and Beetle finding out that there are more important things than just having sex (well, equally important, anyway).

It's quite a contrast to the aforementioned examples with the main characters behaving like rutting animals, or a film such as SCREWBALLS in which they barely even resemble actual human beings. 

The DVD from Indican Pictures in in 1:78 widescreen with Dolby 2.0 sound.  Subtitles are in English.  The sole extra is a selection of trailers from other Indican releases.

LOLA'S LOVE SHACK has its raunchy moments, but they're offset by the general lack of dourness and cynicism that seems to fuel a lot of this kind of humor.  It's nice for a change, being entertained by positive vibes instead of just grossed out by a roll in the gutter. 

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Tech Specs
Runtime: 93 minutes
Format: 1:78 HD
Sound: Dolby Sr.
Rating: R
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy


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